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Conan the Librarian
30th Jan 2006, 22:56
Dear Aunt Jetblast,

Well, the title says it all really. Apart from the fact that the party is this Saturday, that I am working like a loony on things until then and as a consequence, have very little time this week anyway.The theme, is a headache. Dreamt up by a sadist, it is "Fur and Ice".

I hand this problem over to Jetblast and am confident that at least, I will laugh...

many Ts in advance,


PS I have never read CS Lewis and have not seen any of the Narnia stuff doing the rounds at present. HELPPPPP!!!!!!

30th Jan 2006, 23:08
Fur & Ice eh ?

Polar Bear perhaps ? :)

30th Jan 2006, 23:08
Why not go as a Hairy Mamoth?

30th Jan 2006, 23:26
Why not try a Wookie mask (or something equivalent) and hang a sign round yer neck - 'Creature of habit'? Sorted.

Rich Lee
31st Jan 2006, 02:04
Dress as a "cool customer" with an "icy stare" ....take a beaver with you.:}

31st Jan 2006, 02:25
i had this pic emailed to me a few days ago.
The two on the right are not that good but the one on the left is clever.
i dont think i would do it but it made me laugh.


Onan the Clumsy
31st Jan 2006, 02:36
Fancy Dress? Simple. Go in drag and bugger to the 'theme' :ok:

31st Jan 2006, 02:47
You still got that cat suit OtC? :hmm:

Buster Hyman
31st Jan 2006, 03:14
Go as a Canadian ATC.:cool:

31st Jan 2006, 03:45
prince harrys not using his outfit at the moment is he??

31st Jan 2006, 04:05
Go as a Canadian ATC.:cool:

All you need for that is a big smile, 2 thumbs up.....and huge genitalia.

31st Jan 2006, 05:07
Cheap, fast and effective - cover your face with red face-paint, insert a giant yellow coloured gob-stopper and go as a zit.

31st Jan 2006, 07:43
how about going as a tattood Biker! with these sleeves!http://image.sportsmansguide.com/dimage/90824_ts.JPG?cell=200,200&cvt=jpeg

Simply pull 'em on and these look like your arms are sleeved with tattoos. But at the end of the night, pull 'em off and you're ready for the office again.

31st Jan 2006, 08:09
vicars & tarts is an old favourite

31st Jan 2006, 08:13
Fur and ice
Fur an dice
Furry dice

31st Jan 2006, 08:14
Wear a condom on your nose
What would you be?
Fcuk nose

Flaps ten please
31st Jan 2006, 08:21
Just talk in a husky voice :hmm:

31st Jan 2006, 08:28
Big Fur coat and lotsa cheap jewlery ( diamonds=ice) ...a MacDaddy/pimp

Minty Fresh
31st Jan 2006, 08:33
Don't you know anyone called Michelle?

31st Jan 2006, 08:39
Easy. Mate of mine once went to a 'bad taste' fancy dress party.

He got a small cuddly toy type seal and replaced most of the stuffing with offal. A white tee-shirt was also purchased and he had 'Seals squeal' printed on it and then splattered a few bits of red paint onto it.

He entered the party with a scream, chucked the seal onto the floor and went about it with a cricket bat (baseball not that popular in the UK, so cricket bat it was).

The Candian seal culler outfit and act got first prize. I reckon this would also do well at a Fur and Ice party.:}

Dick N. Cider
31st Jan 2006, 08:46
I know it's hardly fur and ice but one of my workmates had a "P" party. Come in something that starts with P.

She as hostess was a prostitute. Best outfit of the night was a guy in a pair of Y fronts. when asked he explained he was a premature ejeculation "I came in me undies!"

31st Jan 2006, 10:08

I don't know about the fur bit, but this one would suit you perfectly regarding the other half :p

S.C. :E

Buster Hyman
31st Jan 2006, 11:49
.....and huge genitalia

...That's what the 2 thumbs up are for huh?:hmm:

31st Jan 2006, 12:04
Wear a strip of sandpaper on your pride & joy - go as a 'rough handfull'.

Conan the Librarian
4th Feb 2006, 17:06
Thank you all for your replies - just three hours to go and as for ideas, I am still absolutely buggered, but given that state of affairs, have decided to go as something ridiculous and with little credibility. I am going to go as a leadership contender for the Liberal Democrat party. I am making my gold rosette now.

Thanks once more,


PS as for the original theme of "Fur and Ice", I will take a bag of Foxes Glacier mints to bribe the electorate.

4th Feb 2006, 17:12
Fur and ice?

How about a hamster in a gin and tonic? :p

Footless Halls
4th Feb 2006, 18:34
Mate of mine was once invited to a party given by some folks he didn't know well, but he was told 'they really know how to party, you've got to dress up good and proper'.

So he went to a fancy dress hire place and hired a tree outfit - arms as branches, knot holes for eyes and mouth, etc. It even had a nesting bird on one shoulder.

Effect somewhat marred on entry to the party, whereupon I transpired that 'dress up really well' had been intended to mean - Black Tie.

And the really funny thing is that all the folks in Dinner Jackets took it awfully politely and made no comment, pretending they hadn't noticed that one guest was dressed as a tree.

4th Feb 2006, 18:55
I'm sure that the other guests wooden have minded him making an ash of himself, but I bet he felt like he was out on a limb all night:ugh:

4th Feb 2006, 18:59
Boris Johnson (furry head) and an iceberg lettuce.

4th Feb 2006, 19:24
Conan - I hope it went well ("going well" at about this time!) Hope you are going to give us a "blow-by-blow (oh no, that's on another thread!!) of the party.

The Maybe-future-Mrs-ESG and I are off to one next Thursday (Mid-East, so Thursday = Saturday:confused: ) where a mate has taken over a BAH restaurant for his 40th, and it's a "Medievel Theme" restaurant and hence "costume appropriate".

So it's black cloaks and tall pointy hats for us (I just hope there's not toooo many other Merlins!) Local tailor has done us a pair of black cloaks for equivalent of $34 the pair, just leaving me to do the pointy hats . . .

Purchased 2 sheets of black construction board, intending to do the job this evening, but cut right thumb whilst opening a can of beans for supper and had to wait till I stopped "Leaking" before progress could be made.

Then spent half of the evening working out the triggernomertry of "right cones", and started "her" hat, but mis-measured the diameter of the brim (it'd fall over her nose!) and somehow fouled up the cone part of mine so it would perch on top of the head like a party hat!

Construction board shop is closed now at 11 pm, so decided to Proon for a while and buy some more board tomorrow morning, and try to work out how to delay a business trip away, that will see me through to the weekend and would give no chance to finish the hats!

(PM me anyone who needs a size 5 and three-eights wizards hat!)

PileUp Officer
4th Feb 2006, 20:05
Oompa Loompas. I saw some photos of it last night and it looked well funny :D

4th Feb 2006, 21:36
Dig out your ski gear - and a pair of hairy moon-boots.

Conan the Librarian
4th Feb 2006, 21:45
At the moment, I would have trouble digging out a Ski Yoghurt,let alone Ski gear, but hey ho, all is going well. Just popped back to download the photos so far (party is only next door) and can report some very well thought out costumes. Where the hostess is hiding her battery pack for the lights on her gown beggars belief, but hopefully will have a pic on here in a few days time.

Lots of booze and some very fun characters too. I must go to a Pprune do this year...

Thanks everyone, it is almost time to go back for round two :}


4th Feb 2006, 22:22
Where the hostess is hiding her battery pack for the lights on her gown beggars belief
Maybe she's using a homemade voltaic battery. (two metalic probes, stuck somewhere acidic:eek: )