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8th Feb 2006, 10:39
I have been looking for and canít find on any of the non-user friendly customs sites about that 10% GST rebate on goods you carry out of the country after clearing customs. Like how recent do you have to by the little electrical good item before leaving Australia?

Does anybody know??:)


8th Feb 2006, 11:37
wow never herd of that before. where did you hear that from??

8th Feb 2006, 12:11
The goods have to stay out of the country and you have to be able to carry it on in your hand luggage. It is the length of time you did buy the goods before hand I forget, like 3 months, but maybe 1 month before you depart. So say you did buy a gizmo for $1000 at normal retail at Hervey Normans\, you clear customs, then go to a booth before bording with your docket and you get 10% of that back and you sign a thing saying its leaving for good, (like it's now duty free) well kinda. It is very easy but just can't find info.


8th Feb 2006, 12:16
You don't quite get 10% of the retail price back. More like 9%


8th Feb 2006, 13:14
Try this.

8th Feb 2006, 13:51
Hand luggage is also checked luggage. There is a customs office somewhere near the check in counters. In Perth it is near the Qantas ticket pickup counter. Before checking in your luggage, get the customs people to inspect the items with receipts (each receipt used to be above AUD$300). Check in your bags and get your boarding pass, then through immigration. On the other side of immigration there is another customs counter, present the form given at the previous office and credit card account for the money to be re imbursed to.

8th Feb 2006, 14:24
Be sure to have the item/s with you (clothing shoes etc not packed in you checked in luggage) as customs can and have asked to see them.

Howard Hughes
8th Feb 2006, 17:34
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8th Feb 2006, 18:15


8th Feb 2006, 20:57
Thanks 19, the link is perfect.

8th Feb 2006, 22:18

leave yourself a SHEDLOAD of time for the queue.

I made the mistake and it was very costly.


Howard Hughes
9th Feb 2006, 06:39
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9th Feb 2006, 07:25
I was told by a jeweller, last year, that the goods had to be out of the country within 30 days of purchase . A minimum value had to be involved, but i can't remember what it was.

Ali Barber
9th Feb 2006, 09:04
Used it several times and it's completely painless unlike the UK, so long as you are carrying the goods with you. If you don't need the goods while you're in Oz, you can buy them from a Downtown Duty Free shop in the major cities, but they have to remain sealed in the bag until you depart Oz.

9th Feb 2006, 13:40
Good at keeping the engine warm in the bloody cold!

10th Feb 2006, 07:21
Did the deed on departure from PER to LHR at the end of December 05.

Goods must be purchased within 14 days of departure. Need not be sealed. Must have original receipt. Money credited to your visa/bank account.

Goods needn't be departing the country permanently either. Mine was a new digital camera.

10th Feb 2006, 19:28
From memory the receipt needs to be $300 or more.
However, as with any thing to do with the govt and tax, check for the latest info.

It's a very simple system. Show the receipts and the goods (I've always been asked to show them). Tell them a credit card number or street address and they'll forward the refund.

Non Normal
11th Feb 2006, 12:39
Make sure you are able to get to the TRS (it stands for tourist refund scheme, I think) counter at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. This doesn't mean "start queuing 30 minutes before" - it means being able to get to the top of the queue 30 minutes before - otherwise, they can refuse to process your claim, as they did to me one time, because I reached the counter 25 minutes prior to departure (and it was made clear to me that the only reason for their refusal to process was because I didn't get there at least 30 minutes prior).