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10th Feb 2006, 15:31
Well, it's like this. I'm not a fan of technology insofar as it means rendering all the world's golf courses obsolete. Par fives weren't meant to be hit with seven iron second shots, but the world doesn't have enough room to make par fives 750 metres long so they are genuine tests. Don't ask me for a solution to this, it's 2.15am. I came here to discuss another subject, I just have to remember what it was.

Oh yeah, clubs. There is no point refusing to accept technology, so I am reluctantly embracing the concept. I have an extremely ordinary set of clubs, and for the amount of booze-sozzled golf I play they are plenty good enough. Nine holes a week with a six pack. I bought a Calloway ERC Fusion driver off ebay and it's nice when it works. But I used to be an 11 handicapper, and I have one nice set left in me for a retirement present.

I have my eye on a Taylor Made RAC OS iron set, but I'm also looking closely at the Callaway website, especially its "like new" iron sets.

All suggestions welcome, together with your particulars. Me, I'm too old for a stiff shaft (:{ ) but I'm quite happy hitting a driver 240 metres on a good day. Used to treat 150m as a 7 iron, these days it's a 6.

Graphite? Steel? Which way to go? If I stop myself overswinging, which I have to do, my tendency is towards a hook. If I let it go at the top with a loop I slice, but only with long irons/woods.

In short, for nine holes and 8 beers a week, who cares, but this is a retirement special; my last ever set of clubs. Ideas please?

Biggles Flies Undone
10th Feb 2006, 15:38
my last ever set of clubs. Ideas please?
Peppermint Rhino and Spearmint Rhino ;)

10th Feb 2006, 15:45
Binos, as I get older I find the harder I try to get distance the more the accuracy suffers. In my case I guess it is an old fart thing.:(

So I would recommend clubs that you are more accurate with rather than ones give you distance; distance into the woods, water, out of bounds etc.:)

All club manufactures have demo days at golf clubs and courses, find out when they are and keep trying different brands until you find the right set.

Good luck!:ok:

Edited because I left out 'are', duh

Marvin the Robot
10th Feb 2006, 15:58
If a stiff shaft is your desire, then graphite might put lead in your pencil.

Hope that's irrelevant enough. :p

10th Feb 2006, 16:28
Overlooking Marvin's double entendre :rolleyes: I believe current wisdom holds that old farts generally do better with the lighter weight of graphite clubs, which can be had in both regular and stiff shaft models.

10th Feb 2006, 17:08
Seriously Binos,
Slip down to one of the golf or pro shops in Mackay and try a few different ones out. The 'fat shaft' graphite types can be very good for the right type of person. Personally I'd avoid the Callaways and stick with the TM's. A trully lovely iron. If the Call drivers work for you then thats good too.

Golf on!!:ok:

10th Feb 2006, 21:16
Binos, I take it that if your golf is the odd nine, then you don't intend to beat balls on the range in futile practice. However if you catch "religion" and decide a couple of hundred balls a day is in order, then graphite shafts will be a bit easier on the hands. Especialy when you miss the sweet spot.

Onan the Clumsy
10th Feb 2006, 21:50
Seriously Binos,

:} :} :} :} :} :} :} :} :} :} :} :}

10th Feb 2006, 22:26
I was a member of a local Golf Club...enjoyed the "Game".... Reasonable Score etc......Tnen I went to France.... Great course[s] crap cards... until I found the secret..... I was playing the wrong game :confused: In the UK, I played "Yards", in France... I was in metres. Took me a "while", but.... :ok: in the end

Loose rivets
11th Feb 2006, 04:23
This is true. Quite without exaggeration...promise.

I was looking in the cellar of an aged relli that had just died. I spotted in the extreme darkness an old golf bag full of clubs. When I moved the bag, all the heads fell to dust leaving just the shafts. Spooky:ooh:

11th Feb 2006, 06:29
Ahh, g'wan, rivets, since when did they write golf horror stories?
Unless it's the "hit the ball and drag Harry" one. :D

Re: club shaft, Binos, if yer distance isn't suffering then how about a regular shaft? Graphite for the feel and the flex for accuracy, I've found. That's the trade-off with flex, stiff for distance and flex for control. I had a lovely set of perimeter-weighted steel shaft irons that did the trick, par threes with the six or seven, and 200+yds with the three-iron. Which, incidentally, had to be a good shot or it faded.
Same-same thoughts on the demo idea. One brand might suit better than another.
I love the demo days. Finally buried any delusions I had for stiff shafts, they simply didn't fit my game and regular mid-range driver, three and five woods helped accuracy a lot.

If you're having bother with a hook check out your grip with the pro at the shop. You might need to close your hands more over the grip - where you can see two knuckles on your right hand (if you're a righty) - and swing 'out-to-in' with more space between you and the club.
Blue skies, green lights and may all your putts be straight.

11th Feb 2006, 09:15
Below is a very interesting site. The 1Iron golf company is American and makes clubs tailored exactly to suit your every golfing need.
The golf concept they have will, at first, knock your socks off, then make you scoff, laugh disdainfully, reconsider the concept, re-read the blurb and seriously wonder if it just might be the big answer.
They do deliver to Australia and will quote on anything you want.
If you take the required measurement and email them to 1iron they respond within 24 hours with Iron and Wood length of club that you ought to use with their clubs, of course.
As soon as I can do so I will be buying a set. Very soon, if Lotto came up today.

11th Feb 2006, 10:13
Very interesting link, Lancia. I had a good read of it and I'm quite intrigued, though reading the whole site it's clear that it's a one trick pony; that trick being equal length clubs.

Like most golfers I have often wondered why clubs get longer as the loft decreases. I assumed that the wider arc produced by a longer club provides increased clubhead speed which, combined with the lower loft angle of the face producing extra distance. What this mob are saying by definition is that it is the loft only that produces difference in distance between clubs; ergo, clubhead speed is not relevant. This would seem to fly in the face of logic. But since my knowledge of the biomechanics of the swing is limited, (as would be painfully obvious if you saw my swing :uhoh:) I am happy to accept there is a vague possibility I could be wrong!

Being an old cynic though, the obvious question kept coming to mind; why aren't all the pros using equal distance clubs? The testimonials from Jack D of Colorado and Phil of Texas would be a lot more impressive coming from Ernie Els.

I'd love to have a couple of test rounds with them, and if and when you do get a set I'd be very interested to hear your views, but I don't think I'll be leaping bravely into uncharted waters. If anybody else reading this thread has any experience of these clubs, let's hear it.

Rossco, there's no question I'll be getting regular shafts, just a question of steel or graphite. Nothing wrong with the steel shafts I use now when I hit them properly. The hook I mentioned is generally with my woods, and comes not from the grip but over-pronation at impact, a product of spending quite a few years fighting a slice and finally understanding the outside-in swing plane that caused it, now occasionally over-correcting.

Paralysis by analysis is a regular feature of my game, I'm afraid. :(

11th Feb 2006, 18:48
A custom-fitted set of Ping irons perhaps? Or are the Pings not what they used to be since Karsten Solheim died?

11th Feb 2006, 19:16
What intrigues me most, Binos, about the 1Iron concept is not so much the single length of club but rather more the fact that every swing should turn out to be the replica of the previous one. This ought to occur since each club is the same length, the same club head weight, same shaft weight and characteristics, same grip and same overall weight.

Don't know about you but I could do with fewer swings to lock in to the memory banks. One for woods and one for irons will suffice, thank you.

Like you I am fascinated that pros have yet to go with this idea. I guess that they will start to flock in when someone cleans them up with just 2 types of swing.

A drop in income tends to focus the mind somewhat.

11th Feb 2006, 21:16
To continue the digression on the 1irongolf theme, is this not an extension of the Tiger Shark clubs that were popular a few years ago. They had a smaller range of shaft lengths and were successful for a while for some people, particularly higher handicappers.

Now back to your question Binos, I think others have suggested a visit to your local pro which would seem to be the best advice.

If you were once playing off 11 you must have a pretty good idea of what type of clubs will/won't suit you ie blades, perimeter weighted or even a full compliment of 'woods'. Listen to the pro! He will probably sell you the most expensive clubs that you can afford but they will probably be OK!


11th Feb 2006, 21:56
Best advice is head down the Pro Shop.

They can let you try a number of manufacturer's clubs and will custom fit as well. The computer they test you with will spit out more info than a.... never mind. It is fairly impressive - ball speed, spin rate and on and on and on...

Shaft choice comes down to swing speed - steel for a fast swing and graphite for the slower swing.

Best of luck with the choosing.


P.S. I wa reading in this month's Today's Golf (I think) that the Mizuno MX-17s were universally loved by both high and low handicappers.....

12th Feb 2006, 00:44
The advice to see the pro is, of course, spot on, but since I'm a tightarse and I know the sort of markups they apply, I'll be buying over the internet. You get what you pay for and in this case that removes custom made clubs from the equation. I'm not going to the pro to get all his expertise with no intention of buying from him. Tightarse I may be, but I have some principles. :8

I don't want to be seen to be taking myself too seriously here. I'm not one who expects a particular club or ball to transform my swing and knock 7 shots off my now non-existent handicap. The chances of my ever standing over a bucket of balls on the driving range are zero, so I'm very realistic. In fact, this whole exercise couldn't be justified in any way on a value for money basis, it's just shameless self-gratification, a middle-aged conceit.

There, I feel better now! But keep the opinions coming anyway. :ok:

12th Feb 2006, 05:57
That's the whole fun of it in here, isn't it? unashamed, incorrigible and bloody-minded pragmatism. ;)

Had a lash once with a Mizuno, scuttlebut, rather impressive piece of kit. Chap on the range had one of they hook-on-club-shaft computer thingies. Didn't matter what club I used my clubhead wouldn't nudge past 95 mph. Should've kept up with the gym. . . :{

In the end, Binos, it's like you say, yer pays yer munny yer takes yer chances.

12th Feb 2006, 09:35
After years of playing the Old and ancient game, I have finally come to agree with many of my playing peers. with all the plonkers on the grass now, it really is ........" A long walk, spoiled"


12th Feb 2006, 15:35

Are you having a go, or was that an unintentional spelling of shuttlebus :* :* :*



12th Feb 2006, 19:39
Mizuno MP 33's. No contest


and if you are buying over the internet then you want


13th Feb 2006, 01:36
Mizuno blades for a self-confessed hacker? No contest? Err, right, thanks for that. :hmm:

13th Feb 2006, 02:41
Disregard all of the science, advertising and even what works for others. Try out every club you can get your hands on and go with the ones that give you the best results. Even if your golf swing looks like an unfolding lawn chair, go with what works by demonstration for that swing unless you plan to re-invent your swing through intensive instruction and coaching. Then, by all means wait until you groove your new swing. What clubs the "pros" play goes with the game THEY play, which rarely bears any resemblence to the game weekend hackers play. So go with what's comfortable and work on your short game! This from another self-confessed hacker who practices more than I play! Take this advise for what it's worth, It's free. Me, I'll get new sticks as soon as I perfect my swing.... maybe next year.... or the next....

Hit 'em straight,


13th Feb 2006, 04:10
"What clubs the "pros" play goes with the game THEY play, which rarely bears any resemblence to the game weekend hackers"

Very true and even their clubs are tweaked for them. I saw Greg Norman's clubs some years ago at Kapalua, he had enough lead tape on them to start a mine.

13th Feb 2006, 07:27
Disregard all of the science, advertising.....Binos, I see you have fallen for the spin!

If you go back a decade there were hardly such things as game improver, cavity backs, basically garden spades. A blade is what a golf club is and always has been since golf began; Everybody had them! You see the thing is that Blades last a life time as they are forged, not cast. Suddenly golf club sales dropped as everybody had a set for life so they panicked and invented a whole new style (cast not forged to give them a 5 year life span to ensure regular sales) and aimed them at the high handicappers as there are more of them worlwide, so more worldwide sales. Ker-ching!

It takes 40 rounds to get used to a new set regardless of what type they are. When you do get used to them your game will improve no end as you will be able to line up the ball more consistently, accurately and be able to tell your swing mistakes as they offer far more feedback about mis hits. Therefore you can tweak your swing until you consistently flush the ball.

Game improver clubs dont offer this at all, so you carry on blindly with the same old mistakes because you can't tell a thing. The trouble is, most high handicappers go to the range, get scared and only hit 10 shots and go "Urrgghh, I dont like these!"

As the third poster states, go to your pro shop and try. Don't poo-poo advice given. If that's all you want to do then simply take heed of the third post and close the thread.

13th Feb 2006, 11:49
Wasn't meaning to get anybody's nose out of joint, craggenmore, but with respect your post implied there was only one choice for any golfer; your choice. Supporting evidence was a little thin on the ground you must admit.

I think I've made my lack of golfing qualifications fairly clear, also that I'm not really a part of the great bourgeois search for the club that will make a golfer out of somebody who can't swing the club. Tiger Woods could play with a banana skin and a beer bottle and beat me quite comfortably using the finest clubs in the world.

If you want to argue that blades are no more difficult to hit than cavity backs, then I will simply bow to your knowledge, and go looking for the "game improver" clubs that suit me best. And I won't go to the pro shop for the reasons I've previously explained.

When you do get used to them your game will improve no end as you will be able to line up the ball more consistently, accurately and be able to tell your swing mistakes as they offer far more feedback about mis hits. Therefore you can tweak your swing until you consistently flush the ball.

Again, with respect, twaddle. What a mishit with any sort of club tells us "weekend warriors" is that we've stuffed something up. Since most of us don't put the same swing on a ball from one round to the next, it tells us diddly squat about exactly what we've stuffed up or how to fix it. Or, to put it another way which ties in with what you mentioned about carrying on making the same mistakes, "Practice makes permanent." Without somebody trained to spot swing flaws and tell us what to do to fix them, all the range swinging in the world is pointless.

So what some of us do when we have finally accepted that we are, are the age of 52, unlikely to make a career out of golf, is find some equipment that will make our weekly stroll with good company and a few beers as enjoyable as possible. A "game improver" club? It may be beneath your dignity but it sounds bloody good to me. I'd never heard of the term before yesterday, but my first cavity back clubs were Wilson Reflex, which I bought in 1980, something more than a decade ago.

Hit 'em straight, mate, that's all any of us want really! :ok: The thread won't be closed; like everything on else here it will just die a natural death.

Thanks, btw, to those who have PM'd me, especially the gentleman who was afraid to put his name to a post for fear of being shouted down as the high handicapper he is. Advice, suggestions, criticism are all welcome with something to support them.

14th Feb 2006, 08:22
I'm not really a part of the great bourgeois search for the club that will make a golfer out of somebody who can't swing the clubSo what some of us do is find some equipment that will make our weekly stroll as enjoyable as possible.
:confused: :confused:
Hit 'em straight, mate, that's all any of us want really!
I not sure that simply changing clubs will give you what you want. Try this 127 page book.....Perhaps a lesson and a touch of practice. Then I hope your weekly stroll will become far more enjoyable. It should. http://www.clicksmilies.com/auswahl/sport009.gif
p.s. Tiger would beat you with a banana skin because his banana skins are bladed http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/ernaehrung/food-smiley-004.gif

14th Feb 2006, 08:40
Bino's My Dad is about your age.. no thats not a dig mate!!!

Glad to hear the fusion driver is working well, and if you are making 240 Metres then thats a hefty old swipe. 150m with a 7 is a fair whack as well.:ok:

On the subject of irons, my Dad bought Callaway's latest offering last summer.. not sure of the model name.. anyway, he's played solidly with them since he bought them, but is only now getting anywhere near consistent with them.. he plays off 12.

My weapons of choice would be Titleist and the Taylor Made in that order.. my current driver is an old TM supersteel O/S with a Tour Stiff rifle shaft.. would I part with it?? no way!! That and my 20 year old Ping putter are the two most reliable things in my life!!:O

Re: your hook, graphite shaft for sure, but are you turning enough from the hips or is your swing all shoulders???


14th Feb 2006, 10:15
Can't go past Ping G2's for Irons. Very foregiving, and ideal for Intermediate to Low Handicappers.