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10th Feb 2006, 21:55
I'm sitting here - a little bored - and thoroughly deprived of nicotine as I beleive this time I have finally kicked the filthy cursed habit - I have decided I want the "WHoop Whoop STALL STALL" or "Too Low Terrain Too Low Terrain" ring tone on my phone.

I had a phoone that was about 8 yrs old, and now a friend has given me this Nokia 5140 (?) and I would not have a clue as to how to go about putting these ring tones onto a mobile - or even if they are out there ?? - but what a piece of technology it is - a real revelation after my last 'brick'. Incidentally I have never actually bought a phone, both have been hand downs I suppose from those around me upgrading. :ugh: - Still gotta love something FREE !!!

So OK I know I'll sound like a bit of an idiot when thew phone rings, but where & how would you go about downloading (?) ring tones like that??:)

10th Feb 2006, 22:02
get somebody with a flight simulater program,somewhere in the installation will be the soundfiles,if you are able to connect your phone to a computer-most can via infra red,bluetooth,cable etc-send the selected sounfile to your fone.play the sound on your fone and you should be able to select it as a ringtone or whatever.I have a samsung d500 and managed to get some amusing sounds that way.

Hope that helps.:ok:

edit...oh..and your a [email protected]!

10th Feb 2006, 22:15

All the whoop whoops you'll need.

Wow, I must be a [email protected] too !!!:confused: :eek: :E

10th Feb 2006, 22:20

Oh and easiest way to get them onto your phone is to get the Nokia PC suite and a cable to connect phone to computer

10th Feb 2006, 22:41
Good on you. I "did IT" 12 years ago.
Awake.. I do not crave/want a fag/ciggie/smoke
Dreaming.. I sometimes want a smoke, but never succumb.
Keep at it
As to the phone.... Model, make serial, code..
Try the Maufacturers web site. or a Goooogle search

10th Feb 2006, 22:48
First linked blocked as I'm at work - seconf link I can't hear no sound at work

I thought there was a site that basically TXT it to you phone and then follow prompts - billed to you phone on next statement:) At least Mrs Fliegen had something to work for her like that

Hey Chiglet thanks for the support;)

tony draper
10th Feb 2006, 22:53
One has four cartons of duty frees,ergo one is sitting here smoking ones feckin head off,tee hee, na na naa naaaa na!!

Thats crool Drapes

10th Feb 2006, 23:12
You know Drapes - there was a time when I would have thought it cruel too - but I am getting over it..............That feeling of ridding oneself of the slavery that has been smoking for so many years, it's liberating I can tell you...NO STOP IT - I will not sound like a holier than thou ex smoker!!

Now anyone know of a site like that? TXT you your tone and bills you that way??


tony draper
11th Feb 2006, 00:19
They all say that, but invariably they all turn into anti smoking nazis,twer ever thus,there's no one more prudish than a reformed whore as they say.

11th Feb 2006, 04:37
So anyone else with any other suggestions??

Marvin the Robot
11th Feb 2006, 05:39
I'm sitting here........thoroughly deprived of nicotine as I beleive this time I have finally kicked the filthy cursed habit

See, that's contradictory. Reveals your true condition, that does.

If you'd finally kicked the habit, you wouldn't be feeling thoroughly deprived.

You're obviously one weak moment away from flicking the lighter, sucking pleasurably on the cigarette poised between your trembling lips, hearing the faint crackle as the rich smelling, virginal tobacco catches the flame. Then the inhalation, slow and deliberate, waiting for the sharp hit as the calming chemical smoke travels through your throat and lungs. Then the sudden dizzieness and the fizzing brain. The breathing out, playing with the jet of smoke. The urgent need to suck in another sumptuous volume of the magic vapour .................Just think how easy it would be to achieve such bliss again........Just imagine how good it would feel...........

11th Feb 2006, 05:54
Bugger off Marvin - I'm doing just fine - really:\

No I am - I'm there this time, no more slaved to the weed, but hey 40 a day and then stop!!!

Course I'm going to feel it right? I've had big meals, had s**, big drink ups, swims in the ocean, trolling the internet for a fecking ring tone all the usual triggers to start chain smoking, and I've been good! not one - nah mate I'm making it this time NO MORE CIGGIES :yuk: , or any tobacco product. I'm going to be around to see my Grand children not pushing up daisies before they're born :D :D

They may be born before I find the fecking ring tone I'n after though.

(See if I was still a smoker I would have had 7 in the length of this post through sheer frustration)

Liberated best describes the feeling.........elated to call myself a non smoker. Well OK I have only stopped two days but thats 80 odd ciggies less than I normally would have smoked!!

Check up on me in few days / weeks

11th Feb 2006, 05:58
Actually call me a w****r if I start again

11th Feb 2006, 08:19
I just Googled 'Nokia 5140' and read a page that says the phone has 'Polyphonic and mono ringtones'. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that even polywotsit tones are made up of series of beeps and bleeps played simultaneously to loosely resemble a tune. Which means, I'm afraid, that I don't think youre going to have much luck replicating the spoken voice. For that you'd need an actual audio file.

Badger another, newly upgraded friend (I mean their phone upgraded, not them personally, although I have seen a few pairs of smashing personal upgrades) for their old, MP3 capable phone. :ok:

I'll refrain from calling you a :mad:. It's too early for insults.

11th Feb 2006, 09:02
Kicked the evil weed 15 years ago, cold turkey on the third attempt. No regrets. Had a cigar about seven years ago (as part of a drunken celebration), felt as crook as a dog for more than a week. Haven't become a reform Nazi. Mme Wolf smokes, so do daughters #1 & #2. That's their call.

Can't help with the ringtones....don't understand why anyone would want ringtones at all?:confused: my cellphone rings like a telephone (and takes photos).

Good onya mate, and good luck. Watch the three week mark, it's dangerous territory, and also the six week point. Three months out is also dodgy. At nine months plus you can claim real victory. It's the psychology which takes time to adjust. The physical side is more brutal, but over quite quickly.

Keep reminding yourself; you were born without nicotine. Your body does not need it. It really doesn't. Mind-trick arguments to the contrary are just that, mind-tricks.

Here if you need help.

Loose rivets
12th Feb 2006, 04:57
Actually call me a w****r if I start again

Mmmm....I'd sooner call you a w****r BUT :}

Not really:)

12th Feb 2006, 14:13
This thread forced me to waste an hour last night, finding a way to convert the GPWS .wav file from here: http://shitsutonka.port5.com/pullup.wav (quoted earlier) into an MP3 file to load into my phone (which seems to support a plethora of different ringtone formats).

It took a lot of faffing about, but I'm now blessed with a phone that goes "Terrain!Terrain!, whooop, whooop, Pull Up!" when it rings...............

I have no doubt that this will both irritate the hell out of my colleagues and probably do likewise for me in a day or two.


PS: I hunted high and low for free software to convert .wav files to midi files without success. I tried a couple of demo programs, but they failed to convert the voice bit. Hardly surprising I suppose.

Henry Hallam
12th Feb 2006, 16:26
It's not possible to convert wav to midi and retain voice etc... think of midi as something like the computer equivalent of sheet music while wav is a tape recording. The shareware programs try to listen to the wav and figure out what the tune is, then transcribe it to midi which is very clever but no good for this sort of thing.

12th Feb 2006, 16:58
Well, I just done a practise converting a WAV file to a MP3 file, the file is the 'Alt Alert' noise. Locate the mp3 in the phone and use as the ringtone or message alert. Pretty straightforward really.

(I have just deleted it off the phone by the way, just wanted to see if it could be done easy.))

Marvin the Robot
12th Feb 2006, 17:02
Can't you install a ring tone which says "Whoop! Whoop! Shut Up!" :*

(I'm referring to mobile users in general, BTW. Nothing personal.)

Non Normal
12th Feb 2006, 17:10
I would love that, Marvin. Can you do a robot voice and upload it somewhere?

12th Feb 2006, 18:04
Marvin, thats very good - if anyone does this make sure you pass it round.

Being a nerd I've converted the file and put it on tinternet here. (http://www.pre-flight.web-base.co.uk/public/pullup.mp3) Once you have played it click FILE > SAVE AS and save it on to your machine. Then just transfer it to your mobile.

If you want to do it yourself, there's wav-to-mp3 shareware available at download.com.

I can't wait to get a call on the train now!! Most hated man in the morning rat race!!


12th Feb 2006, 18:09
Why not settle for "It's for yooohoo . . . " ?

13th Feb 2006, 21:22
Thanks very much flying spaniard - I just held the phone up against the 'puter's speaker - works OK, wouldn't know where to start transfering from computer to phone I imagine there is a plug somewhere and you have to buy leads /cables adapters :yuk:

Thanks again

Jo Cover
14th Feb 2006, 00:32
Fliegs, just done it with mine... Sounds great!! PM me with your phone type if you want me to talk you through how to transfer it. It might be possible to text it to your phone...