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Chimbu chuckles
21st Sep 2001, 08:57
Did you or was it the CIA?

Are you so unable to discuss that fact that the west MIGHT have contributed to the Middle Easts hatred of us?

Do you think they just spontaneously attack the west for fun or out of boredom?


21st Sep 2001, 09:06
It's here http://www.pprune.org/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=4&t=005064

Chimbu chuckles
21st Sep 2001, 09:21
Different thread thanks Hamrah.

The thread I posted on was a 'heads up' for the thread on Jetblast.

I think he couldn't stand my opinions as they threatened his view of world order!

They are here. http://www.pprune.org/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=12&t=007065

edited for the link.

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21st Sep 2001, 09:31
Chimbu chuckles -

Don't think it was the CIA, probably me with my clumbsy fingers on the keyboard. I had just composed a reply to your post here in "Rumours & News" and I may have hit the "delete" button at the bottom of the page. I didn't even know that function was there until just now.

Anyway - my reply to you is as follows (reconstruced from memory):

You said - "all I want to do is KNOW why and what we're fighting for!". My reply is that we are fighting to be able to live in peace for us and our families. Peace from the fear that we will be killed by unknown parties who DELIBERATELY TARGET innocent people. PLease note - I am talking about the DELIBERATE targeting of innocents, not about "collateral damage"!

People who do this are purely killers and as such are simply EVIL. Evil on a mass scale!

Ethnicity and religion have nothing to do with the current situation from my perspective. Evil is Evil - killers are killers. That's it. The world doesn't need this on a mass scale. It must be stopped.

So - I am "fighting" against evil and the fear that it sows in ALL the world.

I also responded to your last sentence about how the West is somehow responsible for the current situation, and you had cited Afganistan specifically and the Arabic countries in general over the last 80 years or so.

I said that Afganistan has a history going back more than 2,000 years of bloody fighting to defend their homeland against invaders and that I did NOT see that the West was at all responsible for todays conditions. I also did NOT agree with you that the West had in any way systematically abused the Arabic countries over the last 80 years, and more specifically not America.

In short - these terrorists can claim that Tuesday 11-Sept was a "payback" for American oppression in the middle East, and I say that is simply a bunch of bull*$it!

In fact America supported the Afgani people against the Russians with equipment; training and money. That is a FACT! Why do the Afgani not now support us in our time of need?

So now, others can see the background of this thread.

ps - I also said that it was obvious that you and I come from different cultures since you had expressed the thoiught that you didn't know why America was going to fight this level of terrorism and it is so obvious to me.

dAAvid -

21st Sep 2001, 09:42
Chimbu chuckles -

While I was off composing that long "reconstruction" of the original thread I see that you charge me with being "shy".

NOT TRUE!! Read the above "repost/reply". Americans don't run from anything. We are really a crazy bunch of people, we run AT things, not away from them.

And we are going to run straight at those terrorist - and their supporters ANYWHERE in the world - until they are flat stopped.

I repeat - America is not the cause of the current situation in the middle East; we are just the most visible party that - until now - has been EASY to beat up on. But no more, times are changing with respect to what America is willing to put up with.

My original post over on JB talks about "the awakening giant" and it is true. We, America, are now awake and there are s small number of INDIVIDUALS (not entire countries, races, or religions) that are going to be real sad that their have "awakened" us.

Run from a fight, or a debate? NEVER HAPPEN!

dAAvid -

Chimbu chuckles
21st Sep 2001, 09:47
Ahhh AA SLF I appologise for doubting you!

I saw your last post that you quote and replied thus, from memory.

I agree that this act of terrorism is beyond the wests comprehension and is unjustifiable under any circumstances.


Things are NEVER that simple!

I agree that the perpetrators of this obscenity MUST be brought to justice!

But things are NEVER that simple!

I WILL fight if called upon to defend the good aspects of Western Civilisation but fear that in the process I will be defending almost 100 years of mistakes and lost opportunities.

I believe there is NO CHANCE that the west will defuse this problem and that we will end up at war.


Having punished whomever was responsible and the people who supported and harboured them we must address the reasons underlying the hatred.

Anything else and we run the risk of this war crossing generations, our children will still be fighting it after we're gone!

Do we really want to ensure the next generation of Islamic youth hate us more than the current one?

The history is out there. The fundamentalists don't hate us because they have nothing better to do with their time.

Lastly I'm Australian, not so different from you just a little more removed from the emotion!


21st Sep 2001, 10:00
Chimbu chuckles -

My original post here in R&N simply said to see my post over in Jet Blast. I posted that way here in R&N since this is a forum that is supposed to be devoted to "public air transport issues".

I am going to copy your last post over into another post from me in Jet Blast in the hopes that we can take this little debate over there and keep it there.

This is my last post here regards this subject. Thanks Aussie -

dAAvid -

Chimbu chuckles
21st Sep 2001, 10:13
God I wish I knew how to do that.....it would save me bulk typing. :(