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27th Jan 2006, 15:13
OK, did a search and don't think anyone else has mentioned this. Can't put it in TRAB because it is useful!

The old form E111 for healthcare in Europe stopped working on 31 December this year. Now, you have to have a new thing called the European Health Insurance Card. You can apply online here:https://www.ehic.org.uk/InternetResPROD/home.do
as long as you have a note of your NI number. I've just done it for our whole family - was a doddle.


27th Jan 2006, 15:30
Do yer get free air miles with it?

27th Jan 2006, 17:26
Is there another PIN to remember?

27th Jan 2006, 18:31
Nice one Stockpicker, I am just in the process of organising this, so your post is most timely....One thing though.....................

You must have broken something....:ok: .....the web site is currently down !!!!!


27th Jan 2006, 19:37
I got mine.. in less than a week.. from this link
I just hope it hasn't got me registered as living in a caravan and doing tarmaccing for a living.....