View Full Version : Cabin door lost after T/O in Valencia early Jan...?

31st Jan 2006, 20:22
Hello gentlemen,
Already asked it on the Spanish forum but not much response, searched pprune but not hints. I wonder if anyone heard of this...
Few days ago I was watching a report about on an Italian Paris-Dakar rider injuried and hospitalized in Palma de Mallorca. After the first aid cares he was boarded on a flight leaving Valencia to Italy and, as he said, he risked to lose his life once more. TV reported about the airplane losing a cabin door just after take-off shattering panic among passengers and cabin crew.
I wonder whether this accident involved a major airline or a non-scheduled flight...Since the race finished sometimes in early january it's getting a bit of nothing new.
Any help will be welcomed.
Blue skys