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31st Aug 2005, 12:46
Went for an interview last week with Jet2.

Has anybody had any feedback from them yet? If so how long did it take them, was it a telephone call or letter.

Nick Hayter said he would ring the week after, but nothing heard yet - so not looking good!

2nd Sep 2005, 19:58
Hang in there mate....trust me, no news is good news!

Jimmy Breeze
23rd Sep 2005, 10:47
They did the same to me
Every week they kept delaying any decision but now they have called for sim check. I think if they haven't said no yet then they will most likely call

10th Oct 2005, 12:14
Hi everyone

Got an interview with Jet2 in a couple of weeks.

Usual questions.

*Any info on the verbal reasoning etc?

*Do they make you pay for the type rating, can't seem to get a definative answer?

Thanks for any help.


10th Oct 2005, 13:54
can I ask what your experience is?

thanks :)

11th Oct 2005, 11:59
Hi flyhalf2

My exprience with with the jet2 selection was as follows:

Firstly a one hour talk about the company, which most of the info you are told you will have alread researched before hand. But this does mean that you are not asked much if anything about the company in your interview.

After the talk you do one of 2 things interview or tests.

Interview was very relaxed about 40 mins with either 2 or 3 people present. No tech questions, there were a few what would you do in different situations eg. if captain not following SOPs and such alike.

Then 2 tests one numerical, with calculator analysis of data using charts, graphs, tables. Think you got about 30 mins to do 40 questions. The verbal reasoning was 25 mins 42 questions, read the following passage then 3-4 statement below passage you would have to say if they were true, false or not enough info in text.

In the company talk you do get told about type training and how it all works if you do not already hold a 737 or 757 type rating.

Basically if you have no jet expreince then you have to pay 3000 for an advanced handling course before you can do your type rating. Your type rating then costs you 20000 737 or 17000 757 ( think 757 is cheaper as its only a 35 day course, the 737 is 55 days) Once you have shelled out for example 23000 and you have completed your type rating, you then become an employee of Jet2 and ontop of your salary you get paid 23000 back to you over 3 years, therefore you are in effect bonded to jet2 for 3 years.

Good luck.


10th Jan 2006, 00:13
Has anyone here attended a Jet2 interview recently? If so what form did it take? Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.

Mr Blue Eyes
10th Jan 2006, 12:10
may I ask what your experience is?

A330 Biggles
11th Jan 2006, 15:39
I would also appreciate some info, are they still doing numerical and verbal reasoning tests? Any technical questions?

Many Thanks


Dirty Harry 76
11th Jan 2006, 16:39
The question is how desperate are you?
I have a friend who worked for them and regreted taking the job. I thought maybe he was just being OTT. Then I read some of the comments over the last few months in Flight Deck Forums = Terms and Endearment. Suggest you check it out.
I say No Smoke without Fire.
Sounds like Del and Rodney run this company.:8
To all at Jet2 Good Luck and thanks for the warning. Ill cerntainly be staying where I am and well clear of this outfit:ok:

12th Jan 2006, 20:11
dont forget the cheque book !

12th Jan 2006, 21:28
Cheque book?

13th Jan 2006, 00:40
Well they have given me my break after almost 3 years of trying so I for one will not be complaining. Due to start begining of Feb.

The format of the day down in Bornemouth is very relaxed and friendly. They do indeed do numerical and verbal reasoning. Personally I found the verbal okay and the numerical a bit of a bugger, but then not really my forte. They send you examples of these in your interview pack and having found a lot of online tests easy, I would recomend doing the examples and visiting the testing companies website too.

The Head of recruitment gave us a nice company low down presentation and laid the cards very openly on the table at that stage re bonding and a day in the life of.... He was not afraid to address issues that have been aired on here which put my mind to rest and mentioned some changes to rostering and leave that have been made to address these problems.

Finally on that day a very relaxed interview, no tec questions, just about you really.

If you pass this...on to the sim. I had mine at CTC, but understand Gecat is also used. I thought a very fair sim based on your experience levels and we had all sorts there by the way.

Mine was 737-300, obviousely raw data...straight ahead (surprisingly the non type rated guy had to fly a sid...but I guess they know what they are doing), cleaning up to 4,000 and level off, when clean After Take off checks. Then off for general handling, back in to pick up star at specified range. Configure and fly procedural ILS possible go around.

On the comment regarding check book, I am not going to get involved in a debate on paying for rating or being bonded when rated for line training, but I have taken my decision on that based on my personal circumsatnces.

What I will say on that point though is that I have not parted with a penny for CV's or sim assesment. My starting salary is excedingly good in comparison to some others I could mention with full flight pay and after line training is complete, you go to full FO pay and flight pay. I also get a pension after short qualifying period and other costs such as hotels whilst training and expences are covered for me. Although I do not have the experience to make direct comparisons on many issues..I know that the deal and opportunity I am getting is far to supperior to some that have fllutterd under my nose.

I know the latter part of this post wasn't your question, but felt that a couple of comments made before you even find the details for yourself, should not go unchallenged.

Suffice to say I wish you all the best of luck.

13th Jan 2006, 15:28
Already have the 737CL rating.. just need to land that damn job..

Have an old friend working for them and he is quite happy with his job, even turned down easy at one point over jet2.. currently waiting for an available left seat..

Harves, when did you have your interview? Do you know how many will start in feb. and if they are still recruiting?

13th Jan 2006, 19:23
Thanks for all the replies, especially the relevant one's. Yes they are still recruiting, and there are some interviews on the 18th at Bournemouth.


16th Jan 2006, 01:57
Jetavia...I had my interview mid December and Jet2.com had come back to me with a verbal offer before Christams...now in writing. As mentioned previousely, I know there is some ongoing recruitment, but as for the specifics, I am afraid that I do not know.

I am doing refresher and OPC/LPC at Bournemouth start 6th Feb and due to go online all being well 20th at Leeds Bradford, so who knows..maybe meet some of you along the way.

16th Jan 2006, 21:04
Had interview recently. Two parts to it, an informal interview with Nick Hayter plus one other management pilot and someone from HR. No tech questions, just the usual "tell us about yourself" "how do your co-workers describe you" "what are your strenghths and weaknesses" type of stuff.

Second part is SHL verbal reasoning and maths tests. Best thing here is to look at as many similar types of questions as poss ( they send you some examples) and dont panic about the limited time you have to complete them on the day.

After that its a sim ride at CTC. If you are not jet rated it will be a SID flown three times, raw data of course, and they are looking for improvement not the "ACE". My advice would be to treat it as instructional sim time and dont be afraid to ask for advice from the instructor between each attempt. It shows you are eager to learn, and if you follow their tips that you are teachable.

Good luck with it, I know equal numbers of people from all sorts of experience levels who have passed AND failed, as well as pilots already there who hate it/ love it.

29th Jan 2006, 18:55
Hi all, I have an interview with Jet2 coming up in the near future and would appreciate any feedback from any of the people who had interviews recently. I know there was at least a few in January. I realise there's a previous post asking basically the same thing but its my understanding that since then the assessment has changed and now doesn't involve a sim check. Seems a little strange although I'm not complaining. Any help on the questions asked, anything at all would be very helpful. Thanks

Piltdown Man
29th Jan 2006, 20:39
Maybe all they want from you is your chequebook and some KY Jelly? Hey, if you are paying, it's you who should be interviewing them?

29th Jan 2006, 21:19
Thats really helpful, thank you so much

30th Jan 2006, 10:16
Hey Busbo, what position are you going for with Jet 2?
I hear it's more of a tech/personell interview only with one pilot and a member of HR present. Heard to they no longer do a sim check, but you never know. Best of Luck,

S.C. :ok:

Nearly Man
30th Jan 2006, 17:01

Hmm, think there is a sim check. If you're rated FO it's CTC sim. If coming from TPs it's three departures from Luton or one of those six fingered airports. Last time I looked anyway!

Piltdown. Is KY Jelly any good then?

Busbo, check your PM anyway sir! :ok:

30th Jan 2006, 17:10
six fingered airports.

Qu'est Ce Que C'est?

Piltdown Man
30th Jan 2006, 17:58
Nearly Man: Depends if you are giving or receiving.

8th Feb 2006, 17:37
Hi all, I'm just trying to find out if any of the other five people who were on the selection day with me last wednesday have heard anything from Jet2 whether that be a yes or a no. I think my mind was elsewhere as I'm sure I would've swapped details with at least one person normally!


fast & fat
8th Feb 2006, 19:10
Hey busbo,

Thought that you had an interview on the wednesday1st Feb???
no joy yet??:confused:

8th Feb 2006, 20:17
Hi guys,

I think he meant the 1st of Feb but the title does make it a bit confusing! I still haven't heard from them but my interview was 2 weeks before that so it ain't looking to good!

Anything strange with you f & f? love the name aswell!

8th Feb 2006, 20:22
Are all of you guys typed on the 737 or 757?
If so, do you have time on type?
Previous experience?

Feel free to PM me, if you want to share info, but not do it "in public"!



fast & fat
8th Feb 2006, 20:34

Im not type rated and have no hours on the the mentioned aircraft, but then again i didn't have an interview either. I'm sure the other 2 are in the same position as me, but they were lucky enough to get an interview with Nick Hayter :ugh:


Have you applied for Gecat yet? or you still in no mans land waiting for reply from jet2 before you can go for anything else?


Fast & Fat

8th Feb 2006, 21:03
How did you manage to get an interview guys? Have been trying for the past two years myself, so wondered if there is any special trick to get one?

8th Feb 2006, 21:04
Flyaway 777 and anyone else waiting, why don't you give Jet2 a call?

Nick Hayter is a really friendly guy and I'm sure he will let you know - you've been waiting a while -

Hope its good news

Busbo check your pms.

8th Feb 2006, 21:11
I was recommended to them by my FTO and don't have a rating on either aircraft. If you are successful at the interview, you enter a self sponsored type rating course with Jet2.

I'am going to give them another few days and maybe phone him then. Hopefully the wait will be worth it!

8th Feb 2006, 21:18
Fast & Fat,

Check your pms.

8th Feb 2006, 23:31
Sorry all, yes it was 1st February that I had my interview. Perhaps it was my amazing attention to detail that has caused them to worry if I'd fit in with the company!!

8th Feb 2006, 23:55
Stupid boy!!! Only joking.

13th Jun 2006, 00:46
Hi all,

I have a sim assessment comming up with CTC on their 737 in Southampton on behalf of jet2.
Anybody has tips about it? Profiles, SIDs STARs...?


13th Jun 2006, 08:09
Capt' or FO ?

13th Jun 2006, 10:49
That would be for F/O.

13th Jun 2006, 11:04
What is your experience pullback, if you dont mind me asking?


13th Aug 2006, 18:38
Hi. all,

Just wondered if anyone has any information on the Jet2 interview and where the sim assessment takes place (if I get that far!!)?. I did a search and didn't come with much.



no sponsor
13th Aug 2006, 19:00
Do I take it you have an interview lined up?

13th Aug 2006, 19:11
Oh yer!!


Mark Collins
13th Aug 2006, 19:26

The interview is very straight forward no real technical stuff, normal get to know you questions to see if you will fit into the company.

I have some details of the sim, PM me and I can give you some more information. I can can also give you some advise on how to pass it and not cock it up like I did.


13th Aug 2006, 20:16
Mark Collins check your PM's

14th Aug 2006, 10:09

Could you post your experience level? I'd love to get a job with jet2 when I finish training, any info much appreciated


15th Aug 2006, 13:23
Anybody what the bond situation is with them ?

Regards P.

15th Aug 2006, 13:57
20k bond and trained through CTC Aviation I believe...

15th Aug 2006, 16:18
20k for the bond, no doubt I will fund this but do Jet 2 pay this back or does it come out of your salary. PPJN are quotinf appeox 38,000 for a first officer but then do you have to take into account the bond.

Cheers P.

15th Aug 2006, 16:20
20k to be found by me no doubt. PPJN are quoting 38k for a first officer. Do they take out the bond repayments from this?

Regards P.

16th Aug 2006, 13:27
Just under 32K for inexperienced/low hours FO. In addition Jet2 pay you the loan installment for your type rating loan - this is un taxed but you must finance the interest repayments on top of this (around 70 a month I think).

After 3 years of paying off your type rating loan, salary is 38K.

32K gives about 1800 per month, and you will earn around 200 a month for flight pay (varies depending on base).

Hope this helps.

P.S. These figures aren't exact, but wont be too far off!

Mark Collins
17th Aug 2006, 00:50
Quite a few people have asked me for the info, so I thought I would just post what I have here for all to see. Good luck to all those who have an interview or sim check coming up.

I had my interview with Nick Hayter and a woman called Sue (I think) from HR. Nick started by telling me about the roster and duty schedule, he didn't really ask any questions so I just chipped in and asked a couple just to keep the conversation going - simple stuff like basing options, typical working week, routes flown etc. General common sense stuff.

Sue from HR then asked a load of HR stuff: Tell us about your flying career to date, why Jet2, tells us about a time when; you exercised good judgement, helped someone, worked as a team etc. They also asked me what I would do if a Captain made a mistake (how would you tell them etc) think CRM and MCC. What do you think of SOP's was another good one.

That was basically it, it was very relaxed and more of a conversation. I didn't get any technical questions, but it doesn't hurt to do some prep on Jet chariteritics: advantages of underslung engines, swept wings, handling issues (dutch roll etc).

I forgot to say as well that they started me off with some phsycometric tests : verbal and mathematical and a personality tests. Don't worry about the personality one, HR just use it as a reference (always good to ask in the interview how it came out. To prep yourself for the test, go dowm to WH Smiths and get some practice books, well worth it as it gives you some confidence and increases your speed.

The interview was pretty basic and when you get to the sim, you will find it is pretty basic as well. I did mine on the 737-400 at GE in Gatwick, but I also heard they use the fixed base sim at CTC. It probably depends on which aircraft you are interviewing for 737 or 757. The thing that I got worng and really regret is that I didn't get a practice session in before I went, without this confidence boost I was a victim of nerves as well as crap flying. The thing about the 737 (and others like it) is the pitch power couple i.e. the nose pitches up dramatically when you add power (this really screwed me up). So get some practice in a sim that has the same handling characteristics as the 737. This is expensive, but I believe it is the difference between getting the job and not.

That said, you will be given the profile on the day and you will get a brief on pwr settings and ptich attitudes - follow these religiously and you will sail through it and you will have plenty of time to navigate. The trip itself is fairly basic, take off and track direct to an NDB, turn overhead and track inbound to another NBD, hold at this NDB and then got outbound to pass an approach fix and then intercept a ILS to land. The instructor then demos an EFATO and single engine climb out, this is straight forward and easily coped with. And that's the end of it.

Some hints and tips: practice your scan, treat the aircraft like a big seneca and you only need to scan the basic six instruments (presented a little differnetly on the glass), but just remember Power and Attitude = Performance. Sounds basic, but it's all you need. Don't spend too much time trying to get the exact power setting first time out otherwise your scan will break down. Have a rough stab, check everything and then fine tune the %.

The next big thing is use the examiner as your PNF, get him to tune the radios, run through checklists etc. This is a big thing they are looking for on the CRM front. Don't forget the basic checks - gear up call, after takeoff, top of climb, approach brief (you give to him and then get him to read the missed app - if you have multi-crew experience stick with what you know. They don't expect you to know thier SOP's) also pre-descent and then prelanding. He will read and do the check, but he will wait for you to respond to the correct action, a simple check will surfice

I think that is just about all I can think of right now, I did my sim in the summer of '05 so it may have changed a little and I think the airport they used was Shannon.

Also, no group exercises or presentations, so you should'nt have to worry about that.

I hope this helps and again good luck.


21st Aug 2006, 11:26
Regarding this bond, do you borrow the money of the company? What if you have your own money do or can you put this up?

Can someone explain in a bit more detail for me as I'm new to this bondage :} , thank you.


26th Aug 2006, 20:10
Any one else been invited for an interview, i've heard neither way, as per there auto responce (if ur not sucessfull dont expect to hear from us...etc).

just wondering whether to give up hope of an interview with them?

28th Aug 2006, 13:04
500TT, FI and no turbine experience. Just done my second IR renewal. Got an interview mid-Sept.:)

28th Aug 2006, 19:13
The 757 and 737 was mentioned in an earlier reply. When one does attend the interview does one have to express interest in either of the afforementioned aircraft, or do jet 2 choose on your behalf??

Many thanks and the very best of luck to all the guys who have interviews coming up:ok:


7th Sep 2006, 23:37
The website mentions 757 F/O's on type but specifies no minumum hours on type - does one assume you could apply with no hrs on type?


17th Sep 2006, 20:56
The 'probation' period is actually for two months after final line check. Salary for the two months is just over 27k and then rises to a bit over 31k after probation.

27th Sep 2006, 19:59
Hey guys
Just wondered if anyone from the mid september interviews has heard anything from Jet2 yet? Positive or negative? If so, was it by letter, a phone call, email? If you are lucky enough to get called for sim check how much notice are you usually given?
Good luck and thanks for any feedback
oleocookie :ugh:

28th Sep 2006, 10:36
Hi I`m kind of new to JET2/CTC set-up and wondered,if you are successful with jet2 and offered employment are you sent through CTC to do the CTC selection scheme paying the 6500ish?

29th Sep 2006, 09:34
I can answer some of these questions - had a sim ride yesterday...

Oleo - had an interview on a Friday, mid-Sept and was informed of the sim ride the following Monday by telephone, confirmed by email. I had two weeks' notice of the sim appointment but could have had three - HR offered me a choice of two dates for my convenience, which I appreciated.

Pipertommy - as I have no jet time, if I get the job (please God!) I will be doing the AHSC (Advanced Skills Handling Course) at CTC. This is a cut-down version of AQC - it lasts 5 days and includes 1 day on jet handling and aerodynamics (groundschool) and 16 hours in the sim. Price is 3000, which is included in the bond you pay J2. If you have jet time, the course is optional, though J2 may make you do it if 'your simulator performance suggests you may benefit'.

In summary - been very happy with my experience of J2. Their process has been well-organised, timely and the sim was less of a 'chop ride' than 1.5hours of enjoyable instruction with the challenge of improving all the time.

Just sitting on extremely crossed fingers now - hope they hurry up and tell me the verdict - good or bad...

29th Sep 2006, 12:45

What hours have you got and in what?


29th Sep 2006, 12:50
I refer you to post #55, in which I stated my experience.:}

29th Sep 2006, 12:51
Thank you for taking the time to answer me!The best of luck to you :ok: Cheers

11th Oct 2006, 20:42
EGBKFLYER...You heard anything yet????

12th Oct 2006, 09:50
Yes thanks - it was good news :) Start with the Advanced Handling course on Monday and the TR starts on the 14 Nov...

26th Nov 2006, 06:39
Hi guys n girls

I have an upcoming interview with jet2 (first airline job currently low hours modular route).

Can anyone shed any light on the interview with them ? what to expect any areas to read up on etc ? Also the sim ride - any one done one recently or know what the sim ride consists off ?

Thanks in advance !

Callsign Kilo
26th Nov 2006, 10:36
http://www.pilotjobsnetwork.com/ shares a lot of information

Are you rated on the 737 by any chance?

26th Nov 2006, 16:31
Kilo thanks for the link looks like my post got merged into it here ! not to worry - not rated on the 737 nearest i get to that in size is probably an islander !! low hours around 600hrs to date

28th Nov 2006, 08:03
Had Jet2 Interview. :)
Sim Assessment upcoming. :ok:
Fingers crossed.

28th Nov 2006, 10:15
Capt Yank, please check PMs

28th Nov 2006, 12:18
How is the situation for B737 rated but no experience? I've been applying for 2 month but no replies.


Northern Highflyer
28th Nov 2006, 14:13

A friend of mine just got a 737 job with type rating but low hours on type, but he had a recommendation.

I am low hours, no type rating and have been trying for several months to get an interview. I have also had a recommendation but still no joy for me.:(

28th Nov 2006, 14:22
Sadly, the only way you can get a jet job, at the moment it seems, with low hours seems to be the SSTR, my only interview so far is this Saturday for a hols charter SSTR scheme. Nature of the beast! You can guaratee next year things will be different again!! By the way I am going against my religion and opting for the SSTR! I hate myself!!

Callsign Kilo
28th Nov 2006, 14:27
SinBin, you won't hate yourself if you get the job. Unfortunately paying for the rating is the nature of the beast these days. Unless everyone stops doing it, the airlines will continue to see it as something they can demand

29th Nov 2006, 11:08
Had Jet2 Interview. :)
Sim Assessment upcoming. :ok:
Fingers crossed.
Capt Yank, please check PMs too
I have an upcoming Jet2 Interview in december.
good luck :D for you and thank you.:)

25th Sep 2007, 17:45
Hi all, just looking for some current info on whats involved for the interview (and sim if applicable) for a FO 737? Is there numerical /verbal tests? I have 73 classic rating.

25th Sep 2007, 20:50
Are they recruiting??

25th Sep 2007, 20:51
They were, apparantly they are CV sifting at present, according to their website. Still taking on Captains at present TR or no TR


no sponsor
27th Sep 2007, 13:05
We have a selection process which includes numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and an interview. After that, a sim assessment is done via CTC on behalf of Jet2.

No idea if there is recruitment at the moment, since it's not clear how many new airframes we are getting for next year, nor how many f/o are moving on, but attending the BALPA employment conference will give you an opportunity to meet the aircrew manager. Check with BALPA to ensure he is attending though.

My own view is that recruitment is a bit slow for most of the LCC at the moment.

27th Sep 2007, 13:48
Ha, that's the only reason i'm going! He better show up :}


Just another student
28th Sep 2007, 10:56
Is anyone able to PM regarding Jet2 recruitment with any relevant information? I would love the chance to come back and be able to work at home.

I sent an email to recruitment with my CV, I have 300hrs + on the 737 classic, would Jet2 be at all interested?

Good luck to all those with interviews.



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