View Full Version : Simply...Who has the Best looking Cabin Crew?

celtic mech
30th Jan 2006, 21:33
Just a simple one....Who flies the best lookin female cabin crew??;)

Loose rivets
30th Jan 2006, 21:37
I've never actually flown one:}......and don't call me simply

30th Jan 2006, 21:40
Where's The Invisible Cat when one needs him.

This has deffo been done before but I'm beggared if I can find it.

30th Jan 2006, 22:21
Ohhh, that thread again....:ugh:

30th Jan 2006, 23:40
You're new here, aren't you? :rolleyes:

Captain Sand Dune
30th Jan 2006, 23:59
Well I'm voting for EK:E

Rich Lee
31st Jan 2006, 01:30
The airline that serves the strongest drinks....of course.:ok:

31st Jan 2006, 01:57
Ah yes, it's not quantity, it's quality :ok:

Phil Hudson
31st Jan 2006, 02:07
Who has the Best looking Cabin Crew?
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We do, on wet lease from http://www.hootersair.com/ :}

31st Jan 2006, 07:39
We shouldn't have to ask this but.......

KLM:ok: :ok:

31st Jan 2006, 07:55
Damn you Phil Hudson

You stole my reply

H :E

31st Jan 2006, 08:07
hard to say till youve flown with them all?? have to agree with the KLM observation tho.........ive been thru their schipol building twice over the last few years when vacating airside, its like going to heaven!!! especially early morning when theyre all turning up for duty,same happens in milan too, god ive been a freight dog too long !!

Send Clowns
31st Jan 2006, 11:46
Icelandair had some rather lovely ones when I flew a few years ago.

31st Jan 2006, 12:06

AND they speak with Sophie Marceau accents :8

Especially when it's to wake you with a nice "Good morning, would you like your breakfast now?" :}

The amazing thing about the KL-ers is that they're uniformly about 6' and blonde.

Maybe we should reverse this thread and ask who has the mingingest CC?