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Ali Barber
1st Feb 2006, 15:29
I know the Danish thread is closed, but I just wanted to say thanks to those who posted on it. I went to my local supermarket here in the Middle-East and found signs all over the doors and windows saying "this store is free of Danish and Norwegian products". I hadn't got a clue about why until I went on Jet Blast!

You can close this now before anything else upsets anyone (although I didn't see anything in the other thread to warrant its closure?)

3rd Feb 2006, 15:41
Are some of you hard of reading perchance? :rolleyes:

This discussion was merged into the Hamster Wheel. This to accomodate those who wish to discuss a very interesting current event touching on some very fundamental issues while safeguarding the continued existence of Jetblast by sticking to the rules agreed on by Danny and the JB Mods.
The Cartoon discussion starts on post 759 in the Hamster Wheel.
It's really not rocket science people, it was even pointed out in the second post of this new thread.
You guys decide that pprune rules don't apply to yourselves, go find somewhere else to play.

Unlike Denmark, PPRuNe isn't a democracy.
5 day Forum ban for the lot of you.