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12th Feb 2006, 21:43
Terrorist dogs attacking airports.

SKOPJE (Feb. 10) - Two passenger planes of Macedonia's national carrier MAT were stacked above Skopje airport until a pack of stray dogs could be cleared from the runway to let them land safely, officials said Thursday.

A flight from Vienna and another from Zurich were ordered to circle the airfield Wednesday after security noticed the dogs "playing around" on the airfield's only runway.

The plane coming from Zurich was less than one kilometer from landing when the pilot was told to abort and pull up.

"Passengers were upset when they heard the roar from the engines as I pulled up," chief pilot Blagoja Kukulovski told local media. "We were flying in bad weather. To calm everyone down we had to explain what was the reason."

The two planes circled for 30 minutes around the capital until the dogs were driven off. Airport authorities were checking for any holes in the airport fences.

Onan the Clumsy
12th Feb 2006, 21:45
"playing around"

Riiiiightt :} :ok: :E

12th Feb 2006, 21:47
They weren't Afghans were they?

12th Feb 2006, 22:21
Maybe al Qaeda have been taking lessons from the Russians:

"But the russians take gold, suicide dogs! They trained dogs to think there was food under tanks, then cleverly placed mines on their backs. In their first real test against the german armour the russians made an unfortunate error though, they trained the dogs to think there was food under russian tanks... Sent a whole armoured company into retreat or something apparently"

I don't know whether to believe or not, but it was on the internet, so it must be true!

Ian Corrigible
12th Feb 2006, 23:02
Some reports say the dogs were Dalmatians, but that's probably just a mistaken translation of the Macedonian for 'spotters'... :E

Wasn't just the Red Army that used dog mines, the Viet Minh were also reported to have done so. The real problem encountered during WW2 was that while your average-intelligence canine is willing to crawl under a stationary T-34 for a bowl of Pedigree Chum, it's less willing to head towards a 55-ton Tiger moving at full pelt. Also, once the threat of the hundminen was known, the Germans proceded to kill all strays on sight. Kind of like recent events in Iraq, albeit with better justification :(