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27th Jan 2006, 12:42
The 2006 Season isnt far away.............

Any takers on whats going to happen this year?

What would you like to happen and what narks you off with it all?

27th Jan 2006, 12:54
Any takers on whats going to happen this year?

A bunch of processional, boring, meaningless so called "races"...

It's rubbish :zzz:

27th Jan 2006, 12:58
Mclaren will win comfortably - second place is going to be more interesting (any one of four in my opinion - Ferrari, Renault, BAR/Honda and possibly Toyota)

27th Jan 2006, 13:01
Any takers on whats going to happen this year?
What would you like to happen and what narks you off with it all?

Sorry mate, but given last years bullsh*t, my interest level is just about nil.

27th Jan 2006, 13:11
Fair do's Jericho

Actually I though last year was pretty good if only to see other drivers gettting amongst it.

But the debacle over tyres, qualifying and just how wierd was it that ferrari were about 2 secs a lap slower???? as if, the conspiracy theories fairly fly around the table on that one!

This year I am dreading the suspicion that Ferrari spent last year working on the V8 engine and not on the 2005 car............

Plus I like the involvement of BMW and Honda running works teams, hopefully in a year or two we might see a more even playing field and then a return of independant teams?

27th Jan 2006, 13:26
Jerricho saidSorry mate, but given last years bullsh*t, my interest level is just about nil.

You bet!! IMHO Formula One died with Senna's death, thats' all.


27th Jan 2006, 14:14
I'm hoping that someone other than Murdoch gets the TV rights to show the new GP Masters championship. I saw the end of the inaugural race last year, and with Nigel Mansell just managing to hold off Emerson Fittipaldi for the win, it was more exciting than any F1 race last year!

27th Jan 2006, 14:17
I'm still hoping that all them crap rules and regulations are going to be abolished. No limit on engine capacity, any type of induction you want, nitro encouraged and pit girls in bikinis doing all the, ahem, servicing.

27th Jan 2006, 14:23
I caught the end of that race too Dop, a cracker!

I have been watching the A1 GP series too, been some great races but the coverage isnt too hot.

Can only get better though and they are already listening to the fans and changing the set up for next season to be a bit more like F1. Then again that isnt too big a surprise is it!

At the end of the day, I prefer to go and watch BTCC live and sometimes the Euroboss if I can remember to check when its on.

Jericho, I think there should be pitstops done BY pitgirls in bikinis?!! would be something to see wouldnt it. One element of the A1 GP series has been the comedy pitstops, worth watching just for that.

27th Jan 2006, 14:27
Bernie will take Jackie out to lunch and Silverstone will become a housing estate called Eclestone :confused:

Biggles Flies Undone
27th Jan 2006, 14:46
A1 GP? Would be good with decent drivers.

GP? Bernie & Max are no fools. Notice that Super Aguri just got the nod?

2007 - slicks, common ECU, rev limit, rent-a-chassis, no more than three manufacturers. You read it here first ;)

27th Jan 2006, 14:52
Wondering whether sparks will fly between Button and Barichello - the latter has probably had enough playing second fiddle and Button is not the type to do it in the first place.

27th Jan 2006, 15:06
I think bonus points should be awarded to drivers who go that little bit extra in attempting to smack into other's cars. Takuma, this one's for you.


27th Jan 2006, 16:16
Rumours that Mclaren are having a few engine problems with the new Merc V8, reliability and lack of power - Thats Kimi off to Ferrari then...

27th Jan 2006, 17:05
Ferrari will be back, but not as dominant as they used to be. McLaren is still not fast enough, Renault hasn't improved that much.

BMW Sauber will be somewhere midfield, same for BAR.

Toyota will win at least one GP, and Redbull as well.

Christijan Albers will score a few points if Collin is willing to pay the bills.

Super Aguri won't qualify untill they've introduced their new car.

Jordan D
27th Jan 2006, 18:45
It'll be a laugh - anyhow, I'm not going to prejudge the season til after the second race. Then we will see.


27th Jan 2006, 18:49
It's all going to come together for Red Bull Racing this year :ok:.


27th Jan 2006, 20:23
Schumacher (micheal obviously) will tear everybody apart this year,they won't see which way he went!:ok:
As for sparks at BAR Honda-the only sparks from Button will come from him dragging his slow overrated arse around!:p

I can't wait-good excuse not to do the DIY and since I now fly my own motorsport tendencies are on the backburner for a while:{

27th Jan 2006, 20:41
Formula One died when Murray stopped making it so magical for the millions.

It's appalling on ITV - no atmosphere.

And Bernie bloody Eccerslike is the crowning turd in the water pipe...

27th Jan 2006, 21:34
Murray made it confusing for me (until I learned to ignore him).

27th Jan 2006, 22:26
So much better than that cock James Allen :mad:

28th Jan 2006, 02:45
right....each time an F1 thread crops up we have a bunch of people whining about how it was in the good ol' days before Mika / Senna / Prost / Fangio / Henry Ford and his T-Mobile... :hmm:


Not worth much trying to predict what happens this season, since every car is carrying a new engine in it. All new designs, start from scratch. Not that I'm too fond of the new rules, mind you, it wus all supposed to be aboot speed, non?

Heard some expert (pass the salt, I need a pinch) say that Cosworth-powered cars might do well, 'coz apparently Cosworth makes a lot of 2.4L engines for normal production cars. Any truth in that?

flybyshark - the thought crossed one's mind too when one did not see any real improvement in Ferrari's performance over the last year; normally the fine tuning that happens through the year makes their last races extremely competitive, so they were probably sitting in Marnello (or for all you know, they've outsourced it to Bangalore) working on the new V8.

28th Jan 2006, 02:54
Face it.

Its dull.

Brian Abraham
28th Jan 2006, 04:25
If you want to inject a little excitement into your motor sport interests try following the Aussie V8 super car series. Much, much door banging - REAL racing. F1 has left me for dead I'm afraid - and it wasn't the speed (cough).

28th Jan 2006, 04:54
oh, and i forgot to mention the hordes that stomp into an F1 thread only to proclaim that Kart / Indy / A1 / MotoGP / tricycle racing is better.

For cripe's sake, this is an F1 thread. If you dont enjoy it, at least let me! :*

28th Jan 2006, 06:11
Have had to miss out on the last few seasons due to being based in what can be described as the nether regions of the earth....
To appreciate F1 I think you have to look at the whole season...one race is like watching one round of a boxing match....
I'm not up on the technical side anymore but for years my general attitude was:
1) Get rid of the Poisoned Dwarf.... his primary interest is turning his ill-gotton Billions into Trillions...and if that meant staging every Grand Prix in a third world country due to them having no restrictions on tobacco advertising he would gladly accept it...
2) Get F1 back on to terrestial advert free TV... Let the megolamaniac Aussie have all the football and the Beeb could get back all the good stuff...( Amazing that UK rugby fans can't watch their national side play at home unless putting money into the pocket of the Murdoch clan...or at best watch a totally butchered resume of the game on ITV...with advertising ! ) Why is it that a pathetic football game can be televised advert free when nothing else can ?

28th Jan 2006, 08:08
Havn't the foggiest idea what's going to happen this year, but it should all start to become apparent at a place very near to me in 6 weeks time.

Can't wait :8 :8

On On

28th Jan 2006, 12:23
Any takers on whats going to happen this year?

The first race at BAH is going to have the TV cameras going goggle over the beautiful grass on the circuit surrounds:ok:

(now just maybe I know some "insider knowledge" on that ;) )

28th Jan 2006, 12:35
Going to miss Spa - one of the better circuits.

Flap 5
28th Jan 2006, 14:33
F1 good points :) :

1. Martin Brundle commentary and interesting technical knowledge
2. Pre race expectation
3. Interesting technical stuff

F1 bad points :hmm: :

1. James Allen commentary and general hysterics
2. Inevitable race let down after breakdowns, etc. cause race to lose interest
3. Having to wait two weeks for the next one. Is that addiction?

28th Jan 2006, 14:50
Sorry I wont be watching it, some one has GOT to watch the grass grow, or the paint dry, or the clouds move.....:zzz:

28th Jan 2006, 15:25
Kimi will be champ.............Michael 2nd with either Rubens or Jensen 3rd........... like to see Red Bull do well, but i can't see it using customer Ferrari engines. They might just pinch one win but that will be it! :bored:

Flaps ten please
28th Jan 2006, 18:49
Michael & Ferrari right back out in front again now that tyre changes are back.
We have had too many years of new regulations designed to handicap the teams in front.
One day you will all look back and be able to tell your grandkids how you remember the great Michael Schumacher setting records that will probably never be broken - wouldn't you love to say you used to watch Fangio winning?
I've got ten pounds that says the number one sticker will be on a red car in 2007 - anybody brave enough to bet against it?
A1: I was there at Brands Hatch - great race although I wish they were all distinctive colours like Brazil's car. Great idea to have a level field for the drivers - shame the worlds best drivers will not be there

28th Jan 2006, 20:27
A1 GP (http://www.a1gp.com/main.php?hf=Yes)is much more fun...

28th Jan 2006, 21:47
how you remember the great Michael Schumacher setting records that will probably never be broken

Not a dig at you mate, but it's funny you say this. It's because of that hoser Mosley and Ecclestone that we won't. I'm not trying to detract from Michael or any other drivers skills, but with all the bullsh*t regulations that keep changing almost race by race, F1 is no longer the pinnacle of motorsport.

And this may sound a little hypocritical given my last sentence, but when it comes to the cars on the track, some of the technology is great but for example, with launch control I'll wager that I could make a fairly decent start from a grid. There was even a rumour that Ferrari had some "sensor" or something that was linked to the launch control that sensed when the lights went green. Come on, that's not skill. That's crap. Or the one race a couple of years ago when Ralfie-boy Schumi was trying to overtake somebody (can't remember) and the techies in the van upped the power output of his car to 108% until he over took. Gimme a break.

Personally, I prefer to watch the Rallying. Those bastards can drive their cars.

28th Jan 2006, 22:05
Well spoken, MungoP and Jerricho.

28th Jan 2006, 22:29
flybyshark - the thought crossed one's mind too when one did not see any real improvement in Ferrari's performance over the last year; normally the fine tuning that happens through the year makes their last races extremely competitive, so they were probably sitting in Marnello (or for all you know, they've outsourced it to Bangalore) working on the new V8.

AIUI, Ferrari's engines are made somewhere near Guildford.................

From Wikpedia, concerning race engineer John Barnard

When Barnard joined Ferrari the team had won only two Grand Prix in the last two seasons and the designer had been able to name his terms. Given a large sum of money by the team to set up a design office in England, Barnard founded the Ferrari Guildford Technical Office and began work on returning Ferrari to regular winning. A lucky victory at the Italian Grand Prix in September 1988 followed in a season of total domination by McLaren, who’s MP4/4 had been designed by his successor at the team Gordon Murray.

In 1989 Barnard pioneered the electronic gear shift mechanism - now known as a semi-automatic gearbox - which was operated via 2 buttons on the steering wheel. This revolutionary system was considered far too fragile to race and expectations were suitably low, however, Englishman Nigel Mansell took victory first time out in Rio. John Barnard had instigated his second technical revolution, and by 1995 every team was running a copy of the Ferrari gearbox. Two more wins followed in 1989 and momentum now seemed to be on the teams side.

28th Jan 2006, 22:35
I'm off to watch the Monaco GP.

Actually if I'm honest its just an excuse to drink copious amounts of alcohol for a week and play with the helicopters! :D

29th Jan 2006, 02:11
AIUI, Ferrari's engines are made somewhere near Guildford.................

From Wikpedia, concerning race engineer John Barnard

Ferrari's involvement with John Barnard and his operation in Guildford was terminated in about 1997.

Flaps ten please
29th Jan 2006, 08:34
Fair comments, but F1 has always been a team sport, by which I mean the inventiveness of the engineers & aerodynamics guys to stay on top of the technology & rules changes are just as important as driver skill. Indeed, they relish the challenge looking for an advantage whilst pushing the limit of the rules.

After all, its the same rules for all the teams and I still find it amazing that after 200 miles racing, different cars are still split seconds apart. 50 years ago the lead car would be 20 minutes ahead!

I believe that the best drivers would be fast in any vehicle they chose to race whether its F1, A1, Touring cars, WRC (nutters) or go-karts.

Lon More
29th Jan 2006, 09:07
I'm off to watch the Monaco GP.
Already? You'll get a good seat then.

Too much politics in it for many years. Remember Colin Chapman's "twin chassis"; the devices to increase downforce; there have been rumours about illegal launch controls on Ferraris, McClarens etc. for many years.
One of the high points in recent years, for me, was when Minardi(?) engineers played around with the engine mappping and made it play, "When the saints go marching in" At least some people retained a sense of humour

29th Jan 2006, 09:38
Flaps Ten Please

Watch that bet mate, cos if Michael retires at the end of 2006, his car will be numbered "0" in 2007 as was after Mansell and Prost!

29th Jan 2006, 16:50
Just read today that Montoya's contract hasnt been taken up by Ron for 2007?

So I guess its Alonso and Kimi paired up?

Watched the A1 today, loved it. After the first lap I was swearing and blinding about Robbie Kerrs move that cocked up and lost him some places, but cant be too hard, at least he had a go.

The great thing was watching Verstappen lose it on the last lap and Kerr was able to almost get clinch the win by narrowly missing the Dutch spinning car.

Of course it all went to pot in the feature race when during the comedy pitstops, Team GB left the pits dragging the pneumatice gun and hose.

But the race was full of incidents and I thought the street circuit was good, even though it had too many little chicanes to slow them down.

Someone mentioned the series needs better drivers? Nah, it has a good mix of ex F1 drivers, up and comers and the downright useless! Everyone has something to prove.

I agree that V8 supercars is very good, classy scraps.

But each racing series is different and F1 is the pinnacle of speed, or it was until a few years ago when the regualtions began.

I really do believe that technology should be allowed to play its part, like being able to modify the engine via the pits but not at the detriment of fair play.

Launch control? computer programmed gear sequences for the specific corners? engines that last for two races? grooved tyres?

The regs try to slow the cars down one way and allow technology to take the ability away from the driver in another.

Do you think making smaller engines will slow the cars enough to allow other initiatives to return the emphasis to the driver and manufacturer? I hope so. The return of slicks and taking away launch control would be a start.

29th Jan 2006, 22:40
F1 boring!

How on earth can you say that after seeing Alonso's move on Schumaker on the outside of 130R at Sauzuka (sp?). As Martin Brundle said, if they had touched it would have been the mother and father of all shunts. In fact, they would be talking to Houston about re-entry about now.

As for V8 Supercars, bunch of hoons who mostly learnt to drive doing blockies. Haven't learnt how not to punch someone off the track when you try to pass.

Boring! Don't know what it would take to please you lot. :ok:

30th Jan 2006, 02:03
I've always thought that F1 was the ultimate test bench for road cars...much of the technolgy has ramified downwards. Look at the modern Ferraris... (Unfortunately that's all I can afford to do..) An all out no holds barred approach would (IMHO) not work for the same reason much of it doesn't work now...a few cars get the money...money equals greater speed...greater speed equals more sponsership = more money = etc etc...
If we use the guide lines that any innovation has to be transferable ultimately to road cars then we can see the benefits and limit some of the excesses.
I can't imagine having a colleague sitting at the road-side helping me out going into a tight bend on a mountain road by tweeking my cars power output to get me past the chap ahead....and I've never been happy with the ludicrous site of 100 million dollar F1 cars dancing around totally out of control because it's started to rain... Tyre manufacturers would be doing all of us a favour if they could develop a tyre that worked in all conditions for an F1 car... Aerodynamics... I can only imagine what must go through an F1 drivers mind when he gets within 10 feet of the car in front and suddenly has no control over his car ! Great for overtaking...

A huge benefit would also be gained if a major overhaul of circuits was undertaken, don't you just love it when a faster driver/faster car comes out of the pits and is trapped for lap after lap because the circuit doesn't allow for passing !...costly ? ...yes but F1 is bloody costly and it's pretty obvious that we've come up against the limit of many of the circuits, either because they were modified from circuits built in a very different era, or because they were just simply not well designed...Monaco would have to stay as it's still the jewel in the crown of F1...but we need to think ahead for the next 30 years or so and simply say...time to re-build now.

31st Jan 2006, 03:03
I'm not sure I have the answers, but some of Formula 1's rules do a great disservice to the sport when they send someone 10 places down the starting grid because they have an engine blow in practice, and then have to change it. I realise that the two race engine rule is to reduce costs but people want to see the likes of Raikonen and Alonso race each other, not a charge from the rear. While a run through the field may be technicaly admirable the audience really want to see the principals race each other, at least I do. The business of penalties for an engine not doing two races introduces an element of an endurance run rather than an all out sprint, which is what I thought F1 was about.
Perhaps the best instance I can think of where the rules created a complete bust, was the season where Hakkinen and Schumacher needed the Japanese Grand Prix to be champion. Schumacher had a problem on the grid before the formation lap and was sent to the back. He could still have got around for his proper place on the grid, but no, the rules say back of the pack. End of championship race right there. The people who bought tickets, or were watching on TV, pretty well got a non event as far as the championship went, a big letdown. I suppose there are technical limits and rules are rules but it was still a bust for the spectator. There has to be a better way.

31st Jan 2006, 07:55
How about......

No 10 place penalty for engine swap. Practice to set the grid with one lap qualifying (this gets each car in front of the cameras for the sponsors).

Then... a toss of a coin to decide whether the grid stands (fastest car on pole) or is reversed (slowest car on pole). Rule breaches and DNQ still at the back.

This would increase the spectacle, since the faster cars would either romp off into the disance (as now) or have to fight through the whole field in order to continue a championship run.

Also whilst the poison dwarf has done a lot of good for the sport, it is time for both him and Moseley to go.

1st Feb 2006, 21:13
I say McLaren get back on top, followed by Renault and then Ferrari or Williams.

Went to KL Grand Prix last year, this year I will get to Montreal and perehaps even Silverstone

....go M Webber!

Brian Abraham
2nd Feb 2006, 09:59
About the only thing that would make F1 interesting is if Rossi were to join the big red.

2nd Feb 2006, 14:07
About the only thing that would make F1 interesting is if...........

....they made it the support race for MotoGP.:ok:

2nd Feb 2006, 15:29
Anyone been to the Hungarian GP? I almost made it last year, might try again this year, it used to be you could get to the Barcelona GP real easy now thanks to a certain Spaniard, you are well out of luck already!!

24th Apr 2006, 03:53
Finally, a RED weekend after a loooooong time! :cool:

24th Apr 2006, 04:10
Cars going around in circles right? - Whats wrong with the local roundabout??:confused:

24th Apr 2006, 07:55
Not many hairpins on a circle, Flieg - unless you're living in some bizarre kind of non-Euclidean space ???

Perhaps you need to get your TV adjusted :p

24th Apr 2006, 10:20
Psst, Flie, 'tis Formula One we're talking about, not NASCAR!


24th Apr 2006, 13:14
I thought NASCAR went round in circles left?

25th Apr 2006, 20:47
At least in NASCAR you get shed-loads of overtaking, proper racing and real decent crashes! (Admit it that's what we all want to see :) )

Buster Hyman
25th Apr 2006, 22:38
I'm leaning towards the V8 Supercars again. Used to be neck & neck for me, but F1 needs to get consistant for a couple of years IMHO. At least you can go out & drive a V8 Supercar...or a reasonable facsimile of same!:ok:

If you could be bothered, its a reasonable read about how the V8 SC series was reinvented. Bernie could do well to have a look.

26th Apr 2006, 03:19
SixDelta - define 'proper' racing, please?

Because IMO, Schumacher driving defensively to hold out Alonso for 20+ laps (and in the true sense of the word 'payback', exactly opposite to last year's Imola race) was as 'proper' a bit of racing as you could get.

8th May 2006, 03:35
Can you guess why I'm smiling?

In other news, what p|sses me off is this:

Q: Third stint for you, once Michael had got the lead, how hard was that and how hard did you try to push it for a couple of laps?
FA: I tried for two or three laps and we had similar lap times, but from then we just turned the revs down and this engine has to race next week in Barcelona and we need to always get on the podium.

(As said by Alonso at the Press Conference)

Another well-intentioned rule - engine needing to last two races - resulting in what should've potentially been a fight to the finish. :rolleyes:

8th May 2006, 08:09
Watched it for 3 laps and than :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:

Only overtaking takes place in the pits, how exiting :hmm:

A1GP or any Touring Car race give much more fun and REAL racing.

8th May 2006, 08:22
As a lifetime fan of F1, I have to say that this season is so boring I voted with the off button like Capt KAOS. Shumacher and Ferrari spent 7 seasons ruining it, and then we see the rules being changed which makes it even more boring, and Shumacher still wins. I'd rather cut the grass. :*

8th May 2006, 08:27
Right right.... Wonder how many people stopped watching Wimbeldon because of Sampras and (now) Federer...

Don't blame one team for being the best, blame the rest for not being able to put up half a challenge.

Kaos - why did you watch the first three laps anyway?

Gingerbread Man
8th May 2006, 08:48
I agree with the comment about ITV - the commentators could bore someone to death in minutes. I can see that Honda are going to disappoint me yet again. I don't know why Button can get decent flying laps and then end up 8th every time. Honda have a lot of racing experience, so i'm surprised both their cars and drivers aren't better.

Ginger ;)

8th May 2006, 10:45
Hey breakscrew - that suits me just fine. Can you come around and cut mine while I'm watching Barcelona next week ?