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15th Jan 2006, 15:29
Heard about a "Scoring" system at Emirates for Commanders (F/O ?). Anyone who knows how it works?


15th Jan 2006, 15:42
Catchup - a little more info perhaps? Are we talking about night-stops or simulator assessments or what?

15th Jan 2006, 15:47
BOAC- excuse me, talking about a personal performance scoring system.


15th Jan 2006, 16:09
That is by no means unusual - most reputable airlines have such - if I understand your question. Simulator and line checks are assessed on a scale of 1-x. Does your's not, then?

15th Jan 2006, 16:18
Most reputable airlines in the USA did away with any scoring system because it is just gravy to an overzealous litigation attorney. " Hey look, this guy who crashed scored an average mark on his last checkride !! " " Why the heck was he allowed to continuing flying ? " Scoring checkrides and training is risky at best and subject to differing standards by instructors and checkers with varying degrees of impartiality and agendas.

That said, EK has a scoring system of 1 to 5. 1 is Very poor, 2 is poor, 3 is acceptable, 4 is good, and 5 is very good. 3 or better is required to pass, except on a first Captain PPC, then it is 4. F.O.s looking for an upgrade need to score 4 or better on recent PPCs.


15th Jan 2006, 16:46
No, I'm not talking about sim and linechecks (that's all in my company). What I've heard is a scoring system of 1.000 points/year and one can get up to 50 (?) points/flight but can also lose. Criteria are e.g. extra-fuel without stated(written) reason, missed approaches and so on. Poor performance could bring a commander back in the RH seat....

But again, like I said it's a rumour.


15th Jan 2006, 16:48
>>Most reputable airlines in the USA did away with any scoring system because it is just gravy to an overzealous litigation attorney.

Yep, most training is the U.S. is graded pass or fail these days although there are still some "double secret probation" coded comments that find their way into training records.

The emphasis is on training to standards rather than "scoring" and it works for me. Part of this attitude comes from the fact that U.S. carriers do not have much ab initio hiring and entry level experience is usually high. Once you are on the property (and off probation) you are considered through with any screening except in extreme cases.

An Ozmate buddy was telling me that Qantas' command course was so good that up to half of the trainees didn't make it through on the first try. In the U.S. this would be considered lousy training, we expect sucess rates in the 90 percent range on most upgrade programs.

15th Jan 2006, 18:16
Catchup There is no such system at EK. I'm an inmate so should know :hmm:


15th Jan 2006, 18:25
EGGW - thanks.

fly safe

15th Jan 2006, 18:43
Yes, Airbubba, lousy Ozzie training that is! Or do you consider `go home, learn yourself to be a training captain, come back and do exam` a high standard training environment?

Because that goes like this in a reputable company: as an FO you are considered a captain under training, so far more attention is given to PF and PNF duties, i.e. the PF manages the flight, including starting, taxiing, etc.

So when your upgrade comes up, you`re merely doing a recurrent in groundschool and sim, you don`t get shot at and where needed you get support. Without the ridiculous scoring, but with the standards of the JAR flight test.

Let`s hope that Emirates will grow up, there`s still a lot to learn (see F.I)