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Jordan D
26th Jan 2006, 10:51
Seeing as there is a full fledged thread about Australia Day today, I feel the urge to officially salute the land of my heritage, and note the wonder of today's Republic Day in India.


tony draper
26th Jan 2006, 11:00
Indeed ,congrats to the peeps in India,one went there once and liked the place.
A word of warning though, don't drink any of that arak. :uhoh:

26th Jan 2006, 11:03
Good point young Jordan.

Happy Republic Day! Where's Bombay Duck?

Also, we should mention that the Chinese Lunar New Year starts very shortly. Taiwan is already off, whereas China itself will start their holidays on Monday.

I don't know if anyone has ever been in China ahead of, or just after, the New Year holidays. It involves the largest mass transportation of people the planet ever sees (the tradition is to get back to the family).

When the Bamboo curtain was still drawn I remember standing on the steps of Guangzhou station and watching the queue of people stretching off into the far distance. The same thing was happening at virtually every station in the land.

Kung hai fat choi! (Cantonese)
Gong xi fa cai! (Mandarin)

Edited to change 'up' to 'drawn' and add the Mandarin which I'd shamefully forgotten.

26th Jan 2006, 11:08


To Jordan and all PPRuNers of Indian heritage. :ok:

26th Jan 2006, 11:29

Jordan may you your family and all who hail from there have a

Happy Republic Day

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Jan 2006, 11:47
Have a great Republic Day, folks...:ok:

26th Jan 2006, 12:03
Thank you, Lady and Gentlemen!

'tis late in the evening, I know, but I just got home :)

drapes - it is ok now, you probably visited during the dark days of prohibition. Today you'd be able to get yer hands on any of numerous liqours of choice! :ok:

26th Jan 2006, 12:26
They won't be celebrating in India as everyone's on the end of the phone at a call centre talking to pi55ed off bank customers.

Jordan D
26th Jan 2006, 17:54
Thanks Mr D, Bluey, Angels & laser for your thoughts. Spoke to the family out there and they were having a good time.

Lots of Old Monk Rum & Coke.


Romeo Delta
26th Jan 2006, 20:44
Ah, I missed Republic Day, too. Well, wishing you a belated Republic Day to our fellow PPRuNers of Indian heritage! :ok:

I must be a little slowwwwww on the uptake this week. :ugh:

27th Jan 2006, 02:25

The reason they're pi55ed off is because we were celebrating Republic Day and not answering your phone calls! :D

How may I to be helping you, Saar?

27th Jan 2006, 02:30
A belated Happy Republic Day BD. :ok:

27th Jan 2006, 09:33
thanks piggy! :)

27th Jan 2006, 13:57
Is there a particular dish that Indians consume especially on Republic Day?

(I'm asking on behalf of the Equitable Turkey Association). :D

Jordan D
27th Jan 2006, 18:41
No, there isn't a particular meal/dish for the Republic Day.


27th Jan 2006, 20:22
Congratulations on the day, Jordan & Ducks. :ok:

Further on Airships question; please enlighten; how is the day celebrated in India?

28th Jan 2006, 03:23
Republic Day is generally celebrated by the govt and various states, each having their own Parades. the big one is at New Delhi down the 'Rajpath' via India Gate, and the President / Prime Minister et al pay tributes to the fallen service personnel. The parade though is not just for the armed forces but also has traditional dances, marching bands, floats from various states etc.

On a personal level there is not much 'celebration' per se, but schools and colleges do have a flag hoisting ceremony, as do some housing complexes. It is also a good day to plan get-togethers because it is one of two days in the year you are assured of everyone else having a holiday, the other being Independence Day