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23rd Nov 2005, 17:18
Hey everyone,

I'm just about to start my cpl in the new year at stapleford in london, just wondering does anyone have any info about the place??

23rd Nov 2005, 18:04
What do you want know? I spent about 30minutes talking to some of the staff at the "Flyer" show on Saturday and they seem really good.

I live fairly close so I could tell you what the area is like. IF I decide to go commmercial they would be one of my first choices, not just because of the location but they have a good reputation on this forum and having visted there Its appears a very proffesional looking outfit.

What made you decide to go there?


23rd Nov 2005, 19:23
Great place to stay, excellent instructors, familiar atmosphere, aeroplanes in good shape, and still reasonable prices.
You will have good fun!

24th Nov 2005, 09:21
Heading there myself in the new year. I'll be popping over to do my RT practical before Xmas. TJF97
, what are my chances of getting decent enough weather in December/January to do some hour building?


30th Nov 2005, 23:36
You wont find better because as from today ,30th Nov they have installed the Alsim flight sim for Glass cockpit Garmin 1000 which is in their 2 brand new Diamond diesels D42's which will get you through your course a lot easier.Also great people and lots of help from knowledgeable ex airline pilots. Good cheap food in comfortable friendly clubhouse, also very near tube into city.

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