View Full Version : New Military Aircew Retention Package-good news for civvies too?

SET 18
29th Jan 2002, 22:23
If you were to go over to the military forum, you would see that the Armed Forces have just announced a very respectable retention package for their aircrew (of which I am one). It takes effect from the First of April.

With any luck, this will result in the rapid drying-up of the military experience-line which will,in turn, lead to both more recruiting and better job stability in the Civil sector. Hopefully the short-sighted civilian companies will find that their pilots have suddenly become more difficult and costly to replace. Any thoughts?

29th Jan 2002, 23:52
Yes - I’m available from Dec 03.

Flat Side Up
30th Jan 2002, 00:38
First of April!! :) :) :)

30th Jan 2002, 01:27
Flat side up

Don't laugh at the 1st of April. A certain highly regarded Air Force came into being on that date in 1918.

30th Jan 2002, 01:31

you're talking past-tense right?