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3rd Feb 2006, 20:21
The "new rules to live by" mentions this lovely website (or whatever it's called in your part of the globe - Friendsunited.com, imasadbastard.net, stalker.com etc). At work the other day we were having that very about these sites.

General agreement was most (note most) people who use it are *ssholes who only get in touch with people they went to school with to gloat about what they have made with their lives and how much money they are making. Almost a "my life kinda sucks, who's worse off".

I've had the pleasure :rolleyes: of getting an email from somebody I used to go to school with (got my address through a friend of a friend) who was doing just that..........hey it's me, who you still in touch with, have have you heard so-and-so is dead, so is so-and-so, old mate number one is now in jail, old mate two is bankrupt, guess what I'm doing now blah blah blah. It was all really negative crap, aside from when he was talking about himself.

I didn't get a reply when I told him I had married an ex porn star named Avy, lived in an igloo with a pet polar bear and rode a skidoo to work. :E

3rd Feb 2006, 20:32
Funnily enough, i replied to a "friend" recently who thought they'd "better keep in touch":rolleyes:

"How are you Col? Long time no speak/see" etc:mad:

I barely remember this person(female - i think she had big tits )

Anyway, what transpired next appeared to be her asking me out for a bite to eat and possibly romance afterwards:ok:

Being married (and my wife read this slapper's 'proposal'), i kindly replied saying i was a raging homosexual(and infact my car sticker said "Gaylord onboard")

Her with the big tits never replied:E

3rd Feb 2006, 22:11
Got my high school boyfriend calling me the other day after 10 years or so of happily ignoring eachother (thanks sis :* ).
He caught me over a particularly difficult passage of a technical book I hate, a couple of days prior to a Company exam. So when he started the "Guess who I am" line, I replied "can we save time and jump to the part where you give me a hint, like, say, your name?" :rolleyes:

I forgave him on that occasion for expressing the opinion that I have "become even more b**chy than 15 years ago" :hmm:

4th Feb 2006, 07:08
colmac - I don't understand you.

Or does your wife read Proon too? :E

4th Feb 2006, 09:51
Now that's funny. :ok:

4th Feb 2006, 11:42
So how are you doing, Jerricho, long time no see ..... and just how did you meet Avy?

Windy Militant
4th Feb 2006, 14:10
I heard a rumour that Jerricho applied to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police but due to a slight error, he failed the application test.

When he arrived at the selection centre he was told that to be eligable to join the RMCP he had to
1) Drink a bottle of whiskey down in one.
2) Make Love to Avy Scott.
3) Wrestle a Polar bear.

Apparently he managed part one of the test Ok, but then disappeared for several hours. He finally reappeared at Mountie HQ covered in blood, his clothes in tatters. He staggered up to the recruiting sergent and asked Where's this Avy Scott I've got to Wrestle and passed out!

Allegedly and no offence ;)

Couldn't stand most of the Tw*ts I was at school with. I'm still in touch with most of my mates to this day but the rest are probably still twats so I want nothing to do with them.

4th Feb 2006, 14:33
One doesn't make love to Avy Scott..................

Solid Rust Twotter
4th Feb 2006, 14:37
There's always Kylie "Razorhips" Minogue, mate......:hmm:

4th Feb 2006, 14:39
Actually, there was a girl we used to go to school with that did end up on TV. We used to call her "chatty-tits"................you never looked her in the eyes when you talked to her.

Windy Militant
4th Feb 2006, 14:42
But you can't say Shag on pprune! Oh you can, it must be fcuk you can't use then :O

4th Feb 2006, 14:46
Here's one for the single guys/girls out there (inspired by FB ;) ).

Hypothetical..........an ex girlfriend/boyfriend from school calls you or emails you out of the blue asking you hows it going and hows about maybe hook up for a date or whatever. What do you do (aside from those who would snap at them on the phone :p )

4th Feb 2006, 17:05
I'd say (after collapsing laughing) sure, come on over... I live in England now. :E (ok, not single now (yay) and it would only be out of morbid curiosity to see how they turned out)

5th Feb 2006, 00:19
Who knew the people from Ermington (sorry, Reddo) were so bad??? :}

Romeo Delta
5th Feb 2006, 02:18
I've kept in touch with my ex from high school. I'm single, she's not. Yet SHE'S the one who'd like to spend the romantic eve. I kindly give repeated "no-thank-you's" until she gets the hint. She's never too pleased about it, but she understands (or at least says she does).

"Never rub another man's rhubarb..."

5th Feb 2006, 02:21
Ooooohhhh, that sounds very interesting.

5th Feb 2006, 03:07
Hey Pseudo,
The first boyfriend was an interesting exercise in "what not to go for". Learnt the lesson early.
I've caught up with some of my school mates. They're all right. :ok:

And the locals call it "Ermo" :E

5th Feb 2006, 03:07
No time whatever for the fecking lot of them, other than the half-dozen or so with whom I've stayed in touch, and they know who they are.

Had a random invite to a reunion a while back, nearly fell off my stool laughing (I was on the dunny). A more sad idea I can't think of...."Let's pretend the last twenty years hasn't happened, and we're still the same dumb shallow kids we always were, except with adult neuroses and broken lives to recount, TO PEOPLE WE NEVER LIKED ENOUGH TO KEEP IN CONTACT WITH."

5th Feb 2006, 08:19
ohcirreJ - she can remember more than me.
Apparently I was a total tawt, could not gnirts a sentence together, and, worse she always emac first.
classmates, or class mates?

5th Feb 2006, 09:23
an ex girlfriend/boyfriend from school calls you or emails you out of the blue asking you hows it going and hows about maybe hook up for a date or whatever. What do you do

er... went to a boys-only school

and i did NOT have boyfriends. Still dont. Dont intend to.

And I hope none of my classmates call me to "hook up for a date" :uhoh:

5th Feb 2006, 15:16
Not that there's anything wrong with that, Bombay ;)

Ah yes, the class reunion. My folks used to get regular letters from my old school wanting to know if the contact details they had for myself (and Plazbot, but I think it because he owed the school money) were correct to be sure we were kept appraised of any "Old Boys Association" events. Unfortunately, I'm a little goegraphically displaced at the moment :rolleyes: