View Full Version : David Clarke H10-20's or H10-13.4's?

2nd Feb 2006, 06:23
Sorry again guys 'n' gals, I started a headset topic in another forum, but I'm confused again after making a phone call, and need fresh input before I make this significant investment! (2nd hand option is ruled out).

I'm learning in a C152 and want to purchase the above. (The tired, borrowed DC headsets I've used up to now didn't perform great, so decided if I was paying for lessons, I may as well be able to hear the instructor clearly)! My priorities in a headset are - comfy, good db reduction & great reception - my hearing's not perfect! Would love ANR, but realistically PNR is more likely.

Just called my 'local' headset dealer to ask how much DC H10-20's are. He seemed v. helpful, but the first thing he said was...

Supplier: 'Any reason you're asking about 10-20's'?
Me: 'Because most people seem to recommend them over others'.
Supplier: 'Well, personally I'd say the H10-13.4 would be the go'
Me: 'Why's that'?
Supplier: 'Well, they're lightweight, got great comfy earseals, AUS$450 +GST'.

So now I'm all confused. Which would you choose? Or would you choose another manufacturer altogether?

They also sell Peltor, Flightcom & Altronics.

I'd love to buy over the web (could be cheaper) but from what others say, I really need to try them on and see what fits me the best also. And I need them before my next lesson, which isn't far enough away to buy over the web!

What do you think? Will be grateful (AGAIN) for your help!

2nd Feb 2006, 07:28
I bought DC H10-13.4 because that's what my Instructor had, without even trying one first.The school headsets just kept falling off my head and wouldn't adjust. Fortunately I found it comfortable, so I bought a second one for my victims. So more by good luck than good management I am still using the same headset 10 years on. I have tried other folks expensive Bose and others, I still am very happy with my DC's, still look as new and comfortable.

2nd Feb 2006, 09:30
Personally, I'd go into the Private Flying Forum and type 'headsets' in the search engine.

Caution - you may get drowned in the flood of threads that come up.

2nd Feb 2006, 11:59
Personally, I'd go into the Private Flying Forum and type 'headsets' in the search engine.

Mmmm... I'm not proud of filling up the wrong forums with shite! Didn't know where to post. Or look. Do now. Good on yer Kolibear.

Will check back here for replies. Feel free to contribute. Thanks to all. :ok:

Onan the Clumsy
2nd Feb 2006, 12:17
Personally, I'd forget all about Dave Clarkes and get a pair of Lightspeed ANR.

Caution - you may like them so much you'll become a Lightspeed zealot, but at least you'll still have your hearing.

2nd Feb 2006, 13:11
Pilot communications. Cheaper and better ANR performance than the DC ANR sets (DNC)

Enough said.

Gingerbread Man
3rd Feb 2006, 13:48
The H10-20's are a decent headset. The ear seals are contoured as well as gellified, so they fit that little bit more snugly than the 13.4. The big foam pad on the top is a pain if you're tall - it rubs on the roof/canopy. I don't ever become uncomfortably aware that i'm wearing them, but then that could be said about lots of headsets.

If you really want to know you're getting the best one - Bose Aviation X :)

Ginger ;)

3rd Feb 2006, 13:49
Well, I plummed for the perennially popular 13.4's today. The fact they came highly recommended by many ppruners was a contributing factor, but most importantly they were the most comfortable when wrapped around my fugly noggin!

If anyone in Perth wants a recommendation of where to buy headsets AND get a very helpful, honest opinion, (if this is allowed here), make a beeline for 'Western Airmotive' at Jandakot. First class service. No doubt I'm just another person to be added to their very long list of satisfied customers.

Mucho gracias to all you helpful Ppruners!

Onan the Clumsy
3rd Feb 2006, 14:26
Satisfied now maybe, but wait till you try on a pair of Lightspeed ANR, THEN we'll see how satisfied you are with your DCs


24th Feb 2006, 06:38
Have since flown with my new 13.4's (same as the FI as it happens) and they're perfect. Pin sharp, good noise reduction and so comfortable I forgot all about them being on my head. Which meant for the first time I could concentrate purely on the flying - best lesson yet. Big difference in volume wearing my new thin Gay-Bans too, though I didn't go for those filthy-looking old-skool Aviators! :yuk:

PS. Didn't experience any 'clamping' effect as some people had warned about and got no headaches at all but obviously all people's noggins are shaped different and comfort levels are each to their own. I'd recommend 13.4's to others.

PPS. Maybe Lightspeeds or Bose will be further down the track. A lot further! My more affordable (but good) DC's will do me just fine for now. Just spent about $1000 on headset, sunnies, membership & ASIC. Not complaining of course, it's all been a very worthwhile investment but have to spend money on flying for now!

24th Feb 2006, 08:58
I have asked peoples opinion about the Lightspeed ANR sets, but nobody replied before?

I have been looking between them, DCs & Bose, I am due to go start flying in a hot country and want a new comfy headset, my concern with the Lightspeed ANR is that they will cause my ears to hurt, like earplugs can do, and in a warn country with sweat in could irritate badly?

Any thoughts...


24th Feb 2006, 10:47
As I was told when I first began this thread, typing 'headsets' into the search function will bring up a whole host of information about them. Very helpful yes, but if you don't want to spend a week trawling through all of them, maybe there's another option.

Given that you already appear to have narrowed down your choice to Lightspeed, Bose or DC's, maybe it's best to PM a couple of people for their opinions. At least that way you're more likely to get a response. I'm sure they'll be happy enough to give you some advice. I hope they don't mind me pointing them out to you.

Where Lightspeeds are concerned, 'Onan The Clumsy' seems wrapped with his ANR's. Maybe he can tell you all about their headsets, good and bad. He's posted here already, so sending him a PM is easy.

As for an opinion on the Bose, there is someone around called 'Bose X' who extolls the virtues of their ANR set. You will find his posts on one of the 'headset' threads if you do a search for them. I'd say he could help you.

As for DC's, I wouldn't have a clue about their ANR models or how they perform because they're out of my price range so I didn't bother investigating! And given that I'm a new pilot, my viewpoint won't really hold much weight anyway. However, you already know what I bought (PNR set) but for what it's worth I'm very happy with my choice. The only point I seem qualified to give an opinion on is their fit - and they're very comfy, for me anyway.

BTW, the cockpit can get pretty hot in WA but I haven't had a problem with heat or moisture using my DC's. If it becomes an issue, DC make cloth covers that fit over the foam/gel earpads which are designed to reduce moisture problems. I wouldn't have a clue if they work or not.

I'm just letting you know what I've learned, (I don't know whether you're a newbie or an old hand in the aviation game) so my apologies if you already know all this - I'm not trying to teach you to suck eggs!

As for a better opinion on DC's ANR range of headsets, I'll try to post back here in a sec. with a suggestion of someone who may be willing to help.

Regards, '72.

Howard Hughes
24th Feb 2006, 10:54
I have a DC H10-40 headset that I have had since 1986, I regularly replace the inner foams to keep the passive noise attenuation at an acceptable level and have twice replaced the microphone, as after several years of service they seem to get interference from the heated windshield.

I recently decided to put 2 sets of all the foams inside (2 under speaker, 1 around speaker and 2 on top of the speaker), this has made an amazing affect on the noise attenuation of this headset. My workmates have tried it and agree, it is a lot quieter, this modification cost me a grand total of $24.

I guess it will do till I can afford a Bose headset!!:ok:

24th Feb 2006, 10:57
Type 'headsets' on search function. Look out for ANOTHER(!) thread I started, entitled 'Which headset should I buy?'.

'Defenestrator' may be able to help regarding DC's ANR sets, given he seems to like this brand. He does mention electronic noise attenuation in his replies. Again, seemed like a very helpful guy. I hope he doesn't mind my suggesting you PM him. Good luck with it YYZ.

24th Feb 2006, 14:25
Thanks guys, have searched but there is not much info on the Lightspeed?
Aside from Onan who Im sure will contribute again soon?

I've already decided between the DCs & Bose, it's just I need a bit more info on the Lightspeeds now, then the jobs done..