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6th Feb 2006, 08:26
Went out for a day's schlepping round the sky on my glider yesterday. A nice warmish day (for February), with nice blue skies & a few cu's knocking around. So far, so good, then about four-ish I guess, I suddenly found that in a straight line for about a good 3/4 of a mile, I was just going up & up & up. It seemed as though the whole valley was lifting off, almost like restitution lift that you experience in the Alps as the land gives up it's heat at the end of the day. First of all, it was a little bumpy, then it smoothed out & was like what I can only describe as being on an elevator - glassy smooth lift in any direction. As I passed 4,500 ASL I suddenly noticed the unmistakeable shape of lenticular clouds - WAVE! we were flying in wave, presumably it had set up off the North Downs in the prevailing North Westerly.

I've never but never in eleven years of gliding been in wave - usually, wave in the mountains is the biggest no go of all, but in the relative flatlands of Southern England, it gave me one of the most magical flying experiences I've ever enjoyed. On the buggeration front though, the day looked very average in the morning, so I opted not to lash on my camera. Twit!:{ However, the view into London to the North & the Isle of Wight to the South West & the weald to the west is something I'll file away in my mind for when the grand kids are bouncing on my old knees:ok:

6th Feb 2006, 09:11
Lucky you - attaining the pure joy of flying. It reminds me of my dad's WWII story (he was in North Africa) about a local Spitfire pilot who would take off at dusk some evenings and just do huge swooping loops etc for a while then land. Probably testing the machine! :rolleyes:

Krystal n chips
6th Feb 2006, 09:47
Check your PM's :E ;) :D