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26th Jan 2006, 08:03
With the rising cost of housing and petrol in the UK at the moment, I find it more economic to buy a nice house in a cheaper area and commute the 62 miles to work and then 62 miles home again every day.

How far do you travel to work each day? I wonder who the PPRUNE super commuter will be?

So I will start with 124 miles a day.


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26th Jan 2006, 08:06
Normally takes me between 15 to 20 minutes to drive to work, my record however is 12 but that was in the middle of the night!

tony draper
26th Jan 2006, 08:19
Drove to Lemington Spa and back from Newcastle three days in a row once,and to Nuneaton for a whole week,they were i a bit far to go and do a days work then drive back.
Two hours there and back was the more normal job distance.
It wears one down,

26th Jan 2006, 08:25
Herr Draper
Your Leamington Spa to Newcastle journey is 220 miles each way according to the AA.

So being careful not to invoke the wrath of ORAC I make that 440 miles a day. You are the current PPRUNE Super Commuter.


26th Jan 2006, 08:30
I travel from Chesterfield UK to Copenhagen DK each week. So, on average that's 1300/5 = 260 miles / day.

Or is that cheating....? :E :E :E

26th Jan 2006, 08:52
Most days it takes me an hour to get to work. But then that's because I stop in the kitchen on my way up stairs to the office.:E When I have to go out to work I travel anywhere in Europe and I am lucky enough to be able to take as much time as I like to get there. Last year I had a lovely slow amble down to Nuremburg. It took me three days. Lurvely food drink etc. and I get paid for it. Don't you wish you were me?:E

26th Jan 2006, 09:00
Nowadays 13 miles.Last job as a medical service engineer regularly did Blackpool to Dundee in a day and once did Inverness tho was 'noddy dogging' and plenty of stops on the way back.Normal mileage per week was 1000 and sometimes managed 1500.Glad I got out of it.:ok:

tony draper
26th Jan 2006, 09:02
When one did Bank services one would get half a dozen jobs say all along the south side of the M62,Heckmondwyke,Wakefield ect and one could work out a nice logical rout,but one call would always be miles out the feckin way like feckin Skipton.one grew to hate places like Skipton or Kiethley.
Skegness was a buggah to get to as well,bloody three hour drive to do ten minutes work.
When the company was taken over they put some dizzy bint in charge of allocating jobs she had obviously never looked at a map of the UK in her life,she would send a service engineer from Surbiton to a job in Middlesbourgh and the Newcastle area chap down to a call in Nottingham.
Still,one quite enjoyed being on the road.

Howard Hughes
26th Jan 2006, 09:13
7 kilometres, 7 minutes, all along a back country road....
I am going for the title of shortest commute to work!!;)

Cheers, HH.:ok:

26th Jan 2006, 09:18
Takes me about a minute and a half to get from the kitchen to my office upstairs - longer if I'm carrying a coffee or if I need to go to the loo.

'Chuffer' Dandridge
26th Jan 2006, 09:21
90 mile round trip, on the M25 and M23...Can take 45 mins on a good day, 2 1/2 hours on Tuesday evening:rolleyes:

26th Jan 2006, 09:24
Kettering to Budapest coming up shortly for me - God knows how far that is.
Kettering to Brussels (Kettering is nicer) at the moment. Must be 125 miles each way cos that is what it says on the airmiles statement.:ok:

26th Jan 2006, 09:26
Eight miles and aproximately ten minutes each way. I wouldn't like living in the same twon as my place of employment (I've never liked Prestwick) but I would loath spending large parts of the day getting to and from it. How those in the south east of England live with all that traffic mahem, God only knows...

26th Jan 2006, 10:02
26 miles, but an hour and 45 minutes in the morning. Curse the M1 and St. Albans!

26th Jan 2006, 10:07
TW11 to EGKK, approx 47 miles each way, usually takes a little over an hour..then another 30 mins to include parking at camp X-Ray and waiting for those unsmiling miserable bus drivers:} (Dam the BAA:} )

26th Jan 2006, 10:19
2500 Meters by bicycle to my cheapo on-airport-site flat.
660 km to my "real" home (mostly by Germanwings, dba, or Lufthansa).
110 km to Mrs f's home.
Working shifts, so usually about 17 work days a month, so we get to spend some time at our real homes.

With my last job I commuted 88 km each way. 60 minutes by car of 80 minutes by bus and train.
22/23 work days a month.

I don't ever want a Monday-to-Friday-nine-to-five job again!

26th Jan 2006, 10:22
6 miles and 12 minutes, not counting the walk from the car park to my desk.

How those in the south east of England live with all that traffic mahem, God only knows...

With great difficulty, fortunately my route is on country lanes so unless something major occurs, such as closure of the M25, the traffic is normally quite light. And 50% of the traffic is heading for the same place anyway, so there is no point in rushing.

26th Jan 2006, 11:00
45 minutes to an hour for abour 15 miles.
A lot of people paddyside are going for the country living option and the long commute, because house prices are crap in the cities.
A psychiatrist on the radio gave a chilling summary of the results of a two hour commute each way. Leave home at 7 for nine, back at 7 pm, stressed out. After a year the family life starts to go, followed by the career because of the stress, followed by psychological probelems from the stress. Stress free country living me @rse.

26th Jan 2006, 11:17
45 miles each way M1, M25, M4. Normally 45-50 mins in the morning (except today 2 hrs 45 mins) and 1 to 1.5 hours home in the evening.

Maginally easier than walking across the frozen Ural river like I did last winter!

26th Jan 2006, 11:22
Thanks, Taildragger, you have just given me an excellent reason to resign (I am going to tomorrow!)

Currently I use 'public' transport - up and out by 0615 - five minutes walk to the station for the 0622 train - 25 minutes by train - change to second train after a 15 minute wait - 45 minutes by train - then a 30 minute walk to site, so about 2 hours door-to-door to cover 30 crow-miles.

No wonder I want to kill some-one when I arrive.

Then back again at night (!)

Not far in terms of distance, but soul destroying in practice, though I guess I am not the worst off (What a very Britsih observation)?.


26th Jan 2006, 11:26
25 minutes each way, with the sea on my right in the mornings & on the left in the evenings. Currently enjoying some stunning sunsets around fiveish.

tony draper
26th Jan 2006, 11:36
Not like the old days when one could walk "int mill" yer clogs clattering along the cobbled streets and 17 hours later walk home for yer bowl of gruel.

26th Jan 2006, 12:08
9.4 rt, usually about 7 minutes one way:ok:

26th Jan 2006, 12:08
The length of road to work is almost exactly 30 kilometres, but one does the following:

walk to bus stop (5 mins) - bus to station (15 mins) - train (9 mins) - train (23 mins) - walk to door of office (15 mins). Takes a total of one hour fifteen minutes to get to work in the morning, the return journey though can take up to one hour forty five thanks to traffic.

26th Jan 2006, 12:21
Currently about 6 miles each way, but previous jobs have had journeys as short as 1km (a 10 minute walk) in the middle of Abu Dhabi city and as long as 150 km with total driving of 500 - 600 km per day when working in the oilfields of Sumatra (this was on unmade roads surfaced with crude oil - fun in the wet!)

26th Jan 2006, 12:24
35 - 40 minute walk to and from work. Occasional bus 15 minutes.

If doing the Sunday shift at the other site then its 1hr 15 in and 1hr 15 back, walking both ways. Boy do i need that bottle of beer when i get in.

Buster Hyman
26th Jan 2006, 13:35
112ks round trip. Burning 10.7lt per 100ks @ AUD1.27 per litre + AUD12 per day in tolls...roughly equates to AUD27 per day travelling! :mad:

26th Jan 2006, 13:48
800 Km each way, 1600 round trip, with a LH in between :(

I have met collegues commuting to Paris from New York, Ottawa, Halifax, Los Angeles and even Papeete :uhoh:

Go Smoke
26th Jan 2006, 14:24
5.5 miles.
Takes 30 minutes in the car or 20 minutes on the bicycle.
I opt for the car in this weather!

High Wing Drifter
26th Jan 2006, 14:29
No further than downstairs at the moment. Hence my posting count :O

Non Normal
26th Jan 2006, 14:36
10 metres each way, on most days! :}

But look at my pathetic post count, and still being up at this time of the night!

White Hart
26th Jan 2006, 14:49
45 miles each way M1, M25, M4. Normally 45-50 mins in the morning (except today 2 hrs 45 mins) and 1 to 1.5 hours home in the evening.

I live 5 miles from LHR, and it takes me 45-50mins to do that on a Monday morning - makes no difference what way I go.

I hate driving to work.:* :* :* :*

BTW, I did get an overtime call last Autumn - morning shift if I wanted it. A small problem - I was in Cairns, Australia when I got the call! (home-to-duty allowance would have been good, though - at least 20,000miles at 40p per mile! should have said I'd do it!):rolleyes:

26th Jan 2006, 14:55
12 miles, A roads, M60 and M56, takes about 15mins going in and 20mins coming out. Of course the bus ride from carpark to terminal:ugh:

Standard Noise
26th Jan 2006, 15:29
18 miles each way on country roads, takes about 25 minutes (used to take just under 21, but I sold the Beemer). Still, less noise from those damned planey thingies down where we live, makes the journey worth it.:)

26th Jan 2006, 15:36
Does anyone fly themselves to work? I'd love to do that...

Standard Noise
26th Jan 2006, 15:39
There's a sad bugger at Aldergrove that does. Name shall remain a secret, but he is English, so that prolly explains it!:E

26th Jan 2006, 15:43
I travelled all the way to Winnipeg from Brisbane via the Uk...........does that count?

Standard Noise
26th Jan 2006, 15:44
No! Cos that's really sad!!!:p

26th Jan 2006, 15:46
You gonna follow me around today SN? :p

Standard Noise
26th Jan 2006, 15:47
Yep!:p Bugger all on the telly.

26th Jan 2006, 15:53
Can I call you Sally and teach you to do tricks?

Standard Noise
26th Jan 2006, 15:59
More chance of Simon Hughes shagging a woman.

I know a noise that'll get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves, I know a noise............;)

Look, I'm just bored and there really is three fifths of the square root of f**k all on telly.

26th Jan 2006, 16:31
Takes me 3 miles (or 5 mins) every morning for a 5.30am start - roads are clear then....takes 30 mins to get home in the afternoon, however:rolleyes:

Romeo Delta
26th Jan 2006, 16:33
Fort Myers to Fort Worth. That's about 1,000 miles. I'm here pretty much every other week (with other cities like Columbus, Phoenix, and Las Vegas thrown in between).

But from the house to home base is about a 10 minute drive over the toll bridge, or house to Airport is straight shot 20 minutes (30 minutes during "season") in the other direction.

Lance Murdoch
26th Jan 2006, 16:39
1.5 miles, takes all of 5 mins if the traffic is bad. Ive always hated commuting, its wasted time.

tall and tasty
26th Jan 2006, 20:33
I did 85 miles today and that was a good day!

I have school runs in the middle of the day whic adds the miles! Only another 8 years and then the eldest will be able to drive with the youngest and won't need the chauffeur!:}


26th Jan 2006, 22:02
Bed to shower 15 metres; shower to breakfast table 5m; table to office 15 metres.

Then all of that backwards, minus the shower, after work.

Still, I can take it. :p

27th Jan 2006, 00:03
Started '05 with a 1.5mi treadly, approx. 10", to work and same-old to rtb.
By Feb. upgraded to 31.5mi by car, approx. 36", both in and out.
Wait forrit, someone at the back is gonna start sniggering. . ..

Come September, 5" to do 2mi each way. Which ended in '06. Now I drive, 3 X per week, 21.7mi each way.
So, no, nuttin' close to being on the running for 'furthest travel'. I'll get over it.

Bio Kitten
27th Jan 2006, 01:54
2.4Km it takes longer to get in the car and start it than it does to get to work. Unfortunately the kids daycare isnt that close.

27th Jan 2006, 06:47
Not sure of the exact distance to the current workplace but fortunately it's a monthly rather than daily commute.
Scotland to London to Moscow to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, roughly 1:00 plus 3:45 plus 8:30 flying time plus about 6 hours in airports if the connections are all perfect plus roads at each end. 23 hours door to door is pretty good on average.
I sat in a traffic jam in rush hour Glasgow recently and decided I prefer my commuting in one go each month rather than hours a day in slow moving queues.

27th Jan 2006, 11:02
TW1 to ABZ via LGW 3 times a week...:(

27th Jan 2006, 11:24

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is about 6000 miles as the crow flies which MUST be a winner for a regular commute.
But MY prize would go to Bio Kitten who DRIVES 2.4km!
Hello . . .

PileUp Officer
27th Jan 2006, 11:51
About 3.8 miles each way or probably about 3 on my bike. I started cycling to work at the start of this week. Cue a very painfull ar$* and extremely worn out legs - after the first few days I could hardly even climb the stairs. (It's not far but very hilly, honest!)

Takes about 7 minutes in the car. Monday took about 35 minutes by pedal, yesterday was about 25 and hopefully by the end of next week it will be about 18 :)