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12th Feb 2006, 02:30
Act one, scene one.

Earth is in chaos. Her population has been decimated by bird flu, her coastal regions are being inundated as sea levels rise, and myriad forms of humanoid mutants have been created by the dirty bombs of the Islamo-Western wars.

Much of the surface is impassible. The oceans have long been a toxic no-go area. Only in the air may free humans travel without fear, seek other survivors, and attempt to rebuild a new and better world.

One by one, via their computers, PPRuNers from around the world are being contacted and beamed up to the gigantic steam-powered Airship Proone, from where they may fight the good fight, seek assistance from benign aerial deities, travel through time if they must, and generally have a good time.

The spa is hot and the bar is open.


12th Feb 2006, 03:39
As an early supporter of this mission, I'm thinking in terms of an outside deluxe stateroom. As a chronic PPRuNer (and staunch supporter of Herr Draper), I'll be suggesting door-mounted mini-50 cals on my veranda. As an old air traffic controller, I'm wondering whether a career in bar tending is in my future. Let the time travel begin. I want my hair back.


12th Feb 2006, 04:52
No probs, av8. The Proone has more decks than a dozen A-380s, and at least seventy bars on every one of them. She's a statute mile wide and three leagues long, and that's just the hangy-underneath bit. Power comes from sixteen reciprocating engines driving four-bladed feather props, the design of which is based on the classic Dutch windmill.

The time engine is one of the original valve models, with full brass analogue controls. It runs on a mixture of naptha and anbaric, and has the distinct advantage over the newer technologies of leaving a silver rope link between the time you are in, and the one you just left, rather than a digital link which can't be followed back if the power fails (as it is prone to doing during psychometric storms :uhoh: )

Buster Hyman
12th Feb 2006, 07:32
Well, if the Airship Proone were being run by the regular airline management, it'd be on it's way to another planet where the costs wouldn't be so prohibitive & saving the Earth can be done by contractors....

12th Feb 2006, 07:37
Are there any SLF allowed........:{ :{ :{ :{

I can cook!!!:\ :\ :\

Incipient Sinner
12th Feb 2006, 07:48
A small team of crack Prooners was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...the P-Team. :cool:

The P - Team will be deployed from the good ship ******* to fight evil whever it rears it's evil head.. as long as there's a cheap bar and a soft bed near where the rearing is going on.

12th Feb 2006, 12:08
Aww, why can't we make it a comedy? You know like, what's that movie called.......oh yeah...........The Passion of the Christ.

12th Feb 2006, 12:35
Who's the evil genius going to be? Danny? :} :E

tony draper
12th Feb 2006, 13:26
We will need a few women aboard as well of course, there's bound to be the odd button that needs sewn on and such.

12th Feb 2006, 13:55
I bagsie being "Mimi-me"!!!

12th Feb 2006, 14:01
And as Toni Draper was being interrogated in the station by several hardened (Oooh Er) detectives, a careless cross of the long lithe legs revealed the absence of modesty and all eyes in the room were drawn to the voluptous exposed..... Sorry, I can't go on :yuk: :}

12th Feb 2006, 14:29
"Nice beaver................."

"Thank you. I had it stuffed yesterday"

Loose rivets
13th Feb 2006, 05:57
Several small space-ships were captured from the Treens, but the mental power to fly them was too great for ordinary mortals. This is why they called the p-p-p-p-p-p-pruners.

Whith their almost frightening leveles of mental energy, the small craft burst into the wild soaring maneuvers, that, hitherto, only the Mekon himself could have performed.

"It will all be fine again..." One matronly lady was hear to say. "The ppruners will save us."

13th Feb 2006, 09:18
as long as there's a cheap bar and a soft bed near where the rearing is going on.

Suddenly I have an urge to join in! :E Who can I play???

13th Feb 2006, 09:29
sixmilehighclub was today promoted to the rank of ship's doctor, 2nd class, additional duties to include counselling, with special responsibility for the unmarried post-natal unit.

Special accomodation handy to the unit is being outfitted for the doctor, taking account for his professional entertainment requirements.

With 140,000-odd acres of deck space, I'm sure we can fit you in.:ok:

tall and tasty
13th Feb 2006, 09:48
Please may I come, I promise to be good, We will need a few women aboard as well of course, there's bound to be the odd button that needs sewn on I am good a sewing, cooking, love making cups of tea and coffee, have been told my back massages are very good for tense shoulders of those on flight decks. I am cheap to run and don't eat much honest, so not alot to keep me aboard.
I have my uses too what I studied at uni, A levels and as a vet nurse I am very adaptable in all situations and have a good sense of humour and a good evening hostess if needed :p
As for the adventure anywhere would be good. But what outfits would you require the girls on board to wear?? something comfortable and easy to wear I hope :E

13th Feb 2006, 09:51
Can we please bomb Heaton Chapel?

13th Feb 2006, 09:57
Tis your script Anna! Consider it bombed even though bombs are a bit passe in a super-duper, sky-fi, airman adventurer's holiday as wot this is going to be.

Who can I play???
Me, me!! Like a flute.:E

13th Feb 2006, 10:07
But what outfits would you require the girls on board to wear?? Well TnT looks like I'm in a nurses outfit. :E

ThreadBaron, you should be ashamed of yourself, don't you know I play the sax!

Minty Fresh
13th Feb 2006, 11:27
I promise to be good,

No no no - you should say I promise to be bad :}

13th Feb 2006, 12:51
In the owner's suite aboard the gigantic steam-powered Airship Proone, a gentle 'ding-dong' jostles airship from his slumbers. With some difficulty, he awakens and privately remarks at his good fortune, wondering as always, what great deeds he'd performed to have been magically propulsed into 'this place'. Perhaps it was all those unused 'air miles'...?

"Preparing to beam up Victoria Beckham. Are you up to it airship, Sir?" the sultry voice of flaps 40 echoes (it's not a BOSE sound system).

airship looks across the silken sheets to where Meg Ryan lies langurously, her lips half-open in an angelic pout, through which exhales an almost inaudible murmur 'no, more, no more...' "Not today falps, send her to general reception please. Oh, if you've a moment, just ask chef to send up some laksa and saté would you mind?"

"Right away!" cries falps joyously...

;) :O :uhoh:

13th Feb 2006, 13:26
My coordinates are:

8 46 08.265 +38 15 04.10 [117.27 39.79 0] B 1998A&A...335L..65H (Theta Per, 3rd star on the right)

13th Feb 2006, 15:35
something comfortable and easy to wear I hope :E

TnT - surely you didn't expect a serious reply to that! There's nothing easier to put on in the morning, or more comfortable inside a fully eco-conditioned ship, than what I have in mind :E

"Steam Power"???:ooh: How the divil are we going to run all the electronics on the Sim? We can pump the hydraulics for the Motion System from steam (maybe we could even power the cylinders directly on steam, depending on the seals?) But we need electrickery for the wrap-around 180-degree Visual System. Probably need it for the ice-maker for the bars as well, or the G&Ts will be at room temperature:{

(Is the Sim a CAE, or a converted old Link-Miles or Reddifon machine? These details are important!)

13th Feb 2006, 18:21
The jostling of the airship tossed the commander from her perch in the captain's chair. While being checked for injury in sick bay FO Gerhardt assumed control of the helm from the right seat. He pushed the button on his stick. "More logs under the boiler, Scotty, we need max power!"

Meanwhile, TnT was at her station scheming to work her way to the inner sanctum, and now that the handsome chap in the right seat was in control...this was an opportune time to make her move.

tony draper
13th Feb 2006, 18:28
If you can pass the Chain Gun Handling proficiency test yer hired T and T.

13th Feb 2006, 18:46
I'm always a bit puzzled as to why anyone would want a gun that fires chains :ugh:

"Meanwhile ESG is firing up the sim, for the monthly checks of the crew. For some obscure reason he's installed a molecular-plasti-clear panel just to the rear of the rudder pedals. Obviously NOTHING to do with Eduseanna, TnT and Conf are due checks . . . "

13th Feb 2006, 18:54
don't you know I play the sax Blow me, that sux!:sad:

13th Feb 2006, 21:27
The mighty airship commences its five year mission. The Air Minister urges Captain Smith to light all the boilers, he must make that meeting in India and cannot believe they can't delay the test flying until he's had a decent curry.

Navigator Lightoller carefully rules a line across the chart from Cardington to Mrs. Singh's Ars-dropper Curry Shack in Newest Delhi and notices with no great surprise it goes through Beauvais, Lakehurst, Noble County, New Jersey & Point Sur. Uneasily he glances at the time/date readout above his navigations station, 1313UTC on Friday the 13th of September 2013. He glances again at where the lifeboat deck would have been, but sees the Spectators Balcony, lined with anorak wearers, that was put there instead...

Proudly standing on decks so clean you could eat off 'em, Ingineeer Scott studies his Umurican-Indecipherable Scooots phrasebook to soften the blow of the report he must make to the bridge that this mighty machine (designed in the best of British aerial traditions) does not have the range to make it across the European (nee: English) Channel.

Around the imposing figure of the spherical Chief Ingineeer, kneeling un-employed Air Traffic Controllers consume their second breakfasts off decks so clean you could eat off 'em. A pound a week stoker's pay the only income they have had since the oil ran out. With only one flying machine in the entire planet there is only work for 724 controllers in each of the 352 Control Centres left in the world. In these marvels of the technological world even the playing of MS Solitaire has been fully automated, but somebody has to make the tea.