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9th Feb 2006, 17:38
Feb 09 12:14 PM US/Eastern


A man apparently hanged himself in an airplane lavatory during a flight that was diverted to Denver after his body was discovered, police said.

Denver medical examiner's spokeswoman Michelle Weiss-Samaras said an autopsy was planned for the body of Gerald Georgettis, 56, of Miami, which was found Wednesday on a United Airlines flight from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles.

"Right now, everything leads us to believe the male involved did commit suicide," police Detective Virginia Lopez said. No other passengers were ever in danger, she added.

Well that's something different to do in the a/c lav!


9th Feb 2006, 18:45
Where in God's name did he find a point from which to do the deed. Most aircraft loos a singularly devoid of secure points to dangle anything from let alone a human carcase.

Little Blue
9th Feb 2006, 18:50
Was he a dwarf?
Jeez....When I'm going to ORD on sun, I'm going to have a good look at the lavvy to try and fathom out how the hell he managed it.
Well, thats my excuse, anyway !

9th Feb 2006, 19:00
I suppose if Angela Lansbury was on board, they would not have landed until the mystery was solved. :\

9th Feb 2006, 21:05
Guy's got a sense of posthumous humor. Which state has jurisdiction over this? Departure, arrival or actual hanging state...which brings another question, suppose he expired over a state line? :E Yeah, I know....I'll go away:)

9th Feb 2006, 21:41
Some people get extremely upset if there's no paper in the holder...

Two's in
10th Feb 2006, 02:09
Clearly not a well puppy dog - last weekend he burnt the car dealership down that sold him a dodgy Ford Suv (is there any other kind?):

DENVER A man hanged himself in an airplane lavatory days after being arrested for allegedly driving his new car through a dealership's showroom and setting a nearly $1 million fire, authorities said today.
Denver police Detective Virginia Lopez said no other passengers were ever in danger.

A United Airlines flight from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles was diverted to Denver after Gerald Georgettis' body was found. The Denver medical examiner ruled the death a suicide.

In Miami, Georgettis, 56, was accused of driving his new Ford Escape through the Metro Ford dealership's showroom on Saturday before pouring gasoline on it and lighting it. Miami-Dade County police have said he was upset about how much he paid for his car.

Fire officials said the blaze burned about a dozen cars, including a $150,000 limited-edition 2006 Ford GT.

Georgettis was charged with arson and felony criminal mischief and released Sunday on $1,500 bond.

Onan the Clumsy
10th Feb 2006, 02:17
Was there anyone from the car dealership on the flight?

Buster Hyman
10th Feb 2006, 03:20
See Jerricho, people take their Fords very seriously!

I wonder what the in-flight meal was....

Loose rivets
10th Feb 2006, 03:34
Falling down?

10th Feb 2006, 03:41
Caused a million dollars worth of damage, clearly disturbed, and released on $1500 bond.
Something wrong with the system I think.

Marvin the Robot
10th Feb 2006, 06:19
Inaugural member of the "Five Mile HangEmHigh Club"? :E

Marvin the Robot
10th Feb 2006, 14:11
Maybe after the Ford dissapointment, he thought he'd try HighandDie.

10th Feb 2006, 16:28
So what happened to profiling that this guy ever got on board?!! Just before you hang me (oh sorry - pun not intented) think about what I'm saying very carefully (i.e. it's not only terrorists who can endanger our lives).

10th Feb 2006, 17:06
Wonder if he tampered with the smoke detector before topping himself?:E


10th Feb 2006, 17:39
I think he missunderstood the seat belt instructions

10th Feb 2006, 18:24
I've been in the lav on a few flights. Can't blame the gent for choosing asphyxiation instead of inhaling.

Marvin the Robot
10th Feb 2006, 18:29
Perhaps a new pre-flight briefing announcement is required.......

"Choking is not allowed in the washroom areas, or whilst the "No Choking" sign is illuminated"

That way, anyone disobeying wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

We could even make it a hanging offenc.........Ah! Maybe not.

11th Feb 2006, 12:55
Ex-Cold Chisel roadie hangs himself on flight
February 11, 2006 - 8:15PM

An Australian man set fire to a US car showroom because he was unhappy with the deal on his new car - then hanged himself in an airplane toilet because he was ashamed of his actions.

Former Melbourne man Gerry Georgettis, 56, who was once a roadie for rock band Cold Chisel, hanged himself during a flight from Washington DC to Los Angeles on Wednesday, the Seven Network reported tonight.

Four days earlier, Mr Georgettis, who was also once a manager for Pink Floyd, had driven his new SUV though the window of a Ford showroom in Miami, Florida, because he was unhappy with the deal he got.

CCTV footage shown by the Seven Network showed sales staff fleeing as the car smashed though the window.

Mr Georgettis then poured petrol on his car and a dozen others, causing more than $A1.35 million worth of damage.

US network CBS4 said Mr Georgettis calmly walked away but when tracked by police shortly afterwards, shouted: "Kill me, kill me".

He was taken into custody and charged with first-degree arson, which carries a maximum 30-year prison term.

He was later released on a $US15,000 ($A20,297) bond.

After the incident, Mr Georgettis was interviewed on US television saying he was ashamed of what he had done.

"Yeah man, I was just stupid," he said.

"I'd like to get out of it ... I think I made a mistake."

Mr Georgettis then took the flight to Los Angeles but hanged himself midflight.

The flight was diverted to Denver after his body was discovered in the cubicle.

Mr Georgettis had written a final note to a friend saying he was "so confused and numb".

"I have no sense of logic," he wrote.

"I don't know when I will see you ever again."

Mr Georgettis quit his job as a performance art theatre manager for the City of Miami last Monday, telling his boss he needed the severance pay to hire a lawyer.


11th Feb 2006, 14:08
I can think of several jokes that involve Barnsie......but now's not an appropriate time. :(

11th Feb 2006, 14:52
He once managed Pink Floyd! Holy crap, give the man his SUV back.

Still an idiot for topping himself, but seems like he was on t'other path in life....


11th Feb 2006, 18:49
What was the position of the man's trousers when found ?

maybe it was an attempt at autoerotic asphyxiation gone bad :E

11th Feb 2006, 20:48

11th Feb 2006, 21:20
I can think of several jokes that involve Barnsie......but now's not an appropriate time.
Ok, second page....it's time:}

11th Feb 2006, 21:33
Do the Mods go home after page one?

Marvin the Robot
12th Feb 2006, 05:19
At least we know by page 2 that it's survived the process of 'sharpening the focus of JB'. :rolleyes:

14th Feb 2006, 13:16
Why was the plane diverted to Denver? Surely there was no medical emergency, since he was already dead... did the other lavatories get too full?

14th Feb 2006, 14:01
I guess they didn't have enough room in the 'cold storage' to keep him on ice until the landing in LA. On a ship this wouldn't be a problem I guess, but imagine trying to stuff him in a trolley.:eek: ;)

15th Feb 2006, 09:15
I guess they didn't have enough room in the 'cold storage' to keep him on ice until the landing in LA. On a ship this wouldn't be a problem I guess, but imagine trying to stuff him in a trolley.:eek: ;)
What for? A couple of hours to LA instead of Denver? He could hardly make a stink over and above what a lavatory already was.

Buster Hyman
15th Feb 2006, 21:05
Maybe in Denver they have SUV hearses...

15th Feb 2006, 21:22
Nearest Police I'd say. Suspicious death. Could've been murder . . .

15th Feb 2006, 21:45
Damn, he burned up a Ford GT.

There should be the death penalty for that alone.