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High Wing Drifter
31st Jan 2006, 11:04
Been thinking more about re-taking up a bit of trout fishing with rod and fly after a 20 year break. Some rather nice chalk streams between 5-30 mins drive from me. The secluded countryside surrounding some of these streams makes catching fish almost a secondary objective. Day tickets look a bit costly though. Any other stream fishers here?

31st Jan 2006, 11:30
Never tried trouting but my fave pastime in days of old was to catch $hitfish-the mullets that gather around the effluent outakes of ships in frigate alley.

Once sucessfully landed (flightdecked) a HUGE mullet whilst on watch and the slippery thing got free covering the camrex in millions of scales.

I am the only person to have ever drawn blood with a casco baton onboard HMS Cjlnhjcbjcecg-the laundryman had a good dinner that day and my dhoby bill was instantly settled with a fish with half its head missing!

Once fishin for sharks or whatever off the arse end in Bahrain and easily convinced the wrens mess we were using dolphins as bait-even got the chefs to print a bogus menu reflecting dolphins being on the menu-the wrens went ape and complained to the jimmy!!!


31st Jan 2006, 12:11
Don't use those trout farms..it's not proper sport.:ok:

31st Jan 2006, 12:17
Use to go fly fishing on the Snake river around Jackson Hole Wyoming every year in August. Wife and kids have put a stop to that for the moment, but once Wino Jr. gets to be about 7 (2-3) more years, planning on resuming it.

For the moment I make due with the trout in my lake, and the streams around my lake in NJ, but it aint the same. Jackson Hole is one of the most beautiful places on earth. All the rivers around the area within a one day drive are unreal. Its some of the most beautiful fishing in the world

Plus, you stay at the Camp Creek in, go down town have a beer at the cowboy bar and the rancher everynight. Orvis has their shop in town etc....
Excellent guides. Put you in and take you out and row you down river etc.

I have many fly rods. Jr is about to get his first. Make sure you fish barbless.


31st Jan 2006, 12:39
You cant get much better than a good days fly fishing, I find it the best stress buster... bar none.
I am very lucky to live only a stones throw away from Lough Corrib in Galway a fantastic lake for wild browns (and wild salmon if you're into that!). I would advise anyone to visit during the Mayfly season, if you hit it on a good week you its the best fishing in the world.
Ahh not long till the season starts again.:O
(P.S Waiting for someone to make an innuendo regarding rods!)

Go Smoke
31st Jan 2006, 14:00

I'm a season rod holder here:
Although it is a fishery, it is of a high standard and the fish are good sport.
It is also probably not too far for you to travel.
If you find anywhere else interesting in the Surrey area I'd be interested to know.

31st Jan 2006, 15:28
I cannot answer your question but this is a good place to ask:




High Wing Drifter
31st Jan 2006, 15:31
Hi Smoke,

Thanks for that. I did spot that one and it looks very nice. Another pleasant looking setup is Frensham (http://www.fishcountryleisure.com/). I like bijou venues and light tackle - or at least I used to 20+ years ago.

For the cheap option, I've been looking at the Rivers Whitewater, Lodden and Wey through Farnborough Angling Soc (http://www.farnborough-angling.org.uk) and Farnborough Angling Soc (http://www.farnham-angling.demon.co.uk). A quick reconnoitre last Sunday revealed that a 7-8' rod and AFTM 3/4 line would be in order :) I think I'll probably need a days tuition to catch up if I'm fishing these tight spots!

In addition this stretch on the Itchen caught my eye as reasonably priced (http://www.itchen-fishing.net/). A whopping £240/day for the Test! Mind you nothing compared to a good day's flying.

Sandy Hutton
31st Jan 2006, 15:45
I divorced my trout 6 years ago. :ouch:

31st Jan 2006, 19:16
We used to go trout fishing at the uni bar way back when. Wasn't fair on the trout, really, but it was a good laugh. Some even went as far as to undo their flies and use their rods.

High Wing Drifter
31st Jan 2006, 19:34
I'm above all this sillyness :O

henry crun
31st Jan 2006, 20:14
As a dedicated long time chaser of trout I reckon I live in one of the best places in the world, New Zealand.

There is no closed or private water.
For the small cost of a licence I can fish almost anywhere I like and the choice is wide.

1st Feb 2006, 02:18
Henry, come on up and try your luck for salmon on this river (www.greatcanadianrivers.com/rivers/moisie/recreation-home.html). You can stay at my house, it's only a fifteen minute drive. ;)
Click on the little video in the upper right corner. The white-haired gentleman doing the narration is the late Mitch Campbell, a local legend.

henry crun
1st Feb 2006, 03:02
That looks great pigboat, thanks for the invitation but its a long way to travel for a fish. :)

I have fished for salmon in Canada, but on the other side of the country at Kitimat.
Got a photo somewhere of meself holding one of 20lbs or thereabouts, caught it in salt water in the sound that leads from Kitimat to the sea.

As well as the salmon there were huge crabs which were delicious, I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday there.

West Coast
1st Feb 2006, 04:15
Eastern side of the Sierras is trout heaven for me. There is a highway the runs up the Owens valley off of which are a million dirt roads that leads to lakes. The pressure from other fishermen can be heavy around openers but slacks off in the following weeks, especially in the mid week area. Not much for streams, seems mostly to be fly fishermen working them. There are certain actions that area very graceful, such as a good golf swing and the grace a fly fishermen has when casting.

Always wanted to fish in Ireland. Heard it has some of the best trout fishing in the world.

High Wing Drifter
1st Feb 2006, 13:27
There are certain actions that area very graceful, such as a good golf swing and the grace a fly fishermen has when casting.
Three very satisfactory things are: A powerful and light fly cast, a straight 300yd drive to the green and a greased landing on the numbers. One day I'll have the opportunity to do all three each week :)

On the pastime front, I do envy our NZ, Canadian and US cousins more than a little :ok:

1st Feb 2006, 13:38

I'm working on a visit. I've told my wife I want a surprise 50th birthday party in NZ in 2011. Fit the fishing in around the rugby, the upside of an early exit would be more fishing, seems like win-win to me.



1st Feb 2006, 16:17
I have a mate who goes to Alaska fishing..says its the best in the world.
My fishing days were at the local River Leam in the Mill Gardens, Leamington Spa..and the bloody bailiff got you every time..used to cost about two bob if I remember correctly. There were some big fish in there though, not that I ever caught anything bigger than about a half pounder:(

1st Feb 2006, 17:09
Anybody know owt about 'trout tickling'?

Always remember as a kid some chap used to get them from a stream with his bare hands!

Apparently tickling a trouts belly sends it to sleep?

daft trout!

1st Feb 2006, 18:25
Wild Salmon Stick a big barbed hook in your mouth and you'd be more than a little annoyed too :E

My cousin in Scotland used to (maybe still does) have a far easier system; put some pure sodium (can be found by sawing open the exhaust valves from certain Avgas engines) into a bottle, screw the top back on, pierce a couple of small holes, then throw into the river near where the trout/salmon are


Trout/salmon on the menu - this makes them "go to sleep" far faster than tickling the beggars :suspect:

1st Feb 2006, 20:29
Its a river,

its wet and big trout and salmon live in it................

cheap as chips and , oh so peaceful. Full of minnows, parr and otters.


pants website, but the river is a jewel.

come and join in folks


henry crun
1st Feb 2006, 23:59
Cannot resist the opportunity to skite about this pic showing my best bag of trout, it was taken some years back before the days of catch and release.

The heaviest fish, second from the left, was just under 8 lbs and the others varying weights down to the smallest on the right of about 4.5 lbs: the average weight was 6.25 lbs.
They all had a very high condition factor.