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10th Nov 2005, 03:45
Just like Sydney (http://www.challengernky.com/articles/2005/11/09/around_nky/doc43723b9f7c6e3842153539.txt)

10th Nov 2005, 07:02
How did they EVER get insurance to cover that?

10th Nov 2005, 10:52
How did they EVER get insurance to cover that? Probably explains the $60 ticket price . . .

10th Nov 2005, 17:15
and I thought this was an interestinmg post:yuk:

10th Nov 2005, 17:23
When I did the Sydney harbour bridge climb the guide said that the owner of the climb was in negotiation to do a similar thing on the San Francisco golden gate bridge.. It was a while ago so I assume nothing came of it, security maybe.

Onan the Clumsy
10th Nov 2005, 17:35
My brother in law worked on the Severn Bridge as an engineer :8 Part of his (great) job was to swan around all over the structure, climb the towers and cables. The cables are ok at first, but the gradient - and the wind - increases as you get higher. He said he was continually telling the contractors to clip on their harnesses :bored:

I should have been an engineer.