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26th Jan 2006, 18:41
26 January 2006
Nookie improves public speaking, claim scientists
By Paula Murray
HAVING regular sex helps you become a better public speaker, a study claims.

But it has to be the real thing.

Full sex, with a partner of the opposite sex, works better than any other kind of "gratification", according to university experts.

Other forms were not as effective in calming the nerves and relieving stress but were still better than no nookie at all.


26th Jan 2006, 18:47
Best News I've heard all year!!! Can someone tell the wife please!!! :bored:

26th Jan 2006, 18:51
HAVING regular sex helps you become a better public speaker, a study claims.

Oral sex?????

26th Jan 2006, 19:02
Aaah...So that's why my PAs are so good then!!

26th Jan 2006, 19:14
Somehow, this is just one of those things that one instinctively knows without any experts or "professionals" telling one.

26th Jan 2006, 19:19
Full sex, with a partner of the opposite sex
Does this explain why so few Welshmen are accomplished public speakers? :}

(Just kidding! Apols if over the line.)

26th Jan 2006, 19:23
Dont worry Crepello, we know where you live boyo!!!!!!:}

White Hart
26th Jan 2006, 19:51
Certainly explains why all MPs are complete WA***RS! :mad:

Oh, and Estate Agents, too!

26th Jan 2006, 20:00
Can one get a prescription?

26th Jan 2006, 22:52
What's the definition of "Full sex". If it means foreplay and a cuddle afterwards I'm not sure the benefit is worthwhile

26th Jan 2006, 22:55
What's foreplay?

Conan the Librarian
26th Jan 2006, 23:03
Think it is something to do with Golf....


27th Jan 2006, 08:31
Sexual Golf! Now that'll work!:ok:

27th Jan 2006, 08:38
I like Public Speaking a couple of times a week and when away from home sometimes I talk to myself....



27th Jan 2006, 09:10
Nookie improves public speaking, claim scientists
By Paula Murray
HAVING regular sex helps you become a better public speaker, a study claims.

Does it improve anythin else luv ? :}

27th Jan 2006, 22:47
Sexual Golf! Now that'll work!:ok:

18 holes is too much. I'm just not an orgy guy

27th Jan 2006, 23:16
Just been invited to moderate a full day of speeches in April. Hmm. Two thoughts come to mind.

a) I've got three months to get myself an upgrade to moderate (as opposed to full) sex. Maybe en route I'll even get some of the "full".

b) I have a mind to quote those doctors in the introductory speech, hehe. "Ladies and gentlemen, you have, gathered before you, the cream of the xxx industry.... we hope they go down with you just as well as they went down....."

Best tinker with the wording some more. Three months to go....

28th Jan 2006, 02:16
Well then there was the deaf and dumb man whos wife made him wear boxing-gloves to bed to stop him talking in his sleep.

28th Jan 2006, 12:37
I would write more but my hands are too shaky.

Thankyou Doctor!!;)

29th Jan 2006, 09:07
more good stuff :D lets hope women are reading this :E
Chocolate dates back to the time of the Aztecs when cocoa beans were so prized that they were used as currency during the reign of Montezuma. The Aztecs consumed chocolate in the form of a sweetened drink, which was believed to increase wisdom, boost energy levels and have a powerful aphrodisiac action.

Scientists have found that just 40g of chocolate contains more than 300mg of polyphenols - the same type of antioxidants that give red wine its heart-protecting reputation. And if you like your
chocolate dark, you will obtain twice as many polyphenols, similar amounts, in fact, as are found in a cup of green tea. What's more, the polyphenols present in chocolate are of the super-protective variety known as procyanidin flavonoids.

A glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away! Is red wine the fountain of youth?

Recently, researchers have found that moderate red wine consumption may be beneficial to more than just your heart. One study found that the antioxidant resveratrol, which is prevalent in the skin of red grapes, may inhibit tumor development in some cancers. Another study indicated that resveratrol aided in the formation of nerve cells, which experts believe may be helpful in the treatment of neurological diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

1st Feb 2006, 08:14
How lovely, chocolate, sex and red wine...... I knew I was doing something right...:O