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1st Feb 2006, 12:37
Could some of the more legally inclined Pruners tell me, what is the purpose of an ASBO.

My local newspaper has a headline
"ASBOS for trio of yobs"

One of the yobs (18 year old), has an ASBO which bans her from
Using or attempting to use violence against any resident or person lawfully in the locality of XXXXX place

I was always under the impression that these acts were already illegal, so why the need for an ASBO?

This implies that as I've not had an asbo issued to me, I'm allowed to "use violence" against the residents.

Standard Noise
1st Feb 2006, 12:50
An ASBO is just a headline grabbing gimmick by a sad, impotent Guardian reading government which has lost touch with the law abiding, tax paying majority who would rather have proper justice meted out to the pondlife who make our lives a misery. It serves no purpose other than giving criminals a 'badge of honour'.
It's quite ironic that discipline in schools (and society in general) has gone to hell in a handcart since teaching staff (and parents) were told not to punish children as this would lead to them believing they are naughty and growing up to live up to the tag, since, once they have grown up a bit and committed a crime (normally punishable with custodial sentences etc etc), they get an ASBO, which brands them as..........naughty little tinkers.

Only the liberal elite who know what's best for us 'common people' could come up with something that hypocritical.

1st Feb 2006, 13:46
From what I could see, it allows the police and local authority to stop the circle of bad behaviour-ticking off-bad behaviour-ticking off-worsening behaviour-ticking off-etc

As standard noise ponts out, they probably wouldn't be required if the judicial system dealt with the offenders differently, or the offenders didn't offend in the first place.

In my experience, they can be useful in changing/modifying specific behaviours. For example, our neighbour used to make a habit of tanking up on the white lightning cider at 8am, and topping himself up throughout the day, until he felt brave enough to make a nuiscance of himself.

All though, on the face of it, these behaviours were quite trivial- throwing a few misiles, spitting at people, vomitting in neighbours drives, there cumulative effect can be devastating to the victims involved.

The ASBO's can be directed specifically at such behaviour, a breach resulting in the offender being arrested. ( a real pain in the ar5e for the offender apparently)

In our case, the ASBO worked- the offender had a choice, change his behaviour, or move on and go and upset some other poor f*cker.

1st Feb 2006, 15:06
Aren't ASBOs just another 'Big Bro' method of curtailing an individual's rights without going through the whole 'due process' shennanigans, 'a great idea' until it happens to you?! :O :suspect:

1st Feb 2006, 16:10
Yeh fair point.

From what I saw , the whole process was subject to a fair bit of scrutiny, and the individual concerned was offered "help" on several occasions prior to the judgement. (It took at least a year of evidence collection before this guy was served).

The wet lettuce liberal in me would tend to agree, that, shifting the burden of proof from "beyond reasonable doubt," to the "balance of probabilities," as , I think, it is in ASBO's, could lead to the curtailment of individuals rights.

The worried father in me, waiting for the next incident to occur and wondering what effect it would have on his family, was glad that there was, at last, a piece of legislation, which did help.

Incidentally, punitive measures are only enforced if the conditions are breached.

1st Feb 2006, 16:44
An ASBO is something a kid can get and show off to his/her mates, a trophy if you like.

The law is far too lenient towards yobs

1st Feb 2006, 18:38
Gingernut has it spot-on, that it's about changing/modifying specific behaviours. It's a chance to recognise what you've been doing wrong and correct it.
If you find your local constabulary aren't progressing ASBO breaches, just write and ask why, copying your MP. There's absolutely no point in ASBOs that aren't pursued efficiently...