View Full Version : best graphics card for about 130??

20th Dec 2005, 23:32
Im after a PCI express card, 256 mb and must it also must support direct 9. Got any ideas guys, im not wanting to spend a fortune.

20th Dec 2005, 23:55
For around 130 you can get a Geforce 6800, or a 6600GT. I'd go for the 6600GT - performance is roughly the same, the 6600GT has DDR3 and the 6800 has fewer pipelines compared to the 6800GT versions. This one looks reasonable, and silent too (http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo.asp?WebProductID=299295)

If the heatsink on that one looks too cumbersome, this one (http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo.asp?WebProductID=320500) does the job with a small fan. If you're willing to spend about 50 more you could get a 6800GS, which is as good as a 6800GT but quite a bit cheaper. 185 on that site but might find it lower elsewhere.

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