View Full Version : Cockle pickers in the Solway Firth

6th Feb 2006, 22:05
Don't know if anyone has heard about this recent event, but if you havent then here's a linkhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4684494.stm

Basically, apparently 20 Polish Cockle Pickers were lost in the Solway Firth, but according to the local news it's turned out that everything is ok. But recently, a lot of this kind of thing has been happening in the Solway, especially in the Annan area.
The tide in the Solway is amongst the fastest in the World so how long will it be before we see a similar tragedy to the Morecambe Bay incident when Chinese Cockle pickers lost their lives?
And how do these so called "gang masters" get away with stuff like this? :mad:

Lon More
7th Feb 2006, 12:05
I lived in Dumfries for a number of years, spent a lot of time at Southerness and at Powfoot.
I remember being told that the incoming tide could outpace a man on horseback. It's so flat all the way out to the channel

Just wonderin'
7th Feb 2006, 14:33
Don't want to appear insensitive, but just what do people do with all the cockles that get picked? Around the time of the Morecombe Bay incident I seem to recall that these guys picked sackloads and sackloads of them, - I guess there must be a substantial market for them if the task masters are bringing in immigrant workers.... I haven't eaten a cockle for about four decades... Is it because I lived in the soft south for the major part of my life, I could even tell you where to go to buy a cockle! do you northerners eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or do they get minced up and turned into something else?