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29th Jan 2006, 08:20
For grins. I'll start, if you don't mind.:
"Ivan, I tell you, it's so bloody cold here in Moscow I think my nose is about to fall off..."

29th Jan 2006, 08:30
Tupolev was well known for fits of violent sneezing, however this time, he went one step too far. His two minders, now deaf, refused to comment, they were both however alledged to have something to do with the nose job.

Romeo Delta
29th Jan 2006, 08:52
"Oh, mannnnnn... What's Mom gonna say when she finds out we wrecked the plane?"

29th Jan 2006, 09:12
How many times do I have to remind you. We aren't flying the Concorde anymore...

29th Jan 2006, 09:21
No ..I heard it too..."PULL UP" "PULL UP" then a loud CLANG...

Solid Rust Twotter
29th Jan 2006, 09:25
"I know I said 'When I nod my head, hit it!', but that's not what I meant and you know it....."

29th Jan 2006, 09:36
I think my headaches gone
Yeah mine too

Buster Hyman
29th Jan 2006, 09:58
"You see Boris, this is why we should always copy Western aircraft!"


29th Jan 2006, 10:04
It's OK to fly, lets just go and get some warmer boots.

29th Jan 2006, 12:12
You and your bloody superglue!

29th Jan 2006, 12:50
"They're 3 little nuts and bolts, I dropped them round here I think"

29th Jan 2006, 15:10
"That sure Backfired on us"


29th Jan 2006, 15:19
These 1:1 scale Airfix kits don't half gobble up the Polystyrene cement...

Non Normal
29th Jan 2006, 15:34
"We didn't ask that damn plane to barf on out head!!"

29th Jan 2006, 16:07
Ivan; "we are famous our photo is on pprune"

Igor; "Я знаю, но мои гайки замерзают"

29th Jan 2006, 16:12
Frickin' termites get everywhere !!

29th Jan 2006, 19:45
Nose-job! Now you ruined the friendship, Ivan!

29th Jan 2006, 19:52
"Your Gulag or mine?"

captain cumulonimbus
29th Jan 2006, 21:57
Igor,do you think we can pick up BBC World with that Weather radar dish you found?

Romeo Delta
29th Jan 2006, 22:52
"I don't know... The package said this nose would fit most models..."

Howard Hughes
30th Jan 2006, 00:09
"See I told you it would make a good bobsled..."

Lon More
30th Jan 2006, 07:34
You and your pirate Sky subscription

30th Jan 2006, 09:36
"Sergei, how many times do I have to tell you? Don't make jig-a-jig with girl in the plane!"

30th Jan 2006, 09:44
"Ivan, you moron!! I told you to secure the toeing cable to the wheels not the freekin' nose!"

30th Jan 2006, 10:27
"Thank god. I was getting sick of holding that thing in place."

30th Jan 2006, 10:42
"No more borscht and beans for you, Sacha."

Capn Notarious
30th Jan 2006, 11:40
All that to put in Stereo and where Boris, is the subwoofer going?

30th Jan 2006, 19:16
why do all of these captions have a russian accent? How did you guys do it??????

30th Jan 2006, 21:25
Checks complete, ready for takeoff.

Loose rivets
30th Jan 2006, 23:02
Blessinsky you !!

S2A Pictures
31st Jan 2006, 05:22
"Nose cone ... ice cone ... much the same to me"

Romeo Delta
31st Jan 2006, 06:27
"Och, somvon must've put roofees in wodka... Votta party... Must do again sometime..."

Burnt Fishtrousers
31st Jan 2006, 19:33
"Ive never trusted Dimitri's judgement hangering aircraft ever since he broke my bottle of Vodka when trying to close the fridge door"

or "Ive always maintained old Tupolev had a nose for aircraft design"

Out Of Trim
31st Jan 2006, 20:55
Ahhh that hydraulic fluid still tastes so good!

Hey! Did you hear something? Niet - You're always hearing things... :E :E

1st Feb 2006, 08:10
Nu Dima, nu I tooold you, a vot a baad idea to sniff da pepper in da cock-a-pit... Oioioi, a baad-baad idea.... :\

got caught
1st Feb 2006, 09:38
This new red Andrex doesn't half stick to your piles.

1st Feb 2006, 09:49
"I told you before ... super-glue can't glue metal to metal, forget what the package says."
"Yes, but now I can't take my hand off my head!!"

1st Feb 2006, 10:15
Bloody scousers will break into anything for a car stereo!

1st Feb 2006, 10:24
Dave O'Leary

Just translated Igor - very funny!



1st Feb 2006, 10:33

1st Feb 2006, 10:41
A particularly violent backfire caused the nose cone to detach.

1st Feb 2006, 10:51
Сергей, если мы не смотрим на это, мы не будем получать вину!

Kalium Chloride
1st Feb 2006, 10:56
Did you do that to spite its face?

2nd Feb 2006, 15:27
How does it smell ....

2nd Feb 2006, 15:41
Walking away from the aircraft, Roman and Ivor were baffled as to why they couldn't find the button to shut the damn air con off.