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30th Jan 2006, 02:50
Sorry to be late folks. Got tied up with a curling tournament.


1...Questions posted on Monday scran time. Answers whenever I feel like it.

2...2 points for each lyrics question, one for the artist and one for the song title. TOTW/SOTW and trivia questions are normally worth a point apiece, but some questions may ask for additional information worth extra points.

3...The clue in the lyrics section will be either the first line of the song or chorus, unless otherwise noted.

4...The judges decision is final.

5...During the first 24 hours only one post per player, containing as many answers as you like, will be accepted. Additional posts will be ignored and edited posts will be disqualified.

6...After 24 hours or after the first answers have been posted, there are no restrictions on posts (free for all).


1...Love shine a light in every corner of my heart
Love Shine A Light/Katrina & The Waves - Richo

2...Well, I went home with the waitress
Lawyers Guns And Money/Warren Zevon - Aotw

3...Mary Alice had a baby and he looked just like I did
Puttin' People On The Moon/Drive-by Truckers - pp

4...They say that anger is just love disappointed
Hole In The World/The Eagles - pp

5...Everywhere I hear the sound of marching charging feet, boy
Street Fighting Man/Stones - SSK
Sorry Rich, SSK got the number right.

6...Through the chill of winter
Will The Wolf Survive/Los Lobos - pp

7...Lets all get up and dance to a song
Your Mother Should Know/Beatles - SSK

8...Through the early morning fog I see
Suicide Is Painless - Aotw
Johnny Mandel - Richo

9...Dirty old river must you keep rolling
Waterloo Sunset/The Kinks - SSK

10..I am Governor Jerry Brown
California Uber Alles/Dead Kennedys - Richo

11..City girls just seem to find out early
Lyin' Eyes/the eagles - Aotw

12..I can feel the magic floating in the air
Breathe/Faith Hill - Richo

13..I stand here by the Western Wall
Western Wall/Emmylou Harris - pp

14..Every time our eyes meet
Amazed/Lonestar - Romeo Delta

15..I'm fifteen for a moment
100 Years/Five For Fighting - Romeo Delta

16..Well it's been building up inside of me
Don't Worry Baby/Beach Boys - Cooda

17..You who are on the road
Teach Your Children/CSNY - Aotw

18..I'm always running behind the time
Just Like This Train/Joni Mitchell -pp

19..Caroline laughs and it's raining all day
Pretty In Pink/Psychedelic Furs - pp

20..All around the water tank
Waiting For A Train - pp
Artist open.
I'm looking for the original artist folks. Or another old guy with the absolutely worst toupe on the Grand Ol' Opry. was probably waiting for that big eight-wheeler to roll down the track. :E
Jimmy Rodgers original artist, or Hank Snow the guy with the bad rug.

21..In the chilly hours and minutes
Catch The Wind/Donovan - Rusty

22..Cut my hair the way you wanted
I can't DoThat Any More/Faith Hill - pp

23..Well let me tell you the story of a man named Charley
MTA/The Kingston Trio - pp

24..We-a-he-a-hell the little things you say and do
Rave On/Buddy Holly - Aotw

25..Found some letters you wrote me this morning
Burning Bridges - pp
Jack Scott

26..Laura and Tommy were lovers
Tell Laura I Love Her - Aotw
Ray Peterson - Rushton

27..Everybody's going out and having fun
Oh Lonesome Me - Aotw
Don Gibson
Sorry Rusty I can't find that song by L&M.

28..On the turning away from the pale and downtrodden
On The Turning Away/Pink Floyd - Aotw

29..I've got your picture that you gave to me
She's Got You/Patsy Cline - pp

30..Little doll you've been jiving me all night long
Come Outside/Mike sarne - pp

31..Just a minor indiscretion
Web Of Lies/Mike & The Mechanics - Richo

32..Have gun will travel reads the card of a man
Have Gun Will Travel (The Ballad Of Paladin) - SSK
Johnny Western
That's ok SSK, no need to sing. ;)

33..No time for the movie show, TV or the radio
Cindy's Birthday/Johnny Crawford

34..Don't you feel it growin' day by day
Listen To The Music/Doobie Brothers - Aotw

35..She used to work in a diner
Unknown Legend/Neil Young - Richo

36..Take that look of worry
Take Me Home/Phil Collins - Richo

37..You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar
Don't You Want Me/Human League - Aotw

38..You and I don't have to worry
Don't Turn Me Away/10cc

39..They put a parking lot on a piece of land
Come Dancing/The Kinks

40..I went down to see the morning when the shutters all were drawn
Mirabeau Bridge/James Keelaghan

41..He said I'm gonna buy this place and burn it down
Rush Of Blood To The Head/Coldplay - Bombay Duck

42..Didn't I make you feel like you were the only man, yeah
Piece Of My Heart/Janis Joplin - pp

43..I tried so hard my dear to show that you're my everything
Cold Cold Heart/Hank Williams - Richo

44..Last night your shadow fell upon my lonely room
I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night/The Electric PPRuNes

There is no TOTW/SOTW of the week again this week. The lyrics and trivia sections heve been run out a little to make up for it. A player had an excellent idea for a TOTW, but unfortunately I was too busy to do the research.


1...Soy capitan is not a health food, but words from this song.
La Bamba - Cooda

2...Name the amount of the prize money in L26.
$1000.00 - pp

3...Which Jimi Hendrix song is mentioned in a Travelling Wilburys song?
Purple haze - Cooda
Bonus point, name the Wilburys song it's mentioned in.
End Of The Line - Romeo Delta

4...The music video of the Wilburys song in the above question was filmed after the death of Lefty Wilbury. What was used to represent him in the video?
An empty (rocking) chair in a railroad car - Cooda

5...Which state was Glen Campbell's final destination in the song "By The Time I Get To Phoenix?"
Oklahoma - SSK

6...What song did Johnny play on the fiddle to beat the Devil in the song "The Devil Went Down To Georgia?"
Fire On The Mountain - Aotw

7...Which musical tour was subtitled "A celebration of women in song?"
Lilith Fair - Romeo Delta

8...On which radio station did Harry Chapin have a morning show?
WOLD - Rusty

9...Name Roy Orbison's only gold (1 million copies sold) record.
Pretty Woman - Richo

10..Who wished he had Jessie's girl?
Rick Springfield

11..In L18, what is the station master doing?
Shuffling cards - pp

12..What husband and wife team were members of the musical group "The Fifth Dimension?"
Billy Davis Jr. and Marilyn McCoo - Romeo Delta

13..Who was the lead singer of the group "The Stooges?"
Iggy Pop - Aotw

14..By what name is TV actor George Michael Braddock known as?
Mickey Dolenz

15..Who was the lead singer of The Union Gap?
Gary Puckett - Cooda

16..In which song does Jimmy Buffet wear Hush Puppies?
Come Monday - Air Geko

17..In the above song, what are they going to do on Tuesday?
Going hiking - scran

18..Thay sure work cheap. How much were Zal and Denny working for in Creeque Alley?
A penny - SSK

19..Point each, what were Zal and Denny's last names?
Yanovsky and Doherty - SSK

20..Who are Amy Ray and Emily Saliers better known as?
The Indigo Girls - Aotw

21..In what city did Kafoozalem ply her trade?
Bonus point, what [I]was her trade?
Hi ho Kafoozalem,the harlot of Jerusalem

22..Name Betty Kresin's grandson, point each for his real and stage name.
Marshall Mathers/Eminem - Richo

23..Martha Lavaillie changed her name and went on to lead this group. Point each, what did she change it to and name the group.
Martha Reeves - Martha & The Vandellas
Bonus point, to what political office was she recently elected?
Detroit city council.

24..The Everly Brothers were the most charted duo in musical history until this duo knocked them out of first place in 1984. Name 'em.
Hall and Oates - SSK

25..What was written on subway walls and in tenement halls?
The words of the prophets - Cooda

26..Which group took its name from the villian in a Jane Fonda movie?
Duran Duran - Richo

27..Name the song subtitled "Exordium and Terminus."
In The Year 2525 - Cooda

28.."From out of the East a stranger came." What did he hold in his hand?
A law book - Cooda
Bonus point, name the movie this song line is taken from.
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - Cooda

29..What did the singer do, from Soho down to Brighton?
Played the silver ball - Aotw

30..What is the last line of the song "Turn, Turn, Turn?"
A time for peace, I swear it's not too late - Bombay Duck

31..Who wrote the lyrics to the song in L13?
Roseanne Cash - Romeo Delta

32..The more it snows, the more it goes, the more it goes, on snowing.
What is missing from the above Good Hum?
Some Tiddely Poms - SSK

33..Charles Shaw, John Davis and Brad Howe actually sang the lyrics for this duo.
Milli Vanilli - Aotw

34..This song starts with these spoken words:
Second floor; hardware, children's wear, ladies lingerie.
Point each, name the group and song.
Love In An Elevator/Aerosmith - Richo

35..What do all the men call bad bad Leroy Brown?
Sir - Aotw

36..What lies Westward from the Davis Strait?
Ahh for just one time, I would take the Northwest Passage
To find the hand of Franklin reaching for the Beaufort Sea.

37..Name the venue where Willy & The Poor Boys play.
Down on the corner - Aotw

38..In what Eagles song do all the debutantes live in Houston?
The Long Run - pp

39..On what day did Ilya, the prostitute from Piraeus, never ply her trade?
(Never on) Sunday - SSK

40..What went up the St. Lawrence, all the way to Gaspe?
The railroad
From "The Canadian Railroad Trilogy" by Gordie Lightfoot.

Arm out the window
30th Jan 2006, 03:06
Good on ya Pigboat!
Lucky timing, got in early again but it's not going to do any good against that dastardly plane psycho, methinks!


2 Lawyers, guns & Money - Warren Zevon (the late great...)
8 Suicide is painless (MASH theme)
11 Lyin' Eyes - Eagles
17 Teach your children well - CSNY
24 Rave on - Buddy Holly
26 Tell Laura I love her
27 Oh, lonesome me
28 On the turning away - Pink Floyd
34 Listen to the music - Doobie brothers
37 Don't you want me baby? - Human league (?)


6 Fire on the mountain
10 Rick Springfield
13 Iggy Pop
20 The Indigo girls
25 The songs of the poets
29 Played the silver ball
31..Who wrote the lyrics to the song in L13?
33 Milli Vanilli?
35 Sir
37 Down on the corner!

30th Jan 2006, 03:14
oo' let 'im in?

Agree with all you lyrics AOTW

and 16 is Don't Worry Baby - Beach Boys


1 - La bamba
3 - Purple haze
4 -dunno the track but they had a guitar on a chair in the train carriage
10 - Rick Springfield
15 - Gary Puckett
25 -The words of the prophet - S&G Sounds of Silence
27 - in the year 2525?
28 - Law Book - The man Who Shot Liberty Vallance
40 - It was either the Redcoats or the Rebels/Patriots - Johnny Horton sang it

30th Jan 2006, 03:19
G'day Piggy...

Great looking quiz. Re 606 check yer PM's in a little while.

1. Katrina and the Waves - Love Shine a Light
3. Strolling Bones - Street Fighting Man
8. Jay Mandel - Suicide is Painless
12. Faith Hill - Breathe
31. Mike and the Mechanics - Web of Lies
35. Neil Young - Unknown Legend

4. Chair with Sunglasses on it?
9. Pretty Woman?
26. Duran Duran
34. Love in an Elevator - Aerosmith.



30th Jan 2006, 03:24
Geez, you guys are up late. :D :D

Ok, ok I know it's the middle of the afternoon down there.:D

30th Jan 2006, 03:35

the ones that i *do* know (very little) and are not taken (even less) are:


41..He said I'm gonna buy this place and burn it down
A: Coldplay - Rush of Blood to the Head


30..What is the last line of the song "Turn, Turn, Turn?"
A: A time for peace I swear its not too late

and i might be wrong on the second one too....

30th Jan 2006, 03:41
..and i might be wrong on the second one too.
Then again you might not be. ;)

Solid Rust Twotter
30th Jan 2006, 06:18

21. Catch the Wind - Donovan



24. Simon and Garfunkel (Paul and Art, Tom and Jerry)

40. Edmund Fitzgerald

30th Jan 2006, 06:36
L5 - Street fighting man - Rolling Stones
L7 - Your mother should know - Beatles
L9 - Waterloo sunset - Kinks
L32 - Have gun will travel, dunno the artist but I can sing it for you

T1 - La Bamba
T5 - Oklahoma
T15 - Gary Puckett
T18 - A penny
T19 - Doherty, Yanowski
T24 - Hall & Oates
T32 - Tiddly-pom
T39 - Never on a Sunday?

30th Jan 2006, 07:25
3 puttin' people on the moon/ drive-by truckers
4 hole in the world/ eagles
6 will the wolf survive/ los lobos
13 western wall/ emmylou harris
18 just like this train/ joni mitchell
19 pretty in pink/ psychadelic furs;)
20 waiting for a train/ johnny cash/don williams
29 she's got you/ patsy cline
42 piece of my heart/ janis joplin
44 I had to much to dream last night/ electric prunes


2 thousand dollars
5 oklahoma
8 w.o.l.d.
11 shuffling cards
19 mcguin and mcguire
38 the long run

30th Jan 2006, 11:55
L 26 by Ray Peterson

T24 Pet Shop Boys?

T33 Righteous Bros.?

30th Jan 2006, 22:32
Hhmmmmm.........only the rest of this week off before I go back to work.

What shall I do today?

Answer some music quiz questions, or sit outside and read a book in the warm 20 degrees sun, and imagine how cold Piggy is in Canada at the moment.......:hmm: :hmm: :hmm: :hmm:

Where is my sun chair...........:E :E :E :ok: :ok:

31st Jan 2006, 01:01
By the power invested in me, I declare 24 hours to have passed since this quiz was posted.

Initial updated scores:

Aotw 25
pp 22
Richo 21
SSK 14
Cooda 10
Romeo Delta 4
Bombay Duck 3
Rusty 3
Rushton 1
scran -34

Scran's score is the difference between the temperature on his patio, 20 degrees and the temperature on mine, -14. I hope yer beer gets warm and goes skunky on ya. :E :D :D

Romeo Delta
31st Jan 2006, 01:13

L15 - 100 years, Five for Fightning
L14 - Amazed

T7 - Lilith Fair (?)
T31 - Jack White (?)

31st Jan 2006, 01:59
Oh i see Piggy... its gonna be like that is it?. Sheesh, ya know who ya mates are! Naah, just kidding... fair enough (or hairy muff as we say) im planning on being a stickler myself.

Couple more..


10. Dead Kennedy's - California Uber Alles (DK's were high school standards - still got a signed copy of Fresh Fruit on Vinyl. Only signed by Jello but good enough for me).
36. Phil Collins - Take me Home
43. Hank Williams Snr - Cold Cold Heart.


22. Marshall Mathers III - Eminem.



31st Jan 2006, 02:29
Ok, scores updated. RD the songwriter is female. Her late daddy's movie is a success.

Rich I was gonna give you a point each, but then I thought why have both of them ticked off at me. ;) :E :D

Solid Rust Twotter
31st Jan 2006, 05:53

27. Oh Lonesome Me - Loggins and Messina

39. Paradise Parking Lot - Joni Mitchell


16. Livingston Saturday Night

Romeo Delta
31st Jan 2006, 06:22
Okay then, I'll say Roseanne Cash for T31.

L14's artist is Lonestar (I was just in Texas, anyway).
T3 - End of the Line
T12 - Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr (I loved "Aquarius" back in my youth).

31st Jan 2006, 11:31
L20 Billy Walker
L22 I can't do that anymore/faith hill
L23 M.T.A./ kingston trio
L25 burning bridges
L30 come outside/ mike sarne/wendy richard
L33 cindy's birthday/ johnny crawford

31st Jan 2006, 14:08
T16 - Come Monday.

31st Jan 2006, 19:22
Newest scores:

pp 31
Aotw 25
Richo 21
SSK 14
Cooda 10
Romeo Delta 8
Bombay Duck 3
Rusty 3
Rushton 1
Air Geko 1
scran -34

1st Feb 2006, 23:23
No chance of the beer getting warm, have both the refridgerator or the Esky to use.

All I need is a sexy wench to bring me the beers.

Where has Muchkins gone? Have not heard from her for ages? How did Northwest end up with their financial woes?

On a more serious note, research is going well.

What I am a little short of at the moment are trivia questions, so if there are any budding Musicmeisters out there who want to send me some trivia questions, please do so.

Piggy, I'm not up until 607 (at earliest)...correct? Will not know how I'm placed until I report for work on monday (assuming I go in that is....:E :E :E )

Oh - and trivia 17 - "We can go hiking on tuesday........." :ok:

2nd Feb 2006, 03:17
Ok people, I'm gonna finish this off tonight.
Richo will be up for quiz 606. He advises he may be a wee bit late, but should be up and running by 10:30 Monday Sydney time.

Final scores:
pp 31
Aotw 25
Richo 21
SSK 14
Cooda 10
Romeo Delta 8
Bombay Duck 3
Rusty 3
Rushton 1
Air Geko 1
scran -33*

* Would have been -34 but you got T17 correct. :E

Yeah scran, you're on for 607. I can do 608 on the 20th and 609 on the 27th if need be, because I won't be available again the first two weekends in March.
Haven't heard a thing from Ms flygirl. Things weren't going all that well at NW I hear. They're still in Ch 11 I believe. Heard they wanted to, or were, outsourcing the ca staff on long haul flights. Too bad she's not around, T23 would have been a gimme.:D

Lucky yer not in the Canadian namesake Sydney today. They had a blizzard blow through, got 40 cm of snow with 50 kt winds to blow it around. :ooh: