View Full Version : Tieing Threads Together . . . .

6th Feb 2006, 10:07
Over on the Mil Forum last month there was a thread about the Red Arrows being alluded to as the Blue Bows by a contestant on Junior Mastermind. Caused a bit of fun, especially when BEagle suggested that watching it was somehow deviant. That's my word, by the way, can't remember the exact wording, but it was quite funny.

Anyway, I was reading the Sunday Times TV section yesterday when I saw that JM was on again this coming week, Friday I think, and the list of contestants specialist subjects contained "The Dambusters".

Also on the Mil Forum is a thread titled "Tell me this isn't True" which suggests that the mess at RAF Scampton has removed a painting depicting the first CO of 617 Sqn and his pet black labrador, as the name of the dog was deemed offensive to a serving airman of an ethnic minority.

I won't go into the pro's and con's of either arguement, they both have well-reasoned protagonists putting each case, which is, as I read it, the whole basis on which this Forum was set up.

However, I await with bated breath the inquisition of John Humprhys on the aforesaid contestant . ."What was the codeword that described the breaching of one of the dams . . ? What was the name of Guy Gibsons' dog . . . "

Mind you, great to see that some of the yoof of today have been reading the right books.