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7th Dec 2005, 18:04
Hello, first post, so bare with me!
I'm currently at college doing a national diploma in aerospace engineering, although i am 22 years old! After my first year of college when i was 18 i decided to join the royal air force as a weapons technician, it wasn't what i really wanted to do but its all i was offered, things weren't too good at home and it was an escape route for me. I managed to leave the air force (luckily) earlier this year after 3 years service, i left alot older and wiser then the boy that joined up, and looking back i don't regret my time, in terms of personal development its an excellent expieriance.
I worked mainly 2nd line (workshops) but i was 1st line trained (directly working on the aircraft, servicing etc) so managed to gain a feel for everything. I decided the military way of life was not for me, but still aspired to fly. So i started looking at different ways of getting into it, I was turned down after the aptitude tests by ctc mc alpine earlier in the year, this i always found strange as i thought they went well and it took days to get my results as they said the computer had an error!
I next got in contact with Flight training Europe in Jerez, spain, Being half spanish i felt comfortable there and passed all the aptitude tests (Same pilapt as ctc but in my opinion harder tests) and am currently planning to start training there in july! I'm trying to arrange the loan at the moment with a spanish bank (bbva) who i'd like to add are very helpfull. I'm so excited to actuall start flying, its been a long road but the end is in sight!
My problem is that i missed alot of college due too 2 family members passing away within 2 weeks of each other in spain, also the standard of teaching isn't the best at my college and as of yet the teachers have made no effort to help me catch up, i'm rapidly losing intrest in the course, this coupled with my desire to be in spain is making me think about maybe leaving college at christmas and starting at FTE as early as possible next year! I was only doing the course because i started it in the air force and thought whilst i decided what to do with my life, that i would finish it off at a civilian college. I have decent GCSE's and am maths minded and after reading about the course at FTE on www.henrybevan.co.uk i am really excited and think if i work hard i will be fine.
Will having a btec national diploma count for anything though when it comes to finding a job at an airline in the future though? Will i be in 70,000 pounds worth of debt unable to get a job to start paying it off!?

Decisions decisions, i know, if you could shed any light on the subject it would be much appreciated, i know there is a similar thread about and i have read it, but it all got a bit crazy!



Sans Anoraque
8th Dec 2005, 09:43
Sorry, what was the question?

Edited because i finally saw a question mark:
Will having a BTEC help you find an airline job? No.
Will you be 70,000 in debt with no guaranteed job? Yes. Although it doesn't have to be that much, you could almost halve it if you're prepared to look around.

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