View Full Version : Peel Holdings bid for Sheffield Airport stake

25th Jul 2001, 17:36
An article in todays Sheffield Star:

"The fate of strugglingSheffield City Airport could be decided by its most bitter rival in a sale which will clear the way for the take-off of an airport at Finningley.

Peel holdings, are bidding to buy a major share of the city airport from owners Tinsley Park Holdings.

It is claimed that Peel wnts to take a 50%stake in the airport, leaving only 25% in the hands of current owners Tinsley Park and a further 25% with investment giant 3i.

Such a sale to Peel would spark concerns that the city airport would soon be shut down, as a legal agreement to keep it open expires in 2006.

The Tinsley boss insisted that if a deal was done with Peel, they would not be given control of the airport.
He said talks were taking place with Peel, along with other interested parties including venture capital companies. But no deal had been done.
"We want to find a partnership to sustain the airport.....they would certainly not be the majority shareholder. We would not cede control to Peel" (50% not a majority??)

Mr Sebire said there wer no plans on any front but hoped to clinch a deal before the middle of August.

John Mothersole, developement chief at the city council was 'reasonably confidant' that the arrangement would benefit the airport. 'If the deal is done on the right terms and with the right vision, then it will be good for the Sheffield City Airport' he said "

Why would Peel be interested in a small, struggling airport like Sheffield, is there an alterior motive or have they spotted an opportunity and will invest in Sheffield, which is what it needs right now. Could this even see some flights from those that showed an interest in Finningley. Will Peel get them on board at Sheffield and then shift the operation to Finningley when it opens....we'll have to wait and see. :confused:

26th Jul 2001, 11:45
I think this shows why Sheffield is struggling..no-one gives a damn!

:( :( :(

26th Jul 2001, 16:42
Peel Holdings of course have an interest in both Liverpool and Finningley Airports, not to meantion the Trafford Centre.

Coming to think of it; they could always buy Manchester Airport as well. T2 looks more like a shopping centre and less like an airport every day. What started as a wonderful open space is now chock a block with high street outlets with narrow walkways to the gates.

26th Jul 2001, 16:48
Didn't the Government put a ban on the building of out-of town shopping malls a couple of years ago? It doesn't take too much of a leap in imagination, does it? :p :D