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6th Feb 2006, 08:39
I don't know why, but this really tickled me. (From Yesterdays Daily Express)

A man returned from holiday to find a dead body in his living room.
Johann Rauber called the police when he found the corpse on the sofa. Police said the man had died a few days earlier, but it was not clear how or why he entered Mr Rauber's flat.
Mr Rauber, of Munchenbuchsee, Switzerland said:
"You always return home expecting something to have gone off, but it's usually a lump of cheese, not a body"

6th Feb 2006, 08:48
Here's one that struck me the same way.
-----quoted from a press conference about an oil tanker pulled from its moorings by an ice floe and then grounded on the ice... The vessel is owned and operated by a subsidiary of Seacor Holdings Inc. and was chartered by Tesoro.
"We are pleased to say the ship is once again a ship rather than a beach ornament," said Kip Knudson, a spokesman for Tesoro Alaska.