View Full Version : 3 day trip!

13th Feb 2006, 15:06
Ha, that made you look!

Seriously though, check this video out, made by an American Airlines pilot so his little girl could see what he does for a living.

Three day trip (http://youtube.com/w/Pilot%27s-eye-view-of-a-three-day-trip?v=zZgwky7WEkg&search=????pit)

13th Feb 2006, 15:13
Hey that's a great video.

I wish all aircraft could climb like that though :E

Jo Cover
13th Feb 2006, 15:14
Well, what a smile!! Almost makes me wish I had children...

13th Feb 2006, 15:20
Absolutely brilliant lexxy wish my job was like that.:ok:

13th Feb 2006, 15:28
Great video - I spend a lot of time away from home and I recognise that smile!

13th Feb 2006, 15:28
High Wing Drifter posted it in the Wannabes fourm a few days ago. Its a good Video. So is it actually like that then?:}

13th Feb 2006, 15:44
That is a fabulous video, makes me want to do one of my own!

13th Feb 2006, 15:58
I could do one of ATC, but we would have to get the supervisors out of the room. Feet up on the desk drinking coffee and eating doughnuts wouldn't look that good now, would it :E :E

13th Feb 2006, 16:06
For great realism, play it repeatedly for the next forty years.

Don't forget to shift your sleep around, too, y'all. Regular sleep is cheating!