View Full Version : LGW Airside access

1st Feb 2006, 22:36
As a lot of you will be aware we are going to have more restrictions on access thru the tunnel under the South terminal as of tomorrow.
Now don't get me wrong as I totally agree with the reasons for restricting access but this is starting to cause problems for many companies who use the perimeter road on a regular basis to get to Queens gate and is also having a financial impact on these same business's.
Is it not time BAA built a new airside access to the south of the tunnel?
Your thought's anyone or maybe someone from BAA/GAL could tell us why this has not been done, or if it is being considered?

2nd Feb 2006, 07:39
What restrictions? One has been fond of dropping ones folks off there in the past as a sneaky way of not having to ponce about at the main entrance to the south term, although one has been distinctly less keen ever since the appearance of cold & miserable looking cops, armed to the teeth in fairness.

2nd Feb 2006, 07:56
Never managed to work this out!

You cant drive under the tunnel but you can drive along the A23 which runs parrallel!