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28th Aug 2000, 03:58
Marines Ground Three Types of Aircraft, Including Troubled MV-22 Osprey

(Washington-AP) -- Safety concerns have prompted the Marine Corps to announce the temporary grounding of all eleven of its M-V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft.

The hybrid airplane-helicopter has been under increased scrutiny since one crashed during a training exercise in Arizona last April, killing all 19 Marines aboard.

Investigators determined the crash was caused by pilot error. But more recently, another Osprey was found to have a broken coupling on its drive shaft.

Officials have also ordered the Marines to temporarily ground its fleet of C-H-53-E Super Stallion transport helicopters and A-H-1-W Cobra attack helicopters.

The decision to ground all 165 of the Super Stallions follows a crash of a Navy M-H-53-E mine-sweeping helicopter off the coast of Corpus Cristi, Texas, in which four people were killed.

The Cobra attack helicopters were grounded after it was discovered that some older rotor blades may be susceptible to cracking.

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