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24th Nov 2005, 16:01
Hi All,

I'm trying to arrange some private tuition for people who need a bit more condensed instruction perhaps due to work commitment or just need it.

I'm in contact with Steve Tindle and Steve Francis. They offer there services for 200 pounds a day.

If there is 2 of us then we can split the cost. They are based around the Swindon and Oxford area.

Currently I'm doing POF, AGK and Perf.

Please email me if you're interested.

[email protected]<hidden>



25th Nov 2005, 01:01
200 pounds a day!!! Christ here I am training to be a pilot...maybe I'll stay on the ground....

Obviously they will report that income to the Inland Revenue....:E

AGK is self explanatory and nearly all feedback....although electrics is a bit tricky..I think you would be wasting your money being instructed for that one..just my opinion....now that will be 50 quid please for that advice.....:}

25th Nov 2005, 09:10
Nice one Turkish, I hear what you're saying bud. Its a question of sitting down and really getting into it. Unfortunately due to work and travelling etc etc, I don't get all the time I need. So basically have to resort to some sort of extra tuition.

When my ground school is out of the way, I plan to leave work for a round 6 months to finish off the flying part.

What feedbacks did you use?

How's the flying going in Florida? Is that room offer still available.

Take care matey.


26th Nov 2005, 17:27
Hi Rooster

Bristol online got me 97% in AGK, and im quite divvy..lol....so would advise that feed back..

Im going back to UK next week but I know a guy out here who would probably let you rent a room..be warned he is a scouser so you might want to leave your valubles at home..:E

27th Nov 2005, 18:50
I will be careful on what you say, there is always one little “DIV” with the stupid comments on Liverpool folk, that joke is way way past its sell by date, “SOFT LAD”

Did you know that this Website was started and is run by a light-fingered scouser!

28th Nov 2005, 00:23
Err...... do scousers really originate from Israel???:}

29th Nov 2005, 22:59
Lighten up Liverbird, you can have a bit of a laugh on here once and a while can't you? or is it strictly business...Hope I dont have to sit next to you on a long haul flight...Now go back to what you're best at.. stealing cars and robbing post offices..:E

30th Nov 2005, 17:59
If you sat next to me on a long haul flight you will be out the door kidda..
Now go back to what you're best at..hey!
well if you must know liverpool has one of the lowest car crime rates in the country. ask the home office for stats. ha ha ha..
please dont be another tim but dim..

like i said its way way past its sell by date..

16th Dec 2005, 16:02
well if you must know liverpool has one of the lowest car crime rates in the country. ask the home office for stats. ha ha ha..

Thaat's because they nick the wheels before they stop turning-makes it tricky to nick a car with no wheels:}

16th Dec 2005, 22:32
Steve Francis' tuition would be worth it at twice the price.

If you can't get the concepts in your head, pay for a session with him.


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