View Full Version : Finished ATPL exams. Wich way to take next? Any ideas?

2nd Dec 2005, 08:27
Hi everyone,
I just finished my ATPL ground exams.

I'm thinking in doing my CPL in Shoreham or Southend, maybe Jan or Mar and then IR in Spain, Madrid or Seville.

Is there anyone how's on the same situation? where are you doing or CPL and IR?

Maybe you are thinking in some issues that I'm note aware.
Thanks, Ricardo

2nd Dec 2005, 11:19
I wll finish exams in April and am thinking of doing the hour building and Me rating possibly in States, doing my Multi IR in Ireland( I live here) and then doing CPL, which will then be reduced to 15hrs of training. That's the rough plan for now.
If you do a quick search I put up this topic a few weeks ago and got some good advice, under heading of ME/Ir before CPL.
good luck...ps I wish my exams were finished!!!!!

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