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29th Jan 2006, 21:47
More eurobashing ahead.

Can someone explain to me why fire extinguishers used to be different colours, and therefore readily identifiable, and are now all red with a small placard showing what type, water/powder/foam/co2?

Is this another step forward in the march to a unified Europe?:hmm:

tony draper
29th Jan 2006, 22:00
They prolly wish to use up the red paint lake, as one says in all EU threads,
**** the EU and all who sail in her.

29th Jan 2006, 22:13
You are in fact correct. The requirement for fire extinguishers to be marked in red comes from EU legislation.

The specification for the colour coding of extinguishers was set out in BS5423 and we all live dquite happily with this for many years.

During the 1990's a European Standard was developed which required all fire extinguishers to be coloured pre-dominantly red, and this has been enacted here by virtue of BS EN3. Guidance on compliance is contained within BS5306.

The ability to put on a small square of a different colour was (if I remember correctly) won after a hard fought battle at Brussels (or whatever place this type of crap emanates from).

Presumably the greater part of Europe is too dense to be able to relate a simple colour coding for fire extinguishers ? :} :* :*

As with most things that emanate from the EU only British practice seemingly has had to change, as usual.

Mr D I am with you on this one !