View Full Version : 2005 BMW M3 Coupé for sale just €10,000

7th Feb 2006, 13:16
1 careful driver, 1 angry wife :}


Chitty's Leader
7th Feb 2006, 13:34
Oh my! :{
Still, when BMW's are twoapenny, it's a unique paint job!!! And at only €10,000, another €20,000, and you have a perfectly good BM! :ok:

7th Feb 2006, 13:38
What a dreadful thing to do to a BMW. I know a grown man who would weep at such a thing!



7th Feb 2006, 13:39
Nice alloys & tires. I reckon she missed a trick there. :ouch:

7th Feb 2006, 16:03
I seem to remember Nick Faldo's ex setting about his Porsche with a seven iron.
I wonder what the male equivalent might be, putting all her shoes through the blender, shredding the contents of her wardrobe?
I like the quote: "Idiot put the car in my name". It seems she just trashed her own car and she's calling HIM an idiot! Do you think she's blonde?:D

7th Feb 2006, 16:12
Just goes to prove, dont Pi$$ off your misses!:p

Im sure i heard about a radio DJ who had put his car in Mrs radio DJ's name and because he pi$$ed her off she sold it? I think anyway?

Women, eh?:rolleyes:


7th Feb 2006, 16:16
Stue.....that's correct.

The car was a Lotus Esprit.

Here's the story (http://www.auctionbytes.com/cab/abn/y05/m06/i24/s05)

7th Feb 2006, 16:16
Stue, IIRC it was a lotus and she flogged it for a few quid whilst he was at work. Nice.

7th Feb 2006, 16:19
Lexx.......SNAP!!! ;)

7th Feb 2006, 16:42
If it was in her name, why damage it? Doh!

7th Feb 2006, 16:49
I thought so.......Bummer eh??:p

7th Feb 2006, 16:51
Looks like it may be a scam - apparently it's been seen before



7th Feb 2006, 18:33
I don't know if Eire's vehicle registration system is the same as in UK, but Mme. Angry of Dublin 4 might be in for a nasty surprise...

From the DVLA guidance notes (http://www.dvlni.gov.uk/vehicles/vehicle_forms/INS160(NI).pdf) on vehicle registration:

1. Registered Keeper

Sections 1 and 5 of the Certificate show the name and address of the
registered keeper (the current keeper).

The registered keeper is NOT necessarily the legal owner of the vehicle.

The registered keeper is responsible for the vehicle’s day to day use on the road and is:

• The person who is liable for licensing the vehicle.
• The person to whom the police and other enforcement authorities would direct any enquiries eg about motoring and parking offences.

The legal owner is:

• The person/company who purchased the vehicle eg Finance/Hire
Purchase/Leasing companies.
• The person who purchased the vehicle for their spouse/child etc.

I added the Italics bold and underlining for effect...! :uhoh:

7th Feb 2006, 18:46
I'll tell ya, this is a scam! :ooh:

These pictures were going around the web a while back but it's an American car! And this happened in the US! The person has photoshopped the pic to reverse it and make it look like a right hand drive model and his the other pics shoing the US reg and other US cars!

7th Feb 2006, 19:53
I got this in the Herald AM freesheet this morning. Spread across 2 pages it was.

Apparently it's in the proper Independent too. Just shows what a piece of poo excuse for a newspaper the Indo is :yuk:

Loose rivets
7th Feb 2006, 20:38
Huh! is that his blood?

I it were in the Uk, i know of a place where i got my spares from. they have a hanger full of seats and trim, still in plastic sometimes.

7th Feb 2006, 20:50
Fake...look closely at the numberplate - US small rectangle style rather than the long strip you get in ireland or the UK.

7th Feb 2006, 21:00
That would explain the big SUV parked next to it as well :ok:

7th Feb 2006, 21:00
About 30 years ago a Roller was advertised in the small ads for £10. A chap called and the asked the woman who answered if £10 was a typo. She that it wasn't, that her hubby had been fooling around and that she wanted rid of his car. The bloke got it for £10.

7th Feb 2006, 21:12
Years ago over here in the States the same type of story was going around about a brand new Cadillac.

As the story went a man died and left all of his things to his wife except his brand new Cadillac which he left to his mistress. The will supposedly stated that the Cadillac or "The Proceeds From" the sale of the Cadillac were to be given to the mistress.

So the widow sold the Cadillac for $50.00 and had the $50.00 given to the mistress.

(Don't know if the story was true or not, but it was a good story.)

7th Feb 2006, 21:53
Well, here's the lyrics to the appropriate song by Ed Kilbourne:

THE $65 LS-4
© John McCutchon (lyrics adapted by Ed Kilbourne)

This morning while reading my copy of the latest Sailplane Racing News
The classified had a most curious ad for a glider brand new never used
I read with suspicious amusement what seemed like a wild stroke of luck
"LS-4A" it said, "Must sell" the ad read, "Total package, 65 bucks."

Well I was use to this newsletter's typos but I called up that number
"What response have you had to your classified ad?" she said, "None, your
the first call today."
I said "There's been a mistake in my copy, they've printed your price wrong
"No, no" replied she, "They checked that with me" I said, "Don't sell that
plane, I'm leaving now.

She lived in a part of the city, that folks like me only pass through
Airline captains, bank presidents, and doctors are the residents and the
houses are massive and new
As I turned up her half mile long driveway, there in the heat of the day
In the bright sunlight gleamed the plane of my dreams, just 65 dollars away

The cockpit was lined in white sheepskin, the instruments carefully placed
A computer you read on a tiny TV and the 10-function program worked great
A small fridge in the front of the trailer dispensed either water or wine
Draft beer or ice tea, but what was boggling to me was for 65 bucks it was

I thought that the woman must be crazy to be selling this plane at that price
But as she walked down the lane she seemed perfectly sane, she was charming
and really quite nice
She smiled with complete satisfaction as she handed me the title and the keys
I said, "I've just got to know, why you've let this thing go. What's wrong
with the plane, tell me please!"

She said "I'll be fifty next Tuesday. I've lived here with my husband Earl.
After thirty years wed, without a word said, he left me for a young teenage
But with his credit cards here on the table, I knew she'd be hard to maintain
Last night from Florida he, sent a wire to me, said 'I need money, dear, sell
the plane'!"

Champagne Anyone?
8th Feb 2006, 15:07
Seem to remember a similar angry lady story a few years ago, whereby Mrs Anger sold her husbands 2yr old Bell Jetranger to the Met Police for some silly sum like £20,000 or similar. When they questioned the price she explained that her husband had taken his secretary to the Bahamas for two weeks, when he should have been elsewhere on a business trip and she was selling all his assets over here, including the house and his 1.3 million pound yacht, all of which were in her name for tax purposes, to teach him a lesson, for a reasonable sum to buy her a house in the country. The heli was transfered to them the following day!

8th Feb 2006, 15:38
I think this is a scam. I've previously seen the car on Ebay and I think it WAS a LH drive model, the pictures do appear to have been reversed. :suspect:

8th Feb 2006, 16:03
It is a scam (or at least a joke on someone's part)...the car in question is a US model, alledgedly a dealer over here was using it to try & drum up some business.

8th Feb 2006, 22:28
a) don't buy a BMW
b) if you buy a BMW and decide to fool around, get it in puce.
c) if you can afford to buy, it's probably cheaper to rent.
d) rent what?