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7th Feb 2006, 17:23
Since no-one is promoting this idea to make a fast buck, I decided to try it out a few months ago. There will always be the psychological factor, but it does seem to be delivering around 15-20% better mpg with a sweeter running engine. Cheapest place to get PURE Acetone seems to be local glass-fibre repairs shop. Have a look at http://pesn.com/2005/03/17/6900069_Acetone/

7th Feb 2006, 20:23
That gives me an idea :E :ooh:

7th Feb 2006, 20:46
How much does acetone cost in the UK?

7th Feb 2006, 21:15
There was a similar thread about 2 months ago,when I suggested it some guy who's a chemist laughed it off.I linked to the same site and said I'd have a go.However because of the majority of derisory comments decided against it.
I've got a W reg Mondeo with 108,000 on the clock(ex company car) so don't think I've got a lot to lose.We use acetone at my factory and go through approx 45 gallons a month so don't think they'll miss a few fluid ounces.:ok:
Stiil tempted.

7th Feb 2006, 21:33
How much does acetone cost in the UK? Depends where you buy it - your friendly local chemist will sell you a 50ml bottle (treats about 8 gals) for 99p. Aside from myself, I know about half a dozen who have tried it and they're all still using it. A better way to buy is by the litre, or more, from g/f shops as previously mentioned. Sorry if this post comes out as a mess - WYSIWYG not working for me.

7th Feb 2006, 21:41
For 99p I could buy another litre of fuel, which would take me another 10 miles.

8th Feb 2006, 03:59
Before you all go out and buy up gallons of acetone - have a read of this.


8th Feb 2006, 15:30
I'm open minded about this; I read about it some time ago. There are similar articles about heating the fuel before it enters the engine, but I don't think I'll be be trying either in my 323i.

All modern, mass produced cars are fuel injected where the fuel is efficiently vapourised, under high pressure.

However, I can see that improving vapourisation might be of some theoretical benefit in some carburettor equipped cars. A carb setup relies on manifold depression drawing liquid fuel into aerosol form via a relatively large, low pressure jet. The fuel droplets are then evaporated in a heated manifold.

Some carb/manifold setups are more efficient than others at fuel vapourisation. My twin SU equipped tuned 850 engine didn't like it when I changed from a water heated manifold to a prototype straight through inlets, in the search for more top-end power. The economy was really quite disappointing. I put that down to incomplete vaporisation of the fuel in the manifolds because the fuel droplets supplied by an SU are large even by carb standards.

I ditched that setup in favour of a downdraught Weber and a longer inlet manifold which has proved almost as powerful with better economy. I have nothing to lose by trying acetone in that car so might give it a go out of curiosity. As it's a (very) high compression engine the increased octane rating won't harm it at all. :8