View Full Version : Alien Abduction!

Professor Plum
31st Jan 2006, 14:54
Have any of you ever wanted to be abducted by Aliens??
Well this company will hypnotise you in order to create memories of an Abduction experience.....
It also says:
You can even pick one of our fetishist's specials--interspecies breeding, medical experimentation
Why wait?!

31st Jan 2006, 15:03
Do they offer sheep?

31st Jan 2006, 15:05
I'd go for it but only once they can also supply the accompanying DVD with surround sound.

Ooops, almost forgot. My alien fetish abduction would involve prolonged group sexual experimentation involving Meg Ryan clones from the Cygnus constellation. And they have to get in the 3 sunsets... ;)

31st Jan 2006, 15:09
Philip K Dick.........you got it right. :ok:

Where's Arnie when you need him? Oh yeah, screwing up....sorry saving California