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13th Feb 2006, 09:39
For sale by tender, one harrier jump jet, registration ZD582, on this (http://www.witham-sv.com/tender/lots.php) website, lot number 259. Bit of work required to get it flying again I think, but the combined PPRuNe readership should be able to get this back in the air in no time.
What do you think? What a fantastic way to arrive at the next fly-in!
Ps: I have no links with the organisation offerring this for sale.

13th Feb 2006, 11:38
Fascinating site!

On the surface of it, there's some bargains there.

Minty Fresh
13th Feb 2006, 12:10
Just need to do a quick google search for Harrier engines and ejector seats and we're laughing

Anyone type rated?

13th Feb 2006, 15:52
Guide price only 15,000 quid:eek: Pity about needing engines though. Maybe someone's flogging a couple of Pegasus donks on eBay? No:{ I just checked, but there's a set of Pegasus manuals for 50 quid if we can find the engines.

"Type Rated"? - well I managed to take off jet-bourne down at Lancing after only 4 crashes :E (pity about the landings tho!)

13th Feb 2006, 16:17
Darling, i went shopping today, and, erm....well,.................. they are just going to put it on the drive:E

I seem to remember Clarksen doing something similar with a lightning?

neil armstrong
13th Feb 2006, 20:05
they do have an engine http://www.everettaero.com/ so now a couple of seats and off we go.

but then they have a couple for sale already with the engine in it!!!!
we can have a race:}


13th Feb 2006, 20:36
So how many seats do you need?
Having checked my stock list, may be able to help!!!:8

Dan Bentley
13th Feb 2006, 22:01
I'd prefer this thing, whatever the hell it is.

Phil Hudson
13th Feb 2006, 22:17
whatever the hell it is.

Looks like a facelifted V22. :p

Buster Hyman
13th Feb 2006, 22:21
Looks like a Sea Harrier...Nah, not interested!

Howard Hughes
13th Feb 2006, 22:58
OK, so which one of you bid the 100 quid?

15,000 Tell him he's dreamin son.....;)

DX Wombat
13th Feb 2006, 23:15
Anyone type rated? I can think of at least one Mod who may be :ok: and there are bound to be several lurking in the MIL forum. :)

14th Feb 2006, 07:46
If no one else bids, I win on 100. Read the small print. It is a legit bid. If I do win, who'll be laughing then?????:)

14th Feb 2006, 08:10
So if I bid a tenner for a Harley and no one else bids on that bike, then do I win it for just a tenner? I.E is there no minimum bid or something like that?

14th Feb 2006, 08:37
Fifteen grand for a knackered puff-jet? You're 'aving a larf, intcha?
After all, it's only scrap. Be the world's most expensive paper-weight, wouldn't it?
Oh and another thing: no self respecting fast jet puke would call them 'ejector seats'; they are 'ejection' seats. And unless things have changed rather profoundly in the last 10 or 11 years, I think you'll find you only need one!!

14th Feb 2006, 09:22
Remember the guy who bought the Vulcan from Blackpool?
Whatever happened? Did he GET the pile of junk delivered to his pub garden?

Buster Hyman
14th Feb 2006, 09:42
Well, lets not forget a certain person that started off with surplus RAAF BAC1-11's! Thar could be gold in them thar junkyards!

14th Feb 2006, 10:29
The solution is to bid (low) on ALL of the Harleys. Once acquired, advertise, then sit back and reel-in the money. Likewise with any of the other items.
Snag, you need the cash up front to finance the deal.

14th Feb 2006, 13:47

I read somewhere recently - I think it was in the issue of Aeroplane with the GREAT spread about the Swiss hunters - that that Vulcan got chopped recently; I think there's a shot of a fairly forlorn-looking tailcone sitting on the turf.

That Witham site has some great stuff - you could pick up a tug to tow your Harrier, a low-loader to transport it, some support Land Rovers and an armoured personnel carrier for driving through Barking.

What did that ex-Blue Angles F18 go for on eBay?

Kinda surprised that no-one's thought to try & flog some REAL metal on these sites - can just see it: FOR SALE: 747-400, 1992, FSH, 4 air-cooled Rolls-Royce turbos, one careful owner since new, all extras, brilliant white, as is where is, great for pulling the ladies, first to see will buy, 10,000,000 ono...

14th Feb 2006, 16:32
Yeah, the vulcan got chopped up and sent to that big vulcan place in the sky:(

14th Feb 2006, 16:39
no self respecting fast jet puke would call them 'ejector seats'; they are 'ejection' seats. Thought they were referred to as "bang seats" in the trade:confused: And that yellow and black striped strap between your knes was the "bang seat handle"

(Which reminds me of the time I banged out of the Harrier in Lancing . . . OUCH! ):8