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12th Nov 2005, 15:44
Hi All..

Just wondered if anyone else is booked in to start at Flight Training Europe on the Jan 23rd course...be good to have a chat with anyone else who's scheduled to be moving down there!!

Feel free to PM me ;)


13th Nov 2005, 11:17
hi, I'm going to Jerez in december for the selection process, and hopefully start my course on february 20...:-)

13th Nov 2005, 18:49
At least 6 of the people on your course will be MEA cadets.

13th Nov 2005, 20:27
Yeah I did hear that... also I think the GAPAN J N Sommers sponsorship winner is on the Jan course too.

Are you out there??

13th Nov 2005, 23:25
I'm flying out to Jerez tommorow for the tests etc.

If all goes well I'm planning on starting in Jan :D I also know someone else who's pencilled in for Jan.

I hope ur up for nightly piss-ups and plenty of parties veetwo :} (joke)

Anyone going to be taking their car with them? And if yes what insurance etc do you have, I've tried looking it all up but just end up more confused :confused:


10th Dec 2005, 15:11
I should be starting on the Jan course, not signed up yet tho.

I'll probably take my car with me, I know that Uk insurers insist that your car be in the UK for at least 3 months of every year, and the cover abroad is usually only 3rd party... although I know a few ex pat insurance companies out there that are cheap.

12th Dec 2005, 20:32
Hi, i was planning on starting in july but and now hoping to be out there for january! Are you using BBVA bank for a loan, i'm just about to fill in the application form! To all those waiting to go and look round FTE jerez, enjoy it, i really liked my day there and can't wait to return!

You can insure your uk vehicle in spain, not sure how, but my dad lives in malaga but drive his old uk car still with uk plates. Think he found a company out there that deal with ex pats.

13th Dec 2005, 03:02
Hello all,

I'm starting the course in January as well, although I'm planning on getting a flight down.

Does anyone know how many in total there is going to be on the January course, seems like a lot at the minute.


13th Dec 2005, 16:45
Well i was told that there are 2-3 places left on the jan course.

Think that a course probably has a max of 15 people on it but not sure!

Jamo, i'll take you up on that idea mate!

Oh and i'm half spanish so happy to help with the lingo! :ok:

13th Dec 2005, 21:54
Half Spanish eh? Now that could come in handy :)

Hows everyone getting to Jerez? I think I'm going to burn airmiles on Star Alliance and thinking of getting there on 20th Jan.

Whats everyone elses flying experiences like? I have my PPL with 60 hours total so far.

Anyone in Jerez or come out of Jerez how does already having a PPL help/hazard you?


14th Dec 2005, 10:38
Anyone in Jerez or come out of Jerez how does already having a PPL help/hazard you?

I finished the course 3 weeks ago. Starting with a PPL makes between bugger all and zero difference! Actually i lie, i had a ppl and it saved me a few hours over the whole course. With the spare hours i did an aerobatics course in the T-67 at at the very end....Great fun. Well worth doing. :ok:

14th Dec 2005, 10:59
Check ur PM FlyUK ;)

14th Dec 2005, 19:34
I just got back from seeing BBVA in Knightsbridge yesterday. Very helpful, very relaxed, and no problems. However, they are a bit under staffed at the moment so get your application in ASAP as they advised me it would take longer than usual to get processed.

Roll on january!

14th Dec 2005, 23:30
Due to the fact that there isn't enough room at the school to cater for 15 per course, there are 10 ppl per course as from January for the 10 courses running next year. The standard will be pretty high as 36 of them will be MEA cadets so the self-funded places will be harder to get.

But definitely pay a visit here - best way to see if it suits you.

15th Dec 2005, 00:00
Hey veetwo, how long since you applied for the loan? I sent off my business plan 3 weeks ago, and then the official application form just over a week ago. Not heard anything back yet :confused: and starting to get worried. Was hoping to have it all sorted by xmas.


15th Dec 2005, 00:20
36 MEA cadets! I don't think it is true
i heard about only 13 cadets coming in january, not 36!

15th Dec 2005, 00:53
13 cadets cannot possibly be coming in January from MEA. I know at least 3 people who are not MEA cadets who are confirmed on the Jan course.. and if there are only 10 places per course, there cannot be more than 7 of the MEA guys. Personally, I heard there would be around 4 per course.


15th Dec 2005, 08:27
ibib, you didn't read his post. There will be 36 in TOTAL, but not all on the one course. Last time i spoke to management they said about 6 MEA on the jan course with a max of 13 total on the course.

15th Dec 2005, 22:24
Thanks, i got it now
some cadet will come on Jan
and the remaining on feb (maybe)
the next selection of cadet will be next summer so other will come maybe on October or November

17th Dec 2005, 04:06
can someone describe what type of exams you have to pass at FTE before you get accepted ?
Are they difficult?
Are they designed to have only few succesfull candidates ?

20th Dec 2005, 22:33
Ok, now that I'm fully confirmed to start on Jan23rd who else is?

I'm flying out on 18th Jan. Whens everyone else going to get there?

People starting in Jan:


21st Dec 2005, 13:16
I'm about 80% confident, but not a definate to start in jan yet! Found out i passed my initial medical today! Well chuffed. Little step closer.........

21st Dec 2005, 17:14
I'am on the Jan course also, I will arrive the same time I reckon, believe we have to be there the thursday before. Will be driving over tho,

22nd Dec 2005, 00:01
Hello All,

I'm definately on the Jan course too. I'm flying out on the 19th on the later ryanair flight.
Anyone else doing the same?


22nd Dec 2005, 00:51
myself and another guy on the Jan course are booked on to the Ryanair flight on the evening of friday the 20th... and FTE have said this is OK. I'd quite like to be able to say "happy birthday" to my dad on the 20th before I bugger off with his money for 15 months!!!!

Looking forward to meeting you all!


22nd Dec 2005, 16:57
did you guys pass the exams ?
what were they about ?

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