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29th Dec 2005, 04:40
I notice quite a bit of flex in the 737-700 wings when under a load. What bank angle would you need to touch a wingtip?

29th Dec 2005, 12:50
What bank angle required to scrape a tip? Suffice to say, a greater angle than this one? :(


29th Dec 2005, 12:59
If the rumor is accurate the reported damage would probably be consistence with a high nose low wing high impact touchdown event. As the Boeing limitations do not take into account combinations of events well have to wait for the accident investigators to complete their report.

However experienced flight crew realize that for the grace of God go I..

29th Dec 2005, 14:51
A/C is in IMP hangar for sheetmetal. RHI that the wingtip, outboard canoe and aileron are being worked on. This is indicative of a nose high/bank angle as previously described. YHZ can be quite challenging as it's regularly possible to have rvr 1200/100 VV w/ a crosswind of 90 degree with 35 gusts to 50. I know after MK crashed the 47 we were restricted to rwy 14 for a week and had similiar conditions for the majority of the week. Would anybody have the weather for 2300z on the 26th

29th Dec 2005, 15:12
METAR CYHZ 262300Z 10014G19KT 1SM R14/P6000FT/N -RADZ BR BKN002 OVC015 05/05 A2909 RMK SF6SC2 PRESFR SLP856

METAR CYHZ 270000Z 09006KT 5/8SM R14/P6000FT/D -RA BR VV001 04/04 A2904 RMK FG8 SLP839

Not very nice at all.

29th Dec 2005, 15:12
armada - you could always 'remember' where you posted your other question about this picture and pop back to have a look at the answers you got?

That query is answered in this thread of yours (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=201033&perpage=20&pagenumber=1)

29th Dec 2005, 17:03
Couldn't find it or I missed it - what ruway were they landing?

29th Dec 2005, 17:21
Only 2 ILS's 14, and 23 so probably 14

Leffy Gold
30th Dec 2005, 19:54
There is some information on the West Jet incident here...

Halifax Chronicle (http://www.herald.ns.ca/Search/473606.html)

1st Jan 2006, 10:27
pod strike at 8 degrees

1st Jan 2006, 11:06
Do West Jet SOPs specify any particular cross-wind landing technique, or is it at the discretion of the pilot? By which I mean, is the 'wing down' technique mandatory, or is the 'crab' technique permitted?

Even in the foul weather of the Malvinas, I always preferred the 'crab' technique and it was relatively easy to maintain wings level during the 'de-crab' manoeuvre in the flare if the yaw rate wasn't excessive.

Oshkosh George
1st Jan 2006, 15:24
armada - you could always 'remember' where you posted your other question about this picture and pop back to have a look at the answers you got?

That query is answered in this thread of yours (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=201033&perpage=20&pagenumber=1)

The way I see it,Armada wasn't asking a question,merely trying to answer Rollingthunder's!

Aussie Pete
2nd Jan 2006, 23:17
I believe airplane was in fog and on last moments crew found they were off centerline. Rolled airplane using flight controls but in doing so touched the wing. Very minor damage and no engine contact.

Reason not much press is because WJ is a great airline and no injuries etc so not really a big deal.

I'd guess that since it appears there's pilot error they'll be going back to Boeing and asking why the max bank angle isn't specified for airplanes within xx meters of the runway blah blah so the pilots get off on a technicality. Bit like the QANTAS Bangkok Golf Open Event where the thrust reverser procedure was to blame but the reversers were never deployed...

Sceptic in me getting out again....:hmm:

3rd Jan 2006, 08:59

Don't forget this as a low wing down landing

3rd Jan 2006, 16:01
The following information was posted on another forum and appears to be accurate. The minor wing scrape resulted in: "The WestJet -700 is in the CanJet hangar under repair. The winglet is off and being replaced, the L/H outboard "canoe" was damaged and being replaced and the #1 Slat is ground down and being replaced, no other damage as far as I know. "

As far as Westjet's record, it is indeed good but that is not why the accident received little press, the timing (during the holdiay period) was good for them.

There is of course an investigation being held and lots of guessing re the reason for the wing scrape but guessing is eactly that and for my part, I am awaiting the official report before I would offer any comments. Cheers