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2nd Feb 2006, 22:21
Just finished watching C4 on the Challenger Disaster. The whistle blower engineer for the "o" ring subcontractor left his job while his spineless boss (who agreed to the Challenger launch) got a promotion.
Just finished reading "Flight Discipline" by Tony Kern. Lots of good stuff on being a better PIC plus a good chunk on having the courage to stand up and call out unsafe flying/practice/policy in yourself, your peers and your management.
Anyone got any less emotional anecdotes on when doing the right thing was wrong for the career but good for safety? Positive examples would be good too!

2nd Feb 2006, 22:54
Happily, I can offer a positive. I work for an oil major and when they say "safety first" they mean it - safety always takes priority over production.

It's forcefully engrained in the working culture, e.g. every meeting with visitors begins with mention of fire exits and assembly points. When the NTSB (?) report on Challenger came out, we had a presentation on it and were invited to discuss the root causes - and seek lessons we could use.

The current campaign's called "Stop The Job" and stresses that we're not just permitted to stop unsafe acts, we're expected to. In the past, I've seen guys dismissed from worksites for failing to use the right equipment or follow the procedures.

All costs money? Sure, but most folks say safety culture's the main competitive edge for working here. As one of our operators put it, "I never want to go home at night with more holes than the good lord gave me." Fair point...

3rd Feb 2006, 06:05
Never used to Crepello .
When tin worked offshore for a spell in the 60s was with the most dangerous and dumb colllection of Texan and Loosianna good ol boys god ever blew breath into

Man lost an arm on the drill floor , crane went over the side ,near had a blowput and nearly lost the rig in high seas.

All this while slipping around the deck in yer Redwings in a slosh of Copenhagen spit and hydraulic oil.