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Bob Down
16th Nov 2005, 13:45
I might have missed something here, but I heard that Herr Bischof, the owner of Germania, died at the weekend, and that things are now very 'strained' at the airline.

As I heard, he had total control and passed nothing to anyone, so no-one knows what is going to happen. All is now in the hands of the German legal wallahs.

Can anyone shed any light, as there has not appeared to be anything mentioned on Pprune?

Condolences to his family.


16th Nov 2005, 14:03
I knew I had seen something about this:
Air Berlin to manager Gexx after owner dies (http://www.airberlin.com/site/images/pressmirror/eng/051112_Reuters.gif)

16th Nov 2005, 15:07
I did have some runnings with him some years back and can confirm BDs characterization on him. Hope this wont have a negative impact on the crews.

16th Nov 2005, 20:58
Hinrich Bischoff has been in Hospital since early October knwing that he won't make it to Chrismas.

He and Joe Hunold, (CEO of Air Berlin), disliked each other for years but since they started their cooperation some years ago they became friends biz- and privatwise.

Now, similar to NIKI, AB will manage Germania which is a personal wish of Mr. Bischoff.

The final (written) arrangements of the deal were made on Friday noon.

Just 2 Hours later by Phone all people that have been involved in the deal (Mr.Hunold, Some Germania-Reps, Attorney etc.( were informed that Dr.B passed away :(

So Hunold -who has the reputation of an A:mad: - is in charge for the Germania-Operations.
Since AB has an continious lack of planes and Germania is working together with several of AB's Competitors it will be interesting what the final outcome will be.
In german forums there are some guesses but this might become another Issue to be discussed;)


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