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Lafyar Cokov
9th Feb 2006, 22:25
If the rumours I hear are true - I understand that the great man of aviation (OK - of the 60s - 80's) has passed away. You may or may not have liked his style but I personally think he was a pathfinder for modern aviation, achieving some amazing things despite his company's untimely demise (particularly for my father who was a DC10 Capt at the time!!!!). Safe Flight Freddie.......

Conan the Librarian
9th Feb 2006, 23:49
I spent Christmas lunch with Freddie about twenty years ago at the Six Bells in Chailey. A larger than life character and bursting with energy and simple fun. It was a wonderful laugh.

RIP Freddie.


10th Feb 2006, 07:33
Tis running on R&N too. My one & only time on a death cruiser 10 was as a wide eyed 11 year old with Sir Freddies lot:( A fantastic ride & such a shame that he was stuck it by BA & the establishment at the time. Was it not also the case that the AA DC10 crash where they'd changed the engine using a forklift causing DC10's to be grounded worldwide also stuck one on Skytrain at a critical moment? Either way, a grand feller who lived his life to the utmost RIP Freddie.

10th Feb 2006, 10:06
Wonder if they'll play 'Freddie Laker (Concorde and Eurobus)' by The Stranglers bassist JJ.Burnel at his funeral?

RIP Freddie.