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'Chuffer' Dandridge
9th Feb 2006, 23:24
Had a read of the latest GAPAN mag today, and astounded by the number of times 'The Master' (visions of Doctor Who etc) can get his picture taken with 'Mrs Master' in exotic locations.......
Anyone a member? What's it all about? Worth joining? Or just an excuse for a jolly old knees-up with your mates?:zzz:

Gingerbread Man
10th Feb 2006, 14:31
I've applied to their PPL scholarship a few times and always received the same letter back, but thats the only contact i've had. I have been a member of The Air League at some point though, and couldn't really say what for. I think I got a newsletter and that was about it. Needless to say I didn't think the 30 renewal was worth it.

GBM :hmm:

Another St Ivian
10th Feb 2006, 14:56
I won a PPL Scholarship from them back in '03, so I've nothing but good things to say about them :}

Seriously though, my perceptions were that it was an organisation for like-minded individuals in aviation, and to a degree the 'old boys', to get together and do something worthwhile for aviation. Besides their social events they do a lot of good work in areas like regulation, safety and encouraging air-mindedness in young people.

Take a look through the website, it's all there.

21st Mar 2006, 18:21
GAPAN (The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators) is an impressive organisation with a membership list which includes people who'd be included if a Who's Who of aviation was ever published.

It does an enormous amount of work for aviation in general and the aviation industry.

I think the majority of members are professional pilots but there are many PPL members - and PPLs have been elected as the Master of the Guild several times.

Details of the Guild here (http://www.gapan.org).


BTW, there were a lot of pics of the Master of the Guild' (read 'President' or 'Chairman') in the last issue. It was the end of his year of office.